What Happens in Vegas

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I look in the mirror, smoothing out the front of my dress and doing a final check of the loose curls of my hair that fall down my back and my natural look makeup.
Finding no fault, I turn to see Nicole walk out of the small room behind me. I gasp when I see her.

“You look so beautiful.” I tell her, trying to keep my tears at bay.

“So do you.” she responds, a brilliant smile on her face. Her small baby bump showing through the fitted floor length dress, she’s absolutely glowing.

Chase and I have been in Australia for a month now. He still complains constantly about the heat, even though it’s not even close to the usual summer weather we get in Perth. I’m sure he will get over it though, and despite the heat, I can tell he is more relaxed here than he ever has been back in New York. No one knows who he is here, he’s not bombarded by the paparazzi or random people trying to get a photo, he can just be himself without having to worry about the possible ramifications. Not that he would admit that it worries him, but subconsciously, I know it does.

“Alright, time to go girls.” Tammy’s voice pulls me from my thoughts and I smile at her nervously. I grab my bouquet of flowers from the large vase holding them, and follow Tammy out the door of Nicole’s bedroom. As we walk to the front door of the house, Lucy wraps her arm in mine and smiles brightly towards me.

“I can’t believe this day has finally come.” She says with a sigh, I return her smile and nod my head in agreement.

“I know, it’s taken forever.” I giggle. We walk out the door together and make our way to the cars that sit out the front of the house. Lucy pulls me into a hug before walking to the first car as I make my way to the second with Nicole in tow. We slide into the car, careful not to catch our dresses, as the driver closes the door behind us.

The car ride is silent, all occupants of the car lost in thought, as Nicole and I hold hands on the way to the beachfront ceremony. I can’t keep the smile off of my face as I watch the streets of Perth go by. The trip is short, and before too long, we are stepping out of the car and met by the wedding planner.

The bubbly wedding planner, ushers us into place, hidden from view from the makeshift aisle that lays on the beach. As music starts to play, I hear people rustle their seats, obviously trying to get a view of the procession. I hug Nicole one last time, before following Tammy down the aisle towards the front.

I smile as I see the groomsmen standing at the end of the aisle, Seb, Ethan and Chris look dashing in their military uniforms. I scan them quickly before my eyes find Brad. Even from midway down the aisle, I can feel the nervous energy coming off of him. He wears a black 3 piece suit with a white shirt and black tie, his hair is neatly styled, looking ever the perfect groom. My smile grows wider as I see his hands shaking slightly as he grips them together. I wonder if Chase will be as nervous on our wedding day.

As I take my spot in the bridal party, I look out to the sea of people attending the ceremony and my eyes land on Chase. His are scanning my body, taking in my slight curves that are highlighted by the tight fitting blue dress, his gaze burning my body with desire. His eyes finally meet mine, his lips smirk and I bite my lip, staring into his darkened eyes with a return smirk of my own as I watch him shift in his seat. I love the effect I have on him; that a simple look from me can turn him on.

The music changes and my focus switches back to Brad. I love watching the grooms’ expression at weddings, especially when he first sees his bride, and Brad definitely didn’t disappoint. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped as he stared down the aisle. I watched as he closed his mouth and his Adams apple bobbled as he swallowed hard. He bit down on his lip as his eyes moistened with tears and I smiled wider at his reaction, my own heart beating hard at the look of love in his eyes.

I switch my gaze to Nicole as she makes her way down the aisle. I let out a giggle as I see her holding onto Rafael’s arm. Rafael walks her down in a black Armani suit, his hard gaze landing on Brad, with a fedora sitting on his head. Ever the mafia boss, I bite my lip to hold back the rest of my laughter.

Brad once made a comment about the Valentino brothers, stating that they couldn’t be mafia as they didn’t wear fedoras. Since then, the Valentino’s have made it a part of their uniform, especially when Brad is around. Rafael and Nicole stop in front of Brad and Rafael places Nicole’s hand in Brads. He pats Brad’s shoulder before leaning in and whispering something in his ear. Going by Brad’s rigged body, I know it was a threat of some sort, which isn’t surprising, Nicole is his daughter after all.

Rafael takes his seat next to Angelina as the officiant begins the ceremony. My eyes find Chase again, and we maintain eye contact all the way through the ceremony, both of us aware that, in just a few short months, this will be us. Even though we may be already married, I can’t stop the butterflies in my stomach at the thought.

So lost in thought of Chase and me, the ceremony goes by quickly, and we leave the makeshift aisle to attend the mandatory photos before the reception begins.


I watch as Jordan spins Jane around the dancefloor in her wheelchair, the wide smile on her face bringing a smile to my own. The reception is in full swing, having eaten, had the toasts and cake cutting, as well as the first dance, we are now at the party part of the night.

I take a sip of my beer, my eyes not leaving Jane’s happy face, as strong arms wrap around my torso and I’m pulled back into a hard chest. I smile up at Chase as he leans down and places a kiss on my forehead.

“This is definitely the best wedding I have ever been to.” He states and I nod my head in agreement before he continues. “I can see why you want to have ours here, it’s so much more relaxed.”

I smile again and place my beer on a nearby table before turning in his arms and placing my hands on his chest. I stand up on my tip toes and place a lingering kiss on Chase’s lips. He smiles against my lips and lets out a soft sigh.

“I’ll never tire of that.” He says as he pulls away, his eyes twinkling in the soft lighting of the marquee.

“Me neither.” I say softly. We stare into each other’s eyes, lost in the moment, our bodies slowly swaying to the music playing, not at all in beat with the rhythm. A loud bark of laughter disturbs our moment and I look behind me to see Alessandro Valentino on the floor, laughing hysterically with his beer raised up high. I’m not sure what happened, but by the laughter surrounding him, I’m sure it was hilarious.

“Struth…” a rough voice says from beside us and I look over to Brian, an old friend of Nicole’s from her show trail days, standing and shaking his head at the scene. My eyes glance up at Chase who has a confused expression on his face, most likely due to Brian’s use of an obscure word.

“He’s a flamin’ galah.” Brian exclaims as he watches Alessandro with amusement in his eyes. I look back to Chase and stifle a giggle as he looks around the room.

“There’s a bird on fire?” Chase asks confused and I cannot hold back my laughter. Brian looks at Chase with an odd expression, before shaking his head and walking away.

Chase looks down at me as my body shakes in laughter, his brow furrowed before a look of irritation crosses his features.

“It’s an Australian idiom, isn’t it?” he asks and I simply nod, unable to speak due to my laughter. He sighs at my current state and pulls me tighter against him. “Don’t laugh at me, it’s you idiots who say stupid stuff.” He grumbles into my hair, making me laugh harder.

“I’m sorry.” I laugh, before pulling my arms away and wiping the tears that are leaving my eyes. “It’s just too funny.” I say, earning a playful glare.

“You’re lucky, I love you.” He says as he leans down and kisses my lips. I smile and deepen the kiss, running my arms around his shoulders and lacing my fingers in his hair.

It still amazes me that only six months ago, I walked into his office demanding an annulment. Thinking back on the time I’ve spent with Chase, the memories we have made, I can’t help but smile. I remember when I met the private investigator, thinking that I was in for an adventure, I just didn’t know that my life would change so drastically.

Everything feels so complete now, my life feels so full, and I know that this is just the beginning of our story. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.




Author's note: Thanks for reading What Happens in Vegas, the fourth book in the Limits series.

Keep an eye out on the fifth and final book in the series, Finding Jane Doe, which is coming soon.

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