Protecting Theirs

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After Emily's father dies her and her mother move to her grandmother's house in Texas. Once there Emily meets two boys that are hot separately but together they're drop dead gorgeous. Emily learns these boys have been through hell but they run the school while still being social outcasts. Emily ends up moving in with the boys for her protection. While there she learns all the dark secrets they keep and hold. Now she must fight for what she wants whether that be to go home or be with the boys but she will always be theirs.

Romance / Action
Dion Marks
Age Rating:

Chapter 4

It's been a week since I met Blake and Micheal and I haven't seem them much besides the few times they came by the house. Today is the first day of school and I feel like shit. I forgot I had school and stayed up reading until 3 AM. I got through school without trouble besides the looks and gossip about the new kid. For past period I had a free period so I was wondering around looking for the library when I ran into somebody. "Oh um I'm sorry." I said. When I looked up I saw a boy in a Letterman who had a smirk on his face. "Look what we have here boys the new girl with daddy issues." He turned and laughed with his friends while I just ducked my head and backed into the wall trying not to cry. "Oh look shes gonna cry. If you're really sorry you'll come to my car with me and call me daddy." Again they just laughed. "Get away from her dickhead." A familiar voice boomed down the hall. When I looked up Micheal was walking this way with Blake hot on his heels. "What'd you say to me freshman?" The guy in the Letterman asked. "I said get away from the girl asshole." By now Blake and Micheal were standing between me and the other guys making a wall. "I've heard you two, you got into alot of fights and think you're tough shit because you beat up some sophomores. I hate to tell you but we aren't sophomores and theres four of us." This cant end well for any of us. "I'll say it again pencil dick, leave." Micheal sounded like he was getting mad, his voice wasn't the smooth drawl of words that made me get lost in his words. Wait, what am I saying? I was pulled put of my thoughts when I heard flesh hitting flesh. When i looked up Micheal had blood dripping from his lip. Blake turned and looked at me with a smile. "Stay back and out of the way." I nodded and then Micheal lunged for the guy that punched him. Everything happened so fast it only took a couple minutes before the four guys were on the ground groaning in pain. Blake turned to Micheal. "You're always getting us into trouble, Micheal." "You didn't have to help, I could've handled it on my own." "Is that why your lip is bleeding and you're nose is fucked up?" I finally found my voice. "Enough you two, your both messed up. Let's get out of here and clean you up." I sounded harsher than I meant to. When they didnt move i grabbed their hands and pull them out the doublet doors at the end of the hall to the parking lot. "Where are you parked?" I asked when we were outside. This time they both moved and started walking but didn't let go of my hands. They parked by the baseball field and athletic building. "Is there ice in the athletic building?" They both nodded their heads. "Then sit and don't move." I dropped the tail gate and sure they both sat done before I walked away.

I got two bags of ice and antiseptic wipes then headed back outside to them. I smiled when I saw they were both where I left them. "Here Blake put this to your eye. Micheal hold this to your nose." I gave both of them a bag of ice for their injuries. "How come Micheal gets more care then me?" Blake asked while looking over at us. "Because I took down the bigger of the two." Micheal responded without missing a beat. "If you two dont stop arguing I'm gonna make you hurt a lot more." I said eyeing them both to see if they'd keep going. I got Micheals lip to stop bleed then move to look at Blake's eye.

*Blake's point of view*

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