What Happens in Vegas

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The magic pussy. I'd heard of it. In the lands of myths and legends, where all things magical exist. I knew of no one who had claimed to find it. The one pussy that would ruin all other pussies. It is said that it takes just one time to be completely hooked, one time to lose yourself completely to it. One time and it owns you. Wars have been fought over it, lives lost. And yet here I am, I have found it. So incredibly rare and hard to capture, it's the unicorn of pussies. And I now belong to Kate's.

As I've come to expect, being with Kate the first time, was not as I expected. I knew we would be explosive, but I didn't consider it to be like an atomic bomb between us. I didn't think it could ever be like that. As I came down from my high, I didn't even care that I was now living in Barbie’s vagina. She can throw as much glittery pink paint on the walls as she wants, as long as I can have her again.

But then her phone rang. And I could see the guilt in her eyes as she remembered her boyfriend. That fucking boyfriend. He has to go. I want to be buried inside Kate again, I'm craving her, but with him in the picture I know it won't happen again anytime soon. And of course, she's been avoiding me for the past week.

There's been no disgusting breakfasts or dinners, although she still cooks and leaves it for me, it's normal food. She no longer comes to my work to deliver lunch, which I try not to gag over. There's no tampering with my clothes or snide remarks. And I miss it. I fucking miss her annoying me. Honestly, I think I'd rather her paint my house multiple shades of glittery pink, than avoid me. The only thing that hasn't changed is the annulment papers left for me each morning. And after a week of her avoiding me, I almost considered signing it. Almost. But then I thought of her magic pussy and I knew I couldn't. I'm bound to her for life because of it. So instead, I resign myself to planning on how to get rid of the boyfriend.

After my shower, I walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. I can hear voices coming from the living room. Does Kate have company? As I stop at the end of the hall, I see Kate sitting on the couch alone, phone in hand. It must be a video call.

“Wow... it really is pink!” A female voice streams out from the phone and I hear Kate's musical laugh. I start walking past the living room towards the kitchen.

“You really are living in Barbie’s mansion...” a different female voice exclaims. I pass by the couch and freeze as another voice sings out.

“Oh look! Your own ken doll!” the voice says. Laughter filters through her phone as Kate turns to look at me. Her eyes are filled with amusement and I relax at the sight. She glances down at my crutch and then bursts out laughing with her friends. I automatically cover my bulge

“I am NOT a ken doll.” I scowl. The laughter gets louder, as I high tail it to the kitchen, a grin on my face. It's nice to hear Kate laugh, even if it is at my expense. I'll need to remember to thank her friends.

I can't help but hear the conversation from the kitchen, and though I try to tune it out so Kate has her privacy, I'm also too curious not to listen.

“So... we have something we need to tell you...” one of the females says. The voice sounds serious, almost motherly coming through the phone.

“Is it the boys? Are they ok?” Kate almost sounds panicked. What boys?

“No no! They are fine, at least we assume they are, we haven't heard otherwise.” One of the females reassures her. The statement confuses me. What boys and why wouldn't they know if they are fine? If they care about them, surely they would know. Yet another mystery about Kate I need to find out.

“It's about Liam.” I different voice says calmly. My ears perk up at that name. I've come to loathe it.

“What about Liam?” Kate says. Kate moves to tuck her legs under her, getting comfortable on the couch. There's silence on the phone. “Just lay it on me.” Kate says. I hear a sigh before a voice speaks out.

“We were out last night for girls’ night... Liam was with another woman.” The voice says, concern evident in her voice. That fucker!

“Oh.” I hear Kate say. Kate doesn't sound heart broken, she doesn't even sound angry. But then she's probably still processing this knew information. I watch her closely.

“There's more.... we approached the woman, wanting her to know he has a girlfriend, you know.” One of the females say. Kate nods but doesn't speak. “She said that she is his girlfriend.... they've been together for about 9 months…” the voice continues. Fuck. I clench my fists, wanting nothing than to hit the fucker that could do this to Kate.

“You've got to be kidding me?” Kate almost sounds amused. Which confuses me to no end.

“I'm sorry Kate... it seems he met both of you at the same time.” The motherly voice rings through the phone. Holy fuck. A part of me feels like I should have popcorn for this, but looking at Kate shrink in on herself on the couch says otherwise. I pull my phone out of my pocket and call the concierge downstairs. I'm not really sure if I'm on the right track with this but it's the thought that counts right? I hang up from the phone call and look over at Kate. She looks tense.

“I'm happy to go beat him up!” a voice calls out. Kate laughs at that and I feel my body relax at the sound.

“Thanks Nicole, but he isn't worth it.” Kate sits up higher on the couch. “Listen, don't tell the boys ok? Just say it was a mutual split or whatever.” Kate continues. There's no answer and I wonder again who the boys are.

“And Nicole, DO NOT tell your brothers either.” Kate emphasizes. I hear laughter through the phone.

“Oh come on, let us do something.” The one I think is now called Nicole say.

“We could TP his car!” another voice adds.

“Or grow alfalfa in his carpet.” The motherly voice inputs.

“Or paint his house pink.” The Nicole person says. Kate laughs, joined by the trio on the phone. I guess the pranks aren't limited to Kate, unless they are her advisory committee. Can you really grow alfalfa in carpet? I'll have to look that up.

The doorbell rings as Kate says goodbye to her friends and I head to the door. I grab the items from the concierge, giving him a large tip. Heading to the kitchen I grab a couple of wine glasses and 2 spoons.

Kate's still sitting on the couch when I return, staring down at the blank screen of her phone. I place the wine glasses and wine on the table and fish out the two tubs of ice-cream from the bag. I show them both to her and she laughs. She reaches for the chocolate one and I hand her a spoon.

“Bit of a cliché isn't it?” she asks. I grin and shrug my shoulders.

“Probably, but I figured I'd do what they do in the movies.” I say. She nudges my shoulder with hers.

“Thanks.” She says with a small smile. I grab the wine, opening it, I pour two large glasses.

“So you're not still mad at me?” I ask. She looks into the ice-cream, as if it holds all the answers.

“I was never mad at you, I was mad at myself.” She says softly. I nod. I can understand that. She did cheat on her boyfriend. Her lying cheating boyfriend, but she didn't know that at the time.

“Are you going to be ok?” I ask, watching her closely. She nods and takes a scoop of ice-cream out of the tub. I watch as she brings it to her lips and sucks it off the spoon. My southern buddy rises to attention at the action, wishing he was the spoon. I clear my throat and move to a position that hides my erection.

“So, who are the boys?” I ask, changing the subject. My curiosity gets the better of me and I have to ask. She smiles as she sips her wine.

“My brother and his team.” She says with pride. Brother? I didn't know she had a brother, but then I know nothing of her.

“I didn't know you had a brother.” I say. She nods her head.

“Yeah, Ethan, he's four years older.” She tells me.

“So his team? Football player?” I ask. Do they even have football in Australia? I'll have to look that up. Kate laughs and shakes her head.

“Army commandos.” She states. My eyes widen at that. Her brothers a commando? How am I still alive?

“I'm surprised he hasn't come to kick my ass.” I say, with a little bit of worry in my voice. Kate laughs again and nods her head.

“Well, while he knows about you, he doesn't know anything that's happened since I've been here.” She tells me. I furrow my brows at that. Are they not close?

“Why not?” I ask. Kate shrugs her shoulders.

“He's on a mission right now. I text him daily, not that he can respond and I'm not sure he can even read them, but I wouldn't tell him while he's on a mission anyway, he doesn't need that stress.” She says. I nod. I've never known someone who served, or families of those who served.

“It must be hard, not being able to have contact.” I say. A pained look crosses her beautiful features and she simply nods.

“Yeah, it is. I always worry when he's away... more so now...” she says softly. I shift on the couch, my body inadvertently edging closer to her.

“Why?” I ask. She sighs and looks into her ice-cream again

“About 5 years ago now, Ethan and his team were captured, they were listed as MIA.” She tells me, sadness evident in her features. I don't know what to say to that. I can't imagine how I'd feel if Ryder went missing.

“How long were they gone for?” I ask. She gives me a sad smile.

“Two and a half years.” She says. I'm taken aback. Two and a half years? That must have been hell for Kate.

“But he made it home.” I say. She smiles and nods her head again.

“Yeah he did.” She says.

“I take it you two are close?” I ask, wanting to know more about her.

“Yeah, he's all I've got, and the rest of the team are like brothers to me.” She says with a small smile. I smile at that. Mostly because she's stated the men in her life are like brothers. Less competition for me. Not that it's a competition anymore. She has the magic pussy, she owns me. My mind wanders to her douchebag cheating boyfriend. Well ex-boyfriend. Although she hasn't exactly dumped him yet.

“So what are you going to do about the douchebag?” I ask. She laughs at my name for him.

“Honestly... I don't know, I mean I can't exactly be mad, I cheated on him too.” She says. I furrow my brows.

“It isn't the same thing.” I tell her. She can't seriously be thinking about staying with him... Can she?

“How isn't it?” she asks incredulously.

“Well, firstly, I'm your husband.” I say. She rolls her eyes but I keep going. “And secondly, it happened once, you haven't lied to him throughout your relationship... well I assume you haven't.” I continue.

“No, I never cheated before...” she says with a sigh.

“Then it's not the same.” I say shrugging my shoulder. She sighs and sits her ice cream tub on the coffee table. “You can't seriously be thinking of staying with him?” I ask, ready to knock some sense into her. Or kiss some sense into her. That’s a better idea. She shakes her head and relief floods my body.

“No, of course not, it's over between us, I just don't feel I have the right to be angry at him.” She says. I look at her curiously. She just found out that the man she was with for the better part of a year, had been seeing another woman the entire time. Shouldn't she be crying into her ice cream feeling like the world has come to an end? That's what the chicks in the movies do anyway. Not that I watch chick flicks.

“You don't seem particularly heartbroken over this...” I state. She shrugs and stands from the couch.

“I'm not...” she says nonchalantly. My eyes scan up her body, loving the way those tight leggings show off her even tighter ass.

“You didn't love him.” I say. It's not a question, more of an observation. She shakes her head.

“No.” she says. That confuses me. I thought women were all about feelings? Was the sex that good that she stayed with him all these months? I push that thought away. I don't want to ever think of anyone touching my magic pussy.

“Then why did you stay with him for so long?” I ask. She moves to the other side of the couch and sighs.

“I guess... all my friends are either married or engaged, and have kids... I didn't want to be left behind.” She says sadly. I tilt my head and take her in.

“Yet you are determined to get an annulment from me?” I ask. It doesn't make sense to me. She obviously wants to settle down, so much so she stayed with douchebag, but she wants to end our marriage? Kate laughs a humourless laugh.

“Because it's every girls dream to be used to gain an inheritance.” She says dryly. She steps away from the couch. “I'm going to bed. Thank you for tonight.” She says. She walks away and I let her. Her words playing around in my mind She's right, I am using her. Then why doesn't it feel that way?

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