What Happens in Vegas

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Standing in my room in just a towel, I don't know whether to be amused or furious at Kate's latest prank. Thousands of dollars’ worth of suits, now clad the homeless of New York and I'm left to look like I've stepped out of the 1800s. Thank god I don't have any important business meetings tomorrow before I can replace my wardrobe. I hear the shower start in Kate's ensuite and grin. No doubt a cold shower for her. She only has to ask and I'd help her out with that little frustration. Boyfriend or not, I am her husband after all. And while I shy away from taken women, Kate is the exception. She seems to be the exception to everything.

Sighing, I eye the material still in my hand. It feels soft to the touch. I can imagine it'd feel nice against the skin. As curiosity gets the better of me, I flick my eyes to the door. Hearing Kate's shower still running I drop my towel and slip the night shirt over my head. I was right, the material is soft.

I take a look at myself in the full length mirror. I look absolutely ridiculous. The shirt comes just above the knee and is loose fitting. As ridiculous as it looks, I can't deny its comfort. I walk towards the mirror, stepping over the heating vent in the floor.

“Hello...” I say to no one. The hot air shoots up towards my junk, heating my balls and forcing the bottom of the night shirt to lift in the breeze. I look to the mirror at the Marilyn Monroe moment and can fully understand why women where skirts. They were onto something with this. I stand over the vent, enjoying the feel of warm balls and stare into the mirror. I can't help but chuckle at the stupidly comfortable night shirt.

If I've had blue balls for the past three weeks, this certainly wouldn't help me to get laid. I'm way too sexy for this shirt. The thought gets that song in my head and I can't help but chuckle. I step towards the mirror, missing the warmth of the vent instantly.

“I'm, too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for this shirt, too sexy it hurts.” I sing. I move the bottom of the shirt up my leg before turning my back on the mirror. Looking over my shoulder, I shoot myself a wink before strutting away. “I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and japaaaan.”

A soft giggle makes me freeze. I look hesitantly towards the door, to see Kate trying to hold in her laughter. I turn slowly towards her, my eyes widening as I see the phone in her hand, pointed directly at me. Oh fuck. She didn't...

“Kate...” My voice is a warning as I take a step towards her. She bursts out laughing and runs from the door. I'm hot on her heels as she high tails it to the lounge room, stopping when the couch provides a barrier between us. “Kate... give me the phone.” I say, holding out my hand. She shakes her head as we eye each other, slowly walking the opposite sides of the couch. She's unable to talk due to her laughter.

I launch myself over the couch towards her, realizing my mistake as the air hits my naked ass. I forgot I was wearing a dress. My hand misses her by an inch and I quickly right myself, making sure I'm covered. I eye her, now on the other side of the coffee table. We are at a standstill, both watching the others movement.

I pounce into action, stepping on then off the coffee table, catching Kate off guard I grab her around the waist and throw us both down on the other couch. She squeals as I pin her under me and grab the phone out of her hand. I keep her small body locked between mine and the couch as I quickly delete the video from her phone.

“No!” she yells. She's laughing so hard underneath me, I give her a triumphant grin as I throw her phone on the coffee table. Her eyes lock with mine as I take in the position we are in. I'm lying on top of her, resting on one elbow to keep my full weight off of her small frame. Laying between her legs it wouldn't take much to push my semi hard cock against her centre. She bites down on her bottom lip, seemingly as turned on by our position as I am. Her eyes move from mine, down to my chest where she bursts out in laughter again.

“You're wearing a dress.” She says through her giggles. I can't help but laugh, forgetting the stupid night shirt I'd put on momentarily. I move off her as we both laugh, helping her to a sitting position.

“You bought it for me.” I muse. She continues laughing, grabbing her sides as tears start to roll down her cheeks.

“I didn't expect you to wear it.” She says breathlessly. I can't help but crack up laughing with her. Her musical laughter infectious, as we both try to catch our breath. Pointless when we look at each other and start laughing again. I realize this is the first time I've heard her laugh. Really laugh. And I like it, I like that she's laughing because of me. It almost makes my humiliation worth it. Almost.




I wake up with a smile on my face. The events of last night play through my mind and I can't help but giggle. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. And who would have thought it would be asshole Chase that brought it out of me. Remembering the playful look in his eyes when he tackled me to the couch, makes my heart do a flip. I like playful Chase. Seeing the flash of his toned ass as he dove over the couch, and remembering the feel of his body on top of mine makes me feel hot and flustered.

I push the thoughts away, rolling out of bed I quickly change into jeans and a jumper before heading to the kitchen. I'm going to treat Chase today. Well, he might not think of it as a treat, but I know damn well it's better than the smoothies I've made him drink every morning. I can't help but giggle as I remember him trying to swallow it down each morning without gagging. Maybe I should stop adding onion. Although, it's probably the only flavour in the damn thing.

I start the coffee and preparing breakfast when Chase walks into the kitchen wearing one of his new outfits. I freeze when I see him. Fuck. That asshole looks good in anything, including the woollen brown suit. He looks like he stepped out of the late 1800s and it looks good on him. Damn him. He smirks as he walks towards me and takes a seat at the breakfast bar.

“Looks like your little plan backfired, I totally pull this off.” He says with a smirk. He does. He really fucking does. I turn my back on him in order to stop myself from checking him out. Chase chuckles. “So what's this you're making?” he asks sceptically. I pour him a cup of coffee and place it in front of him.

“Vegemite and avocado on toast.” I say proudly. He screws his nose up as expected.

“Not a smoothie?” he asks, obviously believing the awful smoothie would be more tolerable. I grin and take the freshly cooked toast out of the toaster, placing it on a plate.

“Just try it, you might find you like this one.” I say. I grab the piece of toast, I prepared earlier and bite into it, allowing the saltiness of the Vegemite mix with the smooth buttery avocado. The contrast in flavours dances on my tongue and I let out a soft moan. Oh Vegemite, how I've missed you. I need to call Tammy and thank her for her care package. I open my eyes to see Chase staring at me, his eyes darkened with desire. It's the first real moan I've made with one of our meals, and I know he knows that too.

“Alright... I'm game.” He says, letting out a long breath. Chase grabs a piece of toast and the jar of Vegemite. Putting a knife in the jar he spreads the Vegemite onto the dry toast. I cringe as I watch him spread it like its Nutella, but hide my reaction quickly. Not bothering to add the avocado, Chase brings the Vegemite toast to his mouth and takes a bite and I wait for his reaction. He doesn't disappoint, coughing and spluttering he drops the toast and grabs his coffee, gulping down the hot liquid to extinguish the taste from his mouth. I can't help but laugh as he glares at me. “How do you eat that shit?” he says, smacking his lips together as he tries to get rid of the taste. I speak through my laughter.

“You made it wrong.” I say. Feeling a little guilty that I didn't stop him, I grab a piece of toast. “Here, I'll make it for you.” I offer.

“Yeah... no thanks... I can still taste it.” He says. I giggle and shake my head.

“Just trust me.” I say, earning a sceptical look. I spread a generous serving of butter on the bread followed by a smidge of Vegemite, just enough to give a hint of the black gold. It's less than I would usually have, but he's a beginner. I add some avocado and hand it to him. He eyes it warily, almost fearfully. “Come on, don't be a chicken.” I taunt. That does it. He takes the toast from me and looks at it like it's about to jump out and kill him. I grin as he hesitantly puts it to his mouth, taking a deep breath he bites into the toast.

I watch as a look of surprise covers his handsome face. The surprise turns to a smile.

“Ok, this is actually good.” He says. I laugh and nod my head in agreement.

“Yeah, you only need a tiny bit of it... just don't tell anyone that, their reactions to it when they spread it wrong is priceless.” I say with a giggle. He chuckles and shakes his head.

“I can see that.” He scoffs down his toast as I make him another. I can't help but giggle at his enthusiasm for the second piece. He smiles at me. “It's nice to see you laugh, last night was the first time I'd heard it.” He says. I can't help but smile, biting on my bottom lip to stop the blush forming on my cheeks.

“Well you were hilarious last night.” I say. I grab the bottom of my shirt to mimic him. “I'm too sexy for my shirt.” I sing. He groans and shakes his head.

“I'm never going to live that down am I?” he asks, his cheeks turning the slightest bit pink. I chuckle and shake my head.

“Nope. I only regret not recording it on Facebook live.” I tell him, making him chuckle again.

“Thank god you didn't, the press would have a field day.” He says with a roll of his eyes. I forgot about the press that follows him around. They haven't noticed me yet, but then again, we haven't been out in public together, only seeing each other at his office and apartment. “And your boyfriend wouldn't have appreciated it.” He states. His mention of my boyfriend douses my good mood. I hadn't thought about Liam since the phone call. I look at Chase and see it's soured his mood too. He clears his throat and stands from his stool.

“Right, I should get to work.” He says. I nod and turn away, grabbing the dishes to clean up as he leaves the room.


My thoughts all morning are with Chase and his comment about Liam. Truth is, something felt off when I spoke to Liam. He was mad that I called him during guy’s night. Normally I wouldn't, he made it clear that it was his time with the boys when we first started dating. But considering I'm in another country, and we hadn't spoken in about a week, I didn't think he would mind. He was also adamant that something was going on between Chase and me. And despite my telling him there was nothing, he didn't seem to believe me. But we ended the call on a good note, with Liam saying he was sorry for being grumpy, that he just missed me so much.

I sigh and push the thoughts away as I walk along the streets of New York. I'm out to get a job. I need it considering the hit my savings has taken. Who knew making Chase look ridiculous would be expensive?

I spy a sign wanting waitresses at a cute little cafe and wander in. I don't really want to waitress again, but I need money. They offered me the job as soon as they saw the green card I was given with my marriage certificate and wanted me to start right away. Having nothing better to do, I started my first shift. It was definitely a culture shock to work there. Tips aren't really a thing in Australia. Sure, people may give it if they get exceptional service, but our base wage is enough that we aren't reliant on them. It's the exact opposite here. Without tips, you're basically working for free, so I don my best smile and sweetest demeanour and manage to rake in quite a bit of money. Apparently people like my accent, and not just the men.

I'm tired but happy when I finish my first shift. It feels good to do something different than annoying Chase. I head back to the apartment and quickly change before going to Chase’s office, bland and boring lunch in hand.

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