What Happens in Vegas

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Kate continues to surprise and amaze me every day. With the exception of her jumping me earlier in the week, she hadn't been the one to initiate any type of intimacy between us, not that I really gave her the chance. It's physically impossible for me to keep my hands off her when she's in the same room. I have this need to be touching her in some way, in any way possible. I never thought I'd be like this with a woman, completely and utterly lost in her, that I find it difficult to breathe when she's not around.

So when she surprised me in the shower and took me in her mouth... Damn, I knew without a doubt if I hadn't already married her, I'd want her to be my wife. That thought gives me pause. Would Kate have wanted a big wedding? Don't girls dream of their wedding day from little girls? And yet Kate's wedding was in Vegas, most likely by an Elvis impersonator, because why the hell else would you get married in Vegas. And neither of us even remember the ceremony

I stare at my computer deep in thought. Despite not wanting to work this weekend I knew there were some things I couldn't get away from. But my minds with the woman somewhere in the apartment and not on the task at hand. Sighing, I close down my laptop and stand, stretching my arms above my head before going in search of Kate.

It's after 8 and I assume that she will be in the living room watching whatever Netflix show she is binging now, but the living room is empty. I peek into the kitchen and she's not there either. Frowning, I walk towards the bedroom, although she never goes to bed this early. As I get to the bedroom door, the sight before me makes me freeze and my southern buddy stand to attention.

Kate lies on the bed, propped up on her elbows slightly with a small smirk on her face. Her fair skin visible in the moonlight streaming through the floor to ceiling windows, covered only by a large ribbon strategically wrapped around her body and tied in a bow.

“Fuck...” I suck in a breathe as I take her in, my fucking sexy wife, presented to me like a gift.

“Happy birthday... hope you like your present...” Kate says as she bites her bottom lip. Her voice is seductive, with a hint of nerves.

“Best. Fucking. Present. I've ever had.” I state. I stalk towards her, unable to take my eyes off her body, my hard cock twitching in need as I pull my top over my head, tossing it to the floor. I run my hands over her exposed legs, making my way to the giant bow that covers her. “I can't wait to unwrap it.” I say.

A tiny giggle escapes her mouth as I tug on the ends of the ribbon, unravelling the bow as it falls away to reveal her perky breasts. I pull the ribbon completely away from her body, leaving her naked in front of me.

“Do you know what I always liked most about opening my presents?” I ask her. I kneel on the bed, straddling Kate's hips, ribbon in hand.

“No.” Kate says. Her voice is breathy and I look into her eyes, seeing them darkened in anticipation.

“Getting to play with my toys...” I tell her. I wrap the ribbon around her wrists and pull her arms above her head. Kate sucks in a breath as I tie the ribbon to the headboard, a slight smile on her lips. With the ribbon secured, I place a kiss on Kate's wrist, moving my lips over her arm and shoulder before I crash my lips on hers. My southern buddy screams to be released from the confines of my sweat pants and I have to remind myself that I want to go slow. I want to savour this woman, devour her entire body until she's begging for my cock.

I kiss across her jaw and down her neck, nipping her skin lightly and sucking softly. I make my way down her chest, taking her beaded nipple between my teeth. Kate moans and arches her back towards me. I love the affect I have on her, I can hear the slight tug of the ribbon on the headboard, and I smile against her breast, knowing she is completely at my mercy. I move to her other breast, giving it the same treatment before lowering myself down her body, kissing, sucking and nipping over her stomach and hips until I'm face to face with heaven. Kate's fucking magical pussy that smells like sweet nectar. I blow slightly on her clit, making her squirm beneath me. The rattle of the headboard tells me she's dying to just grab my head and push my face into her. I kiss her inner thighs, teasing her, hearing her breath hitch as I get closer to my goal.

“Chase!” she moans. The frustration in her voice makes her chuckle. I push my tongue between her smooth folds, giving her what she wants, enjoying the gasp that comes from her mouth. Her pussy is soaked with sweet tasting desire and I lap it up, running my tongue from her opening up to her clit. I flick my tongue over her clit, making her hips buck against my face. I hold her hips down with one arm as I open up her folds more with my fingers and pull her clit between my teeth. I push my index finger into her tight hole, curling it slightly making her squirm against my grasp.

When she almost shoots off the bed, I smile against her, knowing I found her g-spot and continue to hit it with my finger before inserting another. I continue to lick her folds and clit as I thrust my fingers into her, listening to the moans and screams coming from Kate. The sound is music to my ears and motivates me to thrust faster and lick harder. Her walls clench around my fingers, telling me she's close, her legs starting to close around my head, gripping me like a vice. As she starts to come I remove my fingers and replace them with my tongue, pushing it as far into her as possible as she comes into my mouth.

My name is screamed to the heavens and I continue to lick up her sweet nectar, loving the taste of her. As her legs around my head relax I slowly move up her body, kissing her stomach and running my tongue over her belly button. I look up into her flushed face, her eyes hooded with sleepy satisfaction. She's never been sexier than in this moment.

I kiss up to her breasts, running my tongue over her hard nipples before kissing up her neck and crashing my lips on hers. My cock throbs hard in my pants and I know I need to be buried inside her before I explode. I tug my pants off my hips and kick them off. Releasing Kate's hands from their binds, I sit up on my knees and flip her onto her stomach. Kate moves to all fours and I caress her perfect ass as I kneel behind her.

“So fucking beautiful.” I mumble. She pushes her ass back into me

“Chase... please...” she begs, I smirk and bite my lip, loving the sound of her pleas. Grabbing her hips, I line myself up and thrust hard into her, burying myself to the hilt.

“Fuck yes!” she cries out. Her walls are tight around me, almost strangling my cock and I wait a moment to let her adjust to me. She pushes her hips back against me and I slap her ass, rubbing over the reddened spot instantly. Biting my bottom lip I slowly move out of her before thrusting hard back in. I start slamming into her, hearing her screams of pleasure. My hand tangles in her hair and I pull her up, her back arching as I pound into her. My free hand finds her breast and I kiss on her neck and shoulders. I know I'm not going to last long, she feels too good.

“Touch yourself.” I order her. Kate obeys automatically, moving her hand to her clit as she strokes it between her fingers. The sight almost makes me lose it, but I hold off my orgasm, my balls burning with the need for release. I can feel Kate tighten even more around me

“Chase... I'm...” she moans out.

“Me too baby... fuck… cum with me.” I say. Her walls tighten to an unimaginable strength as her body shakes under me. I thrust hard into her, releasing my load as stars cloud my vision. I pump everything I have into her before we both collapse breathless on the bed. Pulling out I roll off her, laying on my back beside her, our chests heaving as we try to catch our breath.

“Best. Fucking. Birthday. Ever.” I say through heavy breaths. Kate lets out a breathless giggle. I eye the ribbon still tied on one side to the headboard. “We're keeping that.” I tell her. Kate smiles and simply nods her head in agreement.

“I'd never been tied up before.” She tells me. I grin and roll to my side, kissing Kate's exposed back.

“I've never tied anyone up before.” I say. Her smile widens as her eyes start to close. I grab some tissues from the night stand and help her clean up before pulling her into my arms. She rests her head on my chest, her body giving into exhaustion as her eyes close and her breathing levels. I lay there for a while just watching her, stroking her hair.

“I love you Kate.” I whisper, not quite ready for her to hear the words. My eyes closing I give in to my own fatigue.


I wake up the next morning, alone in bed. I can hear Kate pottering in the kitchen, so I drag my naked ass out of bed and stumble to the shower. Although we crashed out after the first session, I'd woken Kate a few hours later for round two. She'd returned the favour around 4 this morning. I smile as I turn on the water and get it to temperature, my mind replaying the events of last night. She is fucking perfect.

I allow the hot water to wake me up before washing quickly and turning off the water. Drying off, I wrap the towel around my waist and walk into the walk in robe. Some of Kate's things hang on one side of the room, making me smile. She needs to move the rest over, there's no way she's going back to the spare room, despite it not having the hideous pink walls.

As I start to dress in my suit, my mood sours. I'm to meet James today. We haven't heard anything from Alessandro yet, and at this point I'm not sure what to do.

I finish dressing and put on my shoes before walking to the kitchen to find Kate. Kate's just plating up breakfast and I walk around the bench, wrapping my arms around her from behind and kissing her neck. She's wearing my top from yesterday, her toned legs exposed from the mid-thigh. I've never had a woman wear my clothes before, they've never been here the morning after to be able to wear them. But seeing Kate in them I'm starting to think it's all I want her to wear.

“Morning.” She says happily. I smile against her neck.

“Morning wife.” I reply. She leans back into me and I close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her in my arms.

“Breakfast is ready.” She states.

“I'd much rather have you for breakfast.” I tell her.

“Mm... but then you'd be late for work.” She replies. I groan and release her. She walks around the bench and takes I seat. I follow her like the puppy I am.

“Come to work with me.” I say. She furrows her brow as she brings her coffee to her lips.

“Why?” she asks. I sigh and turn to face her.

“James is still out there... I don't want you to be alone.” I tell her. She frowns and places the cup back on the bench.

“But won't you be meeting him at the office today?” she asks. I nod my head.

“I will... but we can make sure he doesn't see you... at least I'll know you are safe then.” I tell her. She purses her lips in thought. “Please Kate...” I say softly, my eyes begging. Her eyes fall to mine and immediately soften, probably seeing the concern in my own.

“Ok... just let me have breakfast then I'll get ready.” She concedes. I sigh in relief and lean over to kiss her plump lips.

“Thank you.” I say against them. She smiles and caresses my cheek, I can't help but lean into her touch I turn my head and kiss her palm as she moves her hand away. She turns back to her breakfast and I do the same.


I pace my office as I look at the clock yet again. It's almost five and there's been no sign of James. No phone call or message. Nothing. And I hate it. James would never back down from this, so I don't know what he's playing at by not showing up. I pour myself a whiskey to calm my anxiety. I know Kate's safe, she's in an office next to Ryder's working on the Dallas design.

Ryder's keeping an eye on her and I call her office often. Probably too often, she's most likely getting annoyed, but I need to know she's ok. There's a quick knock on the door before it swings open and I brace myself for James.

Only it's not James who enters, but instead dad followed by Verity, Ryder and Kate. I hold my arm out for Kate and she doesn't hesitate to cuddle into my side. I bury my face in her hair and kiss the top of her head.

“What's going on?” I ask the room. Verity grabs the TV remote from my small coffee table and turns on my office TV. She flicks the channel to the local news and increases the volume. I turn my focus and see the breaking news headline.

“Socialite playboy, James Caldwell, was found dead in his apartment earlier today. Authorities say it is a suspected drug overdose. No other information has come to light and there has been no response from Caldwell industries.” The reporter states. I pull Kate tighter to me as relief floods my body. I know I should be sad, my cousin is dead, but knowing my wife is safe is taking precedence over anything else. Kate frowns, her brows furrowed.

“Are you ok?” I whisper. She nods, though I'm not convinced. “Talk to me.” I tell her. Her eyes flick up to mine and I can see the confusion, sadness and guilt in them.

“We're partly responsible.” She says. I pull her into me and tuck her head under her chin.

“We don't know that for sure... there's a chance that he really did overdose.” I tell her.

“Did he do drugs?” she asks. I stroke her back, hoping to relieve the tension in her body.

“I'm not sure, but I wouldn't put it past him... he thought he was untouchable.” I say. Kate simply nods against my chest and holds me tighter. I look to dad and Ryder, who have a solemn look on their faces but simply nod their heads.

“I'll release a statement from us.” Dad says. Dad leaves my office as Ryder and Verity sink down on the couches. No one speaks again. I know the three of them would be thinking about the morality of what they've played a part in. But me? All I can think about is how he is no longer a threat to my wife, and that I'd have pulled the trigger myself if it meant saving Kate.

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