What Happens in Vegas

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The news of James's death had me riddled with guilt. To know that I played a part in his demise that it was my connections that caused his downfall leaves a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I try to cling onto Chases words. We don't know for a fact that it wasn't just an overdose, we don't know that the mafia is involved. But it's too big of a coincidence to really believe otherwise. We never heard from Alessandro or the Valentino's, but then again I suppose we wouldn't. They wouldn't want me to know details. They'd just want me safe.

James's death has foreshadowed my debut in the media. Apart from a couple of internet blogs posting on the Sunday about me, I've become old news. And it's taken some pressure off. Walking out of the office that night they didn't care about me, asking only about James.

As the days go by, more things come out about James in the media. It's not the usual stories that come after a celebrity death. There's no one standing up saying what a great man he was. Even Marks statement was a simple "we are still absorbing this news and appreciate our privacy in this matter". Nothing about the loss to the family. No, instead everything that's come to light is stories of assault, threats and bribes. And as each thing hits the media, my guilt lessens

Chase has been wonderful the last few days. He understands I'm struggling with everything and has been incredibly patient and caring. Every day I can feel myself falling more and more for him. Thoughts of going back to Australia have all but disappeared. I do miss home. I miss the scorching heat, the beaches and my friends. I miss the relaxed, laid back atmosphere of Perth, but the thought of leaving Chase is unimaginable.

It's Friday night and I'm just finishing up cooking dinner. I surprisingly enjoy cooking for Chase. I enjoy being home when he gets home, although I spend my day working on designing the Dallas building, which is almost complete. I hear the key in the door and walk into the foyer to greet Chase.

The door swings open and Chase walks in carrying a rather large box. He drops it in the foyer as I walk closer and he wraps me in his arms.

“Doing some online shopping?” he asks as he nods towards the box. I furrow my brows and look at the box, trying to remember if I'd ordered anything. When I see the label of the company I can't contain my laughter. Chase grins at me, a confused look on his face as I move from his arms and start to open the package. “What is it?” he asks. I giggle and shake my head.

“I ordered this in case painting your apartment didn't get you to sign the annulment... it was on back order.” I tell him as I continue to open the box. He comes closer out of curiosity as I start to remove some of the packaging around the items.

“Do I even want to know?” he asks sceptically. I look up and grin at him in answer. My hands find two small remotes and I hide them in my palms as Chase looks into the box. He reaches in and pulls out a life like male baby doll by its foot. Raising it up he looks from it to me, one eyebrow raised. I hit the power button on one of the remotes hidden in my hand and a high pitched cry fills the apartment. Chase drops the doll back into the box and jumps back. “What the fuck...” I purse my lips to try and stop from laughing as he looks at me.

“How do you turn it off?” he asks over the noise. I shake my head.

“You don't.... the only way to make it stop is by either feeding it, changing it, cuddling it or singing to it.” I lie. Chases eyes widen as he looks back at the doll.

“You're kidding?” he says. I shake my head, holding in the giggle that is trying to escape. “Well... deal with it...” he says as he pushes the doll towards me. I shake my head, a smile forming on my lips.

“You're the one that set it off by picking it up.” I say. Chase looks at me, his eyes growing wider.

“What?” he asks dumbfounded.

“You upset it, you deal with it.” I tell him. The screaming gets louder, almost perforating our ear drums.

“Fuck...” he groans. Chase picks it up under its arms and looks at it. “Shh.” He says, loudly. I try not to giggle as he holds it out, telling it to shush

“Bring it to your chest so it can hear your heart beat.” I tell him. He looks at me like I've gone mad but does what I said, cradling it to his chest and rubbing its back. The crying gets softer but still continues. Chase starts to sway slightly, rocking the doll in his arms. I watch him, not denying the way my ovaries scream at the sight. I honestly don't know if I want to laugh or jump him. He manages to stop the doll from screaming and I big smile crosses his face.

“I did it!” he exclaims, a look of pride on his face. I can't help but laugh at his excitement. He puts the doll back in the box and it starts screaming again, something even I wasn't aware it would do without the help of the remote. His face looks panicked as he picks it up again, cuddling it to his chest. I debate powering it off, but decide to have some fun. Chases rocking and shushing doesn't work this time. “What do I do?” he asks panicked. I forage through the box and pull out a bottle and some clothe nappies.

“You have to feed it and change its nappy.” I tell him.

“Nappy?” he asks. I look at him confused before I realize Americans call them something different.

“Diaper.” I confirm.

“Oh.” He screws up his nose in disgust. “What do I feed it?” he asks.

“Just water in the bottle.” I tell him. I walk up the kitchen and fill up the bottle from the tap, Chase walking after me with the screaming doll. I hand him the bottle and he looks at it and the doll. I laugh and move the doll to lay on one of his arms and he brings the bottle to its mouth.

“I can't believe I'm feeding a fucking doll.” Chase grumbles. I laugh and shake my head.

“No swearing in front of the baby.” I scold him. He rolls his eyes.

“Doll Kate... who would invent something you couldn't turn off? Shouldn't it have batteries or something?” he asks. I shrug my shoulders.

“It's designed that way to make it more lifelike, so people can't just turn it off when they want to.” I say. I see Chases jaw clench in frustration

“Can we send it back?” he asks. I shake my head.

“Sorry, no returns.” I say, biting the inside of my cheek to stop from laughing.

“What else is in the box?” he says with a sigh. He nods his head towards the foyer were the large box sits.

“Umm... a car seat, baby sling and a portable bassinet.” I tell him. He raises an eyebrow as he looks at me.

“You were really going all out.” He comments. I laugh and nod my head in agreement. He shakes his head, a small smile playing on his lips. “You know there's no way in hell I'm letting you go right?” he says. I bite my lip and walk closer, wrapping my arms around his neck I place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Good…: I whisper. He looks into my eyes, a look of utter adoration in his eyes and I melt inside. “You know... there's something damn sexy about a man holding a baby.” I tell him. A smirk forms on his lip.s

“Oh yeah?” he asks, giving me a sultry look. I nod and bite my lower lip, nodding my head slowly. He looks down at the doll sitting in his arms between us. “Even a doll?” he asks sceptically.

“Well... it looks real.” I say as I run my hand up his chest.

“And sounds it.” He says with a groan making me laugh.

“Yeah, it does.” I agree. He chuckles and moves the empty bottle from the dolls mouth, wrapping his now free hand around my waist and pulling me even closer.

“Well.... if it turns you on.” He says as he leans closer. His lips crash on mine, taking my breath away.


The comic relief I'm finding in watching Chase try and calm a doll is doing me wonders, despite it randomly going off in the middle of the night. Though it seems to go off every 3 hours, I hit the power button around 3 am to allow us to get some sleep. Chase hasn't caught onto the remote yet. I sent the spare remote to Verity, hoping that I can convince Chase to take the doll to work with him on Monday. I know Verity will get a kick out of making it scream at random times. A part of me thinks I should stop torturing him, but I won't deny being turned on by his caring nature towards the doll, and the sex is phenomenal, although it always is. Like clockwork, at 3am we are woken to the screeching of the doll. Chase groans beside me, rubbing his eyes.

“I'm naming that doll chucky.” He groans.

“It's Chase junior.” I say sleepily.

“Don't name that stupid thing after me.” He complains. The screaming gets louder and I nudge Chase to get out of bed. “It's your turn.” He says not moving.

“You activated it.” I remind him.

“You bought it.” He retorts. I open my eyes and pout at Chase. “Don't give me that look.” He groans. I flutter my lashes.

“Please...” I say, giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Fuck.” He runs his hands over his face and pulls the covers back. I grin victoriously, as I watch him storm out of the room to the guest room. Quietly, I hop out of bed and reach for the remote. Although I'm tired, this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I walk to the guest room door and watch as Chase places the doll on the bed and takes off its nappy. As he leans over the doll, I press a button on the remote and watch as the dolls remarkably lifelike penis squirts water into Chases face.

“Fuck!” he groans. Chase coughs and wipes his face. “It pissed in my mouth.” He complains. I can't contain my laughter, the shocked look on Chases face was priceless. Chase turns to me, only just noticing me in the doorway and throws me a glare.

“You find that funny?” he asks. I simply nod, unable to find my voice through the laughter. Chase stalks towards me and grabs my waist, he proceeds to rub his wet face over mine.

“No! Stop!” I giggle.

“How do you like it?” he chuckles as he continues to wipe his wet face all over me.

“It’s cold.” I complain.

“Lucky it's just water.” He grumbles. I grin at him and he sighs. “I really want to throw that thing out the window.” I pout, though I can't blame him.

“Don't worry, I won't.” he says as he rolls his eyes. He turns around and walks back to the doll and finishes taking care of it. I can't help but watch him. If he's this invested in a doll just to keep me happy, will he be the same with our kids? I imagine he would be, and probably less likely to want to throw them out a window. He places the doll back in the bassinet and comes back to me, taking me in his arms. “Come on, let’s get some sleep.” He says. I nod against his chest and hit the power button of the remote hidden in my hand. I'll put him out of his misery tomorrow.


I wake up just after seven, the light starting to pour into the window. A strong arm is wrapped around my waist, holding me firm against a muscular body. I can't help but smile, I love waking up like this. Chase makes me feel so safe and warm. I stretch slowly and untangle myself from Chase. He groans in his sleep and then cuddles into my pillow. He's adorable in the mornings.

I stand up from the bed and just watch him, so at peace and so fucking hot. I can't believe how lucky I am to have him. Sighing happily, I walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Memories of last night flash through my mind as the water tumbles down on me, and I giggle. I know I shouldn't continue with the prank, but at the same time... it's me. It's us. And I don't want that to change Besides, I'm sure he will see the funny side eventually.

After washing, I turn off the shower and wrap myself in a towel before heading to the walk in robe in the guest room to get dressed. I really need to move my clothes over to Chase’s room. I haven't slept in here for a while, and I'm sure he won't mind... his closet is huge and some of my stuff is already in there. Maybe I'll do that today if I finish the Dallas design early.

I move to the kitchen and start on breakfast. Just as I'm filling two cups of coffee, I feel two arms wrap around my waist as Chase nuzzles his face into my neck. I smile at his affection.

“Morning husband.” I say. I feel him smile against my neck.

“Morning wife.” He replies huskily. I turn around in his arms and place a kiss on his lips. He always looks so good in his suit. “The doll is letting us sleep in.” he says. I laugh and nod my head in agreement.

“Yeah, it must have been tired.” I tell him. And I completely forgot to turn it back on. But I don't say that. Chase reaches around behind me for his coffee and moves to the breakfast bar. I take the opportunity to hit the power button of the remote that sits in my pocket. Just as Chase sits down it screams out and he groans.

“It heard me.” He mumbles. I laugh and shake my head.

“You eat breakfast, I'll go get the thing.” I tell him. He sighs and smiles wide.

“That's the sweetest thing you have ever said to me.” He tells me. I grin and walk off, quickly changing the doll and giving it water before taking it out to the kitchen and putting it on the bench. Chase glares at it.

“I think this is the first time in weeks I've been really really happy to go to work.” He says, not losing his glare from the doll. I bite down on my lip and look at Chase, he takes a bite of his bacon.

“So... umm... I have to finish that design today...” I say quietly. He turns his head to look at me and narrows his eyes.

“Kate...” he says in warning.

“I already know you have no meetings...” I continue.

“I am not taking that thing to work…” he states. I push out my lip and give him my best puppy dog impression. “Don't look at me like that...” he mumbles.

“Please?” I ask, fluttering my lashes.

“Kate...” he warns.

“You know how important this opportunity is to me.” I say through pouted lips. He grits his teeth as I continue to give him my most pitiful look.

“Fine.” He concedes through gritted teeth. I grin big.

“Great! I've already had the car seat installed in your car!” I tell him excitedly.

“I'm not putting a doll in a car seat Kate.” He scolds. I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly.

“That's up to you, but it will just scream if you don't.” I tell him. His jaw clenches. “And the baby sling is there too.” I continue.

“No. absolutely not. I'm not wearing a doll.” He says adamantly as he shakes his head. I can't help but giggle

“You'd look damn sexy.” I say as I bite down on my bottom lip, looking him over. He raises a brow and smirks.

“Then I'll wear it in the apartment but I won't be wearing it outside.” He says. I decide to cut my loses, and simply nod my head in agreement. “It really turns you on doesn't it?” he asks with a raised brow. I shrug. I won't deny seeing him so caring towards a fake baby makes my ovaries jump, but he turns me on just by walking in the room. He doesn't need the doll for that.

“A little.” I admit. Chase chuckles and shakes his head.

“The things I do for you.” He mumbles. I smile and dig into my breakfast.

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