A Deadly Game

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Taking her eyes away from the gorgeous Alpha male sitting beside her, Zara grabbed her things and began walking to where the commander, Briggs, stood waiting at the front of the room.

She could feel the curious stares shifting her way as she passed by the males on her side of the table.

Being the only female on the team, and an Omega to boot, made things a bit more complicated than they needed to be. All the detectives that had been called in from different parts of the world had gradually come in over the past few days. And each one, once they’d made their way through the precinct and to this floor to join the newly formed Aces team, had scowled with displeasure at the sight of her.

No one wanted a female in their team. Not one who they considered to be too soft for the hard aspects that came with the job.

Or so they thought.

Zara knew she was strong enough to stand anything that came her way. With the highest solved cases in their department, homicide, she was the best person for the job.

A whisper of heat raced up along her spine, pebbling the hard nubs of her nipples underneath her jacket.

Silently she cursed herself — and her body — for the reaction, already knowing whose intense stare was pummeling her back.

The moment the newest member of their team, Nate, had walked in, in all his six foot - five inch glory, thick chestnut hair, blazing hazel eyes, square jaw and aristocrat nose, she knew she was in trouble. His body, broad shoulders with narrow hips, had filled her vision as he strode his way towards the seat next to hers.

Alphas, she recalled from the lessons ingrained into them in school, were typically larger and stronger than the rest of the dynamics and were in the higher food chain than most. Their stamina, both inside and outside of the bedroom, was what lured the majority of the Beta population — female (with the occasional male thrown in) — to migrate towards them.

They were the ones who took the harder careers in life, focused more on the government aspect, including law enforcement, politics and anything in between. The aggressiveness they had, due to their dynamic, aspired many to join those careers in life and made them triumph later due to it.

Betas on the other hand were more ‘normal.’ They tended to be smaller than Alphas and didn’t have the same hormonal aspect as them. They were neither aggressive, nor passive; not assertive, nor timid. They were the basic dynamic of the three that existed in their current world.

More than eighty percent of the population were declared Betas. They took over the office, education and construction part of their world, their hormonal range much more suited for these roles.

The Omegas were rare. Not many existed due to too many Beta pairings resulting in more Betas being born. They took over the medical area, their nurturing instincts — which came naturally to them — the perfect combination for helping those in need.

They were the smaller of three, their bodies more delicate than the other two. It was unheard of for one to take a more vigorous role other than the medical field, so when she had become the first Omega to not only pass training at the police academy but also be accepted as one of them, many people weren’t too happy about the news.

“Thank you,” she said to her commander as she neared, grabbing the remote from his hand.

Turning her body to the males sitting before her, her treacherous gaze moved and settled on the newcomer, seeing his eyes flash back towards hers, smoldering hot.

Excitement ran through Zara’s body just with that stare - something foreign to her as she’d never felt that way for another Alpha or Beta before.

Clearing her throat, she flipped the folder open with her hand and shifted her eyes away from the male.

“So far, here is what we have on the six murdered females we’ve discovered these past few weeks.” With a flick of her wrist she turned the projector on and presented the whole room with the notes she’d written down.

“For now we can rule out the possibility of only one dynamic being targeted seeing as how there are two classified types that have been killed.

“None of them knew each other. They didn’t hold the same careers or flow in the same circles.

“No distinctive similarities such as hair color, facial structure or body type. Both family structure and financials are dissimilar. Different diets, likes and goals. Social media, Luneview, is the only similarity we have found that they all shared in common.”

Luneview, she remembered as the rest of the crowd before her flipped through their own pages for more information, was a social media platform where one could connect with lost friends or distant relatives. It gave the option to share their thoughts, actions, locations and media to the public. Although secure, there were always those who tried to hack into people’s lives, especially those that carried a higher purpose.

“But everyone has Luneview, so that’s not going to be much of a lead.” The Alpha, Oliver — an overbearing brute who had asked her out the moment they met a few hours ago — commented.

“I know, but that is the only similarity we currently have.”

Zara could see a sneer beginning to form at the base of his mouth, “well detective, it looks like someone isn’t trying hard enough to find more of these similarities.

Curling her fingers, she reined in her temper as a rueful smirk graced his lips. She knew, without a doubt, that it was his form of payback for turning him down. A decision she was now grateful to have made.

The man wasn’t unattractive, not with the surfer look he had going for him. He was just rude, plain and simple. The moment those grey eyes had roamed over her body, a shiver of dislike had rolled through her.

He had no morals. Disgust slithered inside of her when he’d complimented the receptionist from the lobby, letting the other males know how he would’ve bent her over that table and fucked her while everyone watched.

No, no thank you.

“Unlike you, detective Summers, I actually took the time out of my personal life to look through their personal lives for factual information and got something. What did you get?”

Silence meeting her remark, she watched as that smirk was wiped off his face.

Low chuckling could be heard at the back of the room, capturing both her and the rest of the male’s attention. The Alpha, Nate, leaned back in his chair as his body shook with laughter.

“Got something to say?” Oliver growled at him.

Zara could feel her body tensing as aggression filled the air. The other four Alphas also locked their bodies tight as they stared at the two Alphas staring back at each other while the two Betas in the room shifted in their seats.

“Looks like the detective here has done an outstanding job Summers, while you’re wilting away in your seat with nothing to add to this meeting,” Nate saucily replied to him.

Scurrying back from her place, the chair that Oliver was occupying flew back as he stood up, a menacing roar splitting the air.

“Stand down!”

Briggs moved his body in between the two Alphas, his large body blocking the sight of one from the other.

The room got quiet as the standoff took hold longer than anticipated, everyone tense. Zara slowly made her way towards the door that led back into the open area where the rest of the officers were, not trusting the aggression rolling out from the five Alphas in the room getting out of control.

After a few minutes Oliver sat back down, grumbling low in his throat. The rest of the crew relaxed in their seats, making the air breathable as she tried to quiet down her thumping heart.

“Looks like the briefing is complete. You can all make your way back to your designated desks. Dismissed.”

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