What Happens in Vegas

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I watched as the wife left the office in fury, and obviously, as turned on as I was. Yeah, I saw the way her body reacted to me. She couldn't hide it from me like she did yesterday. I won't lie, seeing her angry, the fire in her eyes and pissed off look on her face is incredibly sexy. She looks so sweet and innocent at first glance, making me want to press her buttons to see how far I can push her. And in the two encounters we've had she has been here, I've seen her all fiery. It makes me wonder if she brings that out in bed. I have no doubt I will find out. She can't ignore the chemistry between us forever. The only issue at the moment, is my own body’s reaction to her presence. By the time she left I had a raging hard on that no amount of hand time will cure.

No, the only way to relieve this is with some tight, wet pussy, and while I'd much rather be buried in Kate, I doubt she'd let me near her yet. So instead, I text Ryder and tell him to meet me at the club. I'll find a random to fuck in the meantime.

And that's what brings me here, standing at the railing of the VIP section in our most popular club, looking out over the talent on the dance floor. Ryder is somewhere in the office that overlooks the club, finishing off his work before coming down to meet me. The scantily clad waitress replaces the empty whiskey glass in my hand for a new one, pressing her body up against me as she does so. But I ignore her. I don't go for those who work for us. More chance of having to see them again, and then they have expectations. Expectations I'll never fulfil. Ryder leans on the railing next to me, glass of whiskey in his hand as he scans the floor below us.

“Wife know you're here?” he asks. I don't miss the smirk on his face.

“Why would she?” I reply. He chuckles and shakes his head.

“I don't know any wife that would be happy with her husband scouting for randoms.” He says. I take a sip of my whiskey, my eyes falling on two chicks grinding up against each other, their short tight dresses pulling up with the friction of their movements.

“Considering she's pushing for an annulment, I doubt she'd care.” I tell him. Ryder shrugs, his eyes falling on his own entertainment.

“She's not like most women we meet.” He tells me. I nod my head in agreement. She definitely isn't. Every woman I know would have been spending my money by now and making sure the media knew who they were. Kate's not like them. All the more reason to keep her around. But I don't say that. “Why don't you just give her the annulment and let her go?” he asks. I don't look at Ryder, downing the rest of the drink before I speak.

“You know why.” I say, staring down at the two pieces of meat on display below me.

“You could easily pay someone to be your wife. Why keep someone around who clearly doesn't want to?” he asks. I had every intention of annulling the marriage if that's what she wanted before I met her. Even when she asked me for one the first day she was here I was going to say yes. But my voice said no. My gut said no, and I couldn't ignore that. I don't tell Ryder that. Instead I go to my fall-back logic, although I'm not entirely convinced it's my reasoning for keeping her around.

“If you were two years into a ten year prison sentence, and you could change prisons but you'd have to start the ten years all over again, would you do it?” I ask. He looks at me like I'm nuts. A look I'm used to from a lot of people but rarely see from Ryder.

“That's fucked up, even for you.” He says. I shrug my shoulders. The analogy seems fitting to me. Marriage and prison are similar after all, especially mine. I know the sentence I have to serve. We drink in silence for a while before making our way over to the lounges reserved for us. It's only a matter of time before the women come to us. They always do. I swear they can smell money and follow it like bloodhounds.

Except for Kate. She seems to be the exception and I'm curious as to why she would turn down such a generous offer. 10 million per year for ten years, she'd be set for life. As would her family. If she has a family. I frown at that. I honestly know nothing about her. I shake those thoughts away. I don't need to know anything about her. She's a means to an end. That's all.

We've barely been at our booth when we are approached by two females, they sidle up to us, sitting practically on our laps as they introduce ourselves. My mind goes to Kate, would she ever be this bold with a stranger? Somehow I think she has more self-respect than that. I push her from my thoughts and focus on the brunette rubbing her massively fake boobs against my arm. Her make up is thick, the type you have to wonder if they take off with a chisel at the end of the night. Her dress is two sizes too small making her cleavage spill out, it wouldn't take much for her breasts to come out of the top that barely covers her nipples. I smile down at her as she tries to give me a sultry pouty look.

While I'd much rather a petite little blonde, preferably with a sexy Australian accent, she'll do for tonight. She whispers something in my ear that I don't hear over the music, but I chuckle anyway and that seems to be the right response as I find her straddling my hips and her lips on mine. The kiss is sloppy, her thick lipstick making her mouth sticky and the taste of whatever fruity cocktail she has been drinking mixes with a mint she must have just sucked, making her taste like that first sip of orange juice after brushing your teeth. She grinds against me, but I'm not feeling aroused by her at all. Usually the thought of random sex and an eager and willing body would be enough to get me going, but this brunette just comes across desperate. As she sucks on my tongue, my thoughts drift to Kate.

I doubt she'd taste horrible, I imagine every part of her would be sweet and I wonder if I'll ever be able to find out. I imagine her body pressed against me just like the chick grinding against me now, how her moans would sound in my ear and how she would look falling apart beneath me as she screams my name. I find myself getting hard just thinking about her and the brunette pulls back, smiling at me as she grinds against my now hard cock. She thinks that's because of her, who am I to hurt her ego? I close my eyes and continue to imagine she is Kate, my hands on her hips, helping her rhythm as she kisses down my neck.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?!” I'm pulled from my thoughts of Kate to look towards the angry voice where I find... Kate. I push the brunette off me so fast I hear her whimper.

“What the fuck?! Who the hell are you?” The brunette asks, glaring at Kate. Kate crosses her arms over her body, something shiny reflecting from the lights coming from her hand.

“I'm his wife.” She says with a smirk. I watch as the brunettes eyes widen in surprise before a look of fury takes its place.

“You're married?!” The brunette screeches. My face and shirt become soaked with whiskey as she throws the drink in my face, followed by a hard slap and then she's gone. I look to Kate who has a satisfied smirk on her face. I stand and walk towards her. I wish I could say my erection disappeared with the brunette, but taking in Kate in her fitted white dress, she looks almost angelic in the nightclub lighting. Almost, saved from the devilish smirk on her face. I stand in front of her, so close I can feel her body heat and see the small goose bumps appear on her shoulders and neck as I lean close to her ear to speak to her.

“So now you want to be my wife?” I say. She gives me an innocent smile but her eyes show no innocence in them. She presses her body against me, bringing her mouth to my ear as her hand goes down to press against my throbbing erection. Her breath on my neck sends even more blood south as she brings her lips to my ear.

“I hope you like blue balls, you're about to have 8 years of them.” She says sweetly in my ear. And then she steps away, turning on her heel she walks off, I don't miss the extra sway to her hips. What the fuck just happened? She disappears down the stairs as I stand there mouth open. Laughter beside me pulls me eyes from the direction Kate left and I turn to find Ryder practically in hysterics.

“Oh, you are so fucked.” He says. I gulp as I take in Kate's words to me. Fucked indeed. And not in the way I'd like.




When I saw Chase with that woman, I won't deny the jealousy that coursed through my veins. But I pushed that aside. He's not mine, despite the piece of paper that says he is. No, I'm only his ticket to his inheritance, I have a man at home who loves me and I cannot lose sight of that for a handsome face and insane chemistry. Saying Liam's name over and over in my head, so I don't forget him again, I went and did what I came here to do, and the look on his face was worth it. I couldn't help but laugh as I walked down the stairs to the lower bar to meet Verity. She high fived me on arrival, giggling at my triumphant smile.

We stayed in the club until the early hours of the morning when Chase left, intercepting every female that even glanced his way and watched as he got into his town car alone at the end of the night.


Nine days later, I step into the elevator to make my way up to Chase’s office. I'd thought he would have cracked by now. Every day I give him the annulment papers. Every day he rips them up, burns them or throws them in the bin. Every night I intercept any willing female. And I know for a fact he's not getting anything, Verity keeps me up to date, and Ryder seems to be informing her too. From what Verity said, his one night stands aren't limited to the weekend, so nine days in to mission cockblock, I thought he'd have given in.

The elevator opens to the familiar top floor of Caldwell enterprises. I step out and make my way to Chase’s office, waving at Verity on the way. The good thing about the past nine days is my friendship with Verity. She's Australian too, well a dual national. Verity grew up in Townsville Queensland, before moving to the states for her father’s work when she was 12. Both of us being Queenslanders, we really did hit it off instantly.

I open the door to Chase’s office and walk towards his desk. It appears he was waiting for me today, he stands in front of his desk, leaning against it with his arms crossed and a sexy smirk on his face. Before I can do my ceremonious slam of paperwork onto his desk, he grabs it from my hand and throws it into the air, the numerous pages going everywhere. His arm simultaneously snakes around my waist and pulls me to him before his lips crash on mine. To say I was taken by surprise would be an understatement. His lips are aggressive, his hold on me firm as he nibbles on my bottom lip making me gasp. His tongue invades my mouth as his free hand cups my cheek, my entire body sets alight and I'm powerless against this almost violent kiss.

My body gives in before my brain can process what's happened and I find myself gripping his shirt and pulling him closer to me. Finally my brain kicks in and overrides my wanton body and I push away from Chase and out of his hold. His triumphant grin pisses me off to no end.

“G'day wifey.” His attempt at being Aussie pushes me over the edge and I find my hand moving across his handsome face. “Fuck.” He groans.

“Don't ever kiss me without permission again.” I scold. He raises an eyebrow at me, his mouth trying to hold in a smirk. I turn on my heel and for the 11th time storm out of his office, slamming the door on the way out. Verity stops me as I storm past her desk, still seething from our encounter.

“What happened?” she asks, concern evident on her face.

“He kissed me.” I hissed through clenched teeth. I don't tell her I kissed him back. Or that my entire body was ready to jump him on his desk. Or that fireworks exploded in my brain when his lips touched mine. Verity frowns.

“Well, I didn't think he'd be that bold.” She says. I shrug my shoulders.

“I'm going back to the hotel.” I say with a sigh. She nods then puts a finger up to me indicating me to wait. Verity walks around her desk and pulls an envelope out of her drawer. She walks back and hands it to me. I take it and give her a questioning glance. “What's this?” I ask. She smiles mischievously.

“Key to your penthouse apartment.” She says. I furrow my brows and look at the weighted envelope in my hand. She answers my unspoken question. “Well, yours and Chases, after all, you are married... what's his is yours.” She smiles and shrugs her shoulders before going back to her desk. I shove the envelope into my purse and walk towards the elevator. As the elevator descends I can't help but touch my still tingling lips. I shouldn't have kissed him back. I shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did. I have a boyfriend back home after all. Even if he has never made me feel that way, I owe it to him to be faithful.

I think about the key in my purse. Do I want to up the ante? Or is it time to call it quits and go home? For the first time since I arrived, I can't help but feel way out of my depth.

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