What Happens in Vegas

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When Verity left it was late afternoon so I put everything away and got started on dinner. Verity had put some doubts at ease, but as they left more came in. The biggest one was the mess downstairs. Could I live a life in the public eye? Granted, I hadn't heard of Chase before coming here, so he's not exactly the Hollywood A list, but he's well known in the New York social pages. I'd have to be careful every time I stepped out the door. I couldn't just run to the shop in my daggiest clothes, I'd always be on show. Could whatever Chase and I possibly have be worth it?

A part of me knows I'm self-sabotaging. That I'm thinking up every possible reason to keep Chase at arm’s length. But I've never had my heart broken before, sure I've been hurt by guys who turned out to be absolute morons, but Chase has the ability to absolutely obliterate my heart. And giving someone that power over you isn't exactly easy.

I hear the door shut and footsteps come towards me. I smile when Chase enters the room. He looks just as good as he did this morning and all those thoughts and feelings I had today come rushing back. I find my eyes scanning his body as my tongue slides over my lips. Chase clears his throat.

“Seems you're in the same condition I left you...” he says with a smirk. I blush and turn away from him, pretending to be busy with the dinner that's already done. He chuckles and walks behind me, pressing his body up against mine. I can feel him harden. It's good to know I'm not the only one who’s affected. His lips linger just over the skin of my neck, his breath causing goose bumps to appear. “You know I'm more than happy to help you out with that.” He whispers in my ear. He pushes his hips harder against me and I bite back a moan. My willpower is almost non-existent, but I grasp the last bit of strength I have and slip out from him.

“Dinners ready.” I say, pushing all dirty thoughts from my mind. Chase chuckles and shakes his head.

“You're just torturing yourself you know.” He smirks. I grin and shrug my shoulders, looking down at his tented pants.

“Not just me.” I smirk back. He groans and I take the opportunity to put more distance between us, though my body is screaming at me to jump on him.

I place the plates on the dining table, far away from each other to stop any temptation. Chase narrows his eyes with a smirk on his face when he sees the distance between us. But still he slides off his jacket, placing it on the back of the chair and takes his seat. He loosens his tie, his eyes on me and slowly undoes his top two buttons. The action shouldn't be seductive. It shouldn't affect me. But it does, and going by the smirk, he knows it has.

The dinner is quiet, both of us making subtly suggestive moves, trying to break the other. It's when I place the last bit of steak on my fork and bring it slowly to my lips, placing it gently in my mouth, I let out a long moan of satisfaction.

“Fuck.” Chase groans. He stands from the table quickly. “I'm... ah… going to have a shower.” he says. I laugh as he rushes out of the room.

“Make it a cold one!” I call out after him. He doesn't answer, just leaving me in a fit of giggles. I'm glad he broke, because I'm pretty sure we'd be going at it on the table only a second later if he didn't. Although I know resistance is futile, I can't help but enjoy the seduction dance between us. Even if it leaves me absolutely aching for him.

I move from the table and clean up the dishes before grabbing a much needed cold shower of my own. It's only a quick one, the water too cold to stay in long. I get out and dress in my cotton pyjamas and walk back out of the room, headed to the lounge room. But I stop in my tracks when I see Chase through his open bedroom door, stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his hips. He sees me standing in the hall and stops, a smirk on his face as he notices me drooling over him. Chase saunters towards me, his eyes traveling over my body until he's standing in front of me, so close I know he can feel my shallow breathing on his bare chest.

“Want me to drop the towel?” he asks, his eyes not leaving mine. Fuck yes... But I don't say that, I look up into Chases darkened eyes. The lust I see in them pushes me over the edge and I lose all control. I jump on Chase, climbing his body like a koala climbs a gum tree, my lips crashing on his. The force of my attack pushes Chase into the wall, knocking a glass vase off the hallway table as it smashes on the floor.

It's ignored in our lust filled insanity, Chase grabbing my ass firmly in his hands, his mouth devouring mine with a vigour I've never known. Chase stumbles with me wrapped around him into his bedroom, knocking more things from his dresser in the process. He makes it to the bed and throws me on it, jumping on me a moment later, his lips on mine again.

The towel he wore had dropped somewhere on our destructive route, his naked body pinning me to the bed. He breaks the kiss to pull my top over my head, I sit up to help him, his lips crashing on my breasts as soon as they are free. My top discarded somewhere in the bedroom.

I run my nails over his back as he pulls my nipple between his teeth, making me arch my back. Chases hands travel to my hips, pulling my shorts down, I raise my hips and in a moment they are off and I am naked under him. His lips crash on mine again and I take the moment to push him onto his back and move to straddle him. I kiss and bite down his neck, chest and abs until I'm kneeling between his legs, his massive length in front of me. My tongue swirls around his tip, eliciting a groan from Chase.

Placing my tongue at the base of his erection, I lick up and then enclose my lips around him. Chase sits up, grabbing my hips he spins me around and buries his head between my legs. The feel of his tongue between my folds makes me cry out. I try to focus on his length before me, wrapping my mouth around him again as his tongue flicks over my clit. I lower my mouth over him, taking him as far as I can until he hits the back of my throat, making me gag. His tongue enters me, making me moan against him.

My mind flicks between the pleasure I want to give him and the feel of his tongue inside me. It's Chase’s talented tongue that wins out, all the pent up sexual frustration releasing in moments as I lift my head to cry out Chase’s name. His mouth doesn't stop as my orgasm overtakes me, my legs shake but Chase holds me firm over his head.

As I come down from my high, I take Chase in my mouth again, wanting to give him the release he just gave me. Chase grabs my hips and spins me again so I'm facing him, grabbing my neck he pulls me down to capture my lips. I can taste myself on him, knowing where his tongue just was turns me on even more. Moving my hips down I grind myself against his hardened cock, he pushes his hips up into me until I can't take it anymore. I raise my hips and line him up with my centre before lowering myself onto him.

“Kate...” Chase groans into my mouth, I push myself up, my hands on his chest to brace myself as my body stretches to accommodate Chase. I start to bounce on Chase, using him as my own personal jumping castle. I can feel the pressure build inside as Chase’s hands cover my breasts, squeezing them hard before his fingers play with my nipples. It doesn't take long before the pleasure builds to an uncontrollable level and I start to lose my rhythm. Chases hands leave my breasts and grab my hips, he starts to thrust hard up into me as my muscles contract around him. He thrusts harder, sending me over the edge as I scream out his name again.

“Fuck! Chase!” I gasp. He continues to thrust, prolonging my orgasm until my legs feel like jelly and I collapse on top of him. But Chase doesn't stop. Flipping us over, he wraps an arm under my leg, raising it and thrusts hard and fast into me. I thought it was impossible but I can feel myself building again, my hips moving to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck, Chase.... I'm... again.” I mumble incoherently. He slams into me harder, grunting as he does so. I try to hold on, but Chase swivels his hips slightly, hitting a spot that sends me over the edge again.

“Oh... fuck Kate!” He groans. Chase tenses and I feel his warm liquid shoot into me. He thrusts a couple more times, emptying every last drop inside of me then collapses on top of me. I wrap my arms around his back as we try to catch our breath, loving the feel of his weight on me.

When Chase catches his breath enough he pushes up on his elbows to look at me. His eyes showing an emotion I've never seen before. They are full of awe, full of wonder. His gaze flicks to my lips and he slowly closes the small distance to brush his lips across mine. When his tongue lazily brushes against them, I open my mouth to allow him entry. The sudden change of pace from our fast and furious need for each other to this slow and sensual kiss makes my head spin. His softened cock still buried inside me starts to harden.

The kiss grows deeper, though still not hurried and I find myself clenching my pelvic floor muscles around him. Chase groans into my mouth and slowly moves his hips. I can feel every inch of him as he slides in and out of me at an agonizingly slow pace. Chase breaks the kiss and stares into my eyes as we move slowly together. I move my arm from around his neck to caress his cheek, the emotion in his eyes bringing out my own.

Chase takes my hand and places a kiss on my wrist before moving my hand to beside my head and interloping our fingers. He does the same to my other hand, holding me in place, his eyes never leaving mine. The feeling between us becomes overwhelming as I feel my pleasure build once again. Chase places a soft kiss on my lips before his eyes find mine again. There's no rush, I find myself completely lost in him as our bodies move slowly together. As the build-up reaches breaking point a soft moan leaves my lips and my eyes start to close.

“Let me see you baby.” He whispers. Chases voice is soft and husky, filled with emotion and I open my eyes again, getting lost in his deep blue ocean. I don't look away as my body is overcome with pleasure, I feel tears leave my eyes as the overwhelming emotion gets the better of me. Chase leans down and kisses away my tears. His body tenses and he releases into me again, my name a whisper on his lips. Our slow movements stop and we just stare into each other's eyes.

There's no going back from this. In that moment I gave myself fully to Chase in a way I'd never done before. Chase now owned me. Body, heart and soul.

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