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Willow Mari Skye Jackson is 19 years old Alpha Female Hybrid, she sometimes thinks the Moon Goddess made her a Hybrid by mistake, but it was the complete opposite. Willow is next in line to the throne to be queen of all creatures great and small. When at age 7 her parents decided to train her mercilessly so when older she'll be able to control her temper. Around that age something horrible happened, that her beasts wouldn't dare talk about, not even her parents would tell her. I wonder if every queen needs a king by her side to rule...

Romance / Fantasy
Mystical Artist
Age Rating:

Chapter I

The world is as silent as if it ended in the night, the sun is still resolutely below the horizon and the street is as dark as some old-school black and white movie. Willow slowly opened her eyes; she was fighting not to close them for too long as her dreams begged her to come back and play.

Willow lazily turned, facing her nightstand which held her phone, lamp, her tiara, and a picture of her and her two best friends. She smiled remembering the night they took that picture; high school was and still is a highlight of any teenager’s life. She reached towards her lamp, turning it on filling her room with the bright unwanted/unnatural electric glow. She growled as the bright light stung her pupils, she sat up swinging her legs off the bed’s edge. She stretched her arms up hearing her spine pop into place, along with a yawn leaving her lips.

Willow’s feet touched her warm fuzzy rug, as she disliked the hard, woodened, cold floor. She slipped on her slippers; still half asleep she went on auto pilot with the help of her beasts inside her. These beasts go by Lola and Lucy. Lola is a white weretiger, while Lucy is pitch black werewolf. Three minds, one body but Willow is clearly in charge of the actions, well unless you anger her.

Willow walked to her bathroom, flicked the light on and looked in the mirror. Her hair straight but a bit frizzy from tossing and turning in bed. A bit of dried drool on the side of her mouth, she wiped it off and went into another stretch and yawn. Her shirt raising a bit exposing her stomach, she relaxed and sighed feeling more awake. She went over to the porcelain toilet to finally release herself from built up liquid during her slumber.

As Willow finished her business, she went over to the sink picking up her toothbrush in the process and relieved her mouth of the foul odor. She splashed water onto her face and dried it with a towel and once again stared at herself in the mirror. Willow saw herself more clearly ‘Beautiful’ Lucy commented making Willow smile hearing her beast.

Willow finger combed her hair into a high ponytail and walked out the bathroom, heading straight into her walk-in closet. She searched for her yoga pants and sports bra, walking out the closet with her desired clothing she went to the side of the bed she rolled out from. Picking up her phone she checked the time, 5:27am. She slipped her phone in her pants and went to the mirror for one last inspection. The pants hugged her hips tightly showing off her many curves she has to offer. She adjusted her sports bra strap to be properly on her shoulder before turning to the side. She pouted “Man, I need to stop doing squats,” she said while admiring her derriere.

Her phone chimed repeatedly; it was her 5:30am alarm. She shuts it off taking off her lamp light, leaving the room in darkness once again. She walked out her room, closing the door behind her, and she walked through the halls which were carpeted with blood red rugs. An endless line of painting on the stone walls and lifeless armor statues with the royal family crest tattooed on the shields.

Willow’s journey came to an end as she made it outside in the battle ground. She walked out in the open smelling faint scent of shifters who practiced on the battlefield. She patiently waited closing her eyes feeling the soft breeze. Willow was completely unaware of a particular werewolf shifter who was planning a surprise attack.

The wolf stalked its prey from behind waiting for the perfect time to attack. The moment was right, without warning it jumped high in the air. The wolf let gravity be its weapon as he heads straight towards her from behind. Just inches from ripping her open, she bent forward dodging the attack of her opponent. She did two backflips to put space between to them. The wolf landed, turned around and growled deadly at her. He ran towards her attacking multiple times but no such luck. His breathing was heavy as he was getting exhausted from his failed attempts to strike her down. The wolf twisted his head back and forth looking for its target, his ears flicked and twitched searching for the smallest sound. Suddenly Willow landed on top on her opponent’s back, just a bucking bronco in a rodeo, the wolf bucked back and forth in attempt to get its foe on its back.

Willow held on to its fur not letting go, she quickly wrapped her arms around its neck. The wolf shook and shake but could not get Willow off, she tightened her grip slightly cutting of his air supply. The wolf fell to his side still struggling with all its might, then soon he submitted to her. She smirked and lets him go, letting him shift to his human form, her father.

Ethan coughed a bit but got his breath back, “That’s my Warrior Princess...” he said praising her for her actions in battle. Willow rolled her eyes at her father from using his pet name but a part of her loved it. “Really dad a sneak attack? That was close you know” Willow said to him. “Like I was intentionally going to hurt my little girl,” he said smiling at her. A butler appeared at his side, handing him a bottle water and a towel to wipe his sweat, “Ok that’s it for this training, get ready for school and don’t forget today you will be training a mixture of shifters from different packs.” he said as he down the bottle of water in one gulp.

Willow nodded, she went back to her room getting greeted by the maids, butlers, and guards along the way. She stripped herself from her clothing which were slightly damped from sweat and threw them in empty hamper leaving her completely naked. Her bed was neatly made, and in her bathroom towels were replaced with clean fresh ones. The tub was filled with warm water and red rose petals, her maid, Audrey, was holding a towel for her. Audrey smiled at Willow causing her to smile back. Audrey was the most respect servant out of everyone else, as she served the royal family for many centuries.

Willow got in the tub soaking for a bit, “I’ll wash your back, your Grace,” Audrey said, and Willow turned her back to her. Audrey gently scrubbed her back, “How was training, your Grace” she asked. Willow just shrugged, “The usual...” she replied, Audrey smiled to herself as that was always her reply. Audrey remembered the times where she tended to her wounds after her training sessions. Willow would only wipe her tears and running nose with her sleeve and say, ’The usual...,’ always trying to sound tough but now she says it without even trying.

After Willow’s bath she goes in the shower and rinses the soap suds off her body. She then came out taking the towel Audrey once held and wrapped herself with it and then wrapped her wet hair in a smaller towel. Willow walked out with Audrey close behind, “I have picked out clothing I think you would approve for school...” Audrey said pointing to clothes on the bed. Willow simply nodded, dropping her towel, and started to get ready.

“Which tiara would you like today, your Grace?” Audrey said as she opens a drawer which was filled with every kind of tiara for any occasion. “Audrey this is school I won’t be needing my crown...” Willow said as she towel dried her hair. Audrey nodded, she helped her dry her hair, “Thank you Audrey”, Willow smiled at her and she took her back pack from Audrey, “Have a great day at school, Princess Willow.” she said as she made quick adjustmentz to her clothing and handed her her phone. Willow nodded and walked out checking the time, 7:14am. Willow swung her backpack over her one shoulder, she walked out into the hallway heading in the kitchen. Cooks along with butlers dashed left and right preparing breakfast for the royal family. Willow clearly went the wrong way because there was a way to avoid going in the kitchen, but she just decided nope. Cooks and butlers greeted her with a quick, “Good Morning, Princess,” before continuing their task. Willow continued to walk through the bustling crowd and grabbed a plate, a cook from afar threw two slightly toasted Pop tarts at her. Willow caught them both in the plate without stopping, she finally reached to the doubled doors which lead to the dining hall. Willow headed to her desired seat which was between her two best friends Landon and Naomi. Willow hugged them both at the same time and sat down, setting her plate of treats in front of her. “Morning you two, mother, father, Beta Kace, and Gamma Titus,” Willow said as she sent down her bag beside her. Everyone greeted her back in unison then going back to their conversation. Naomi could not shut up about meeting her mate one day and neither can Landon. But not Willow, don’t get her wrong she has not given up on it and she too wonders when she will meet him, it’s just not her major interest.

“Ok you three time to get to class...,” Beta Kace said to them. The three nodded, getting up from the table and walking to the front of the grand castle doors which was opened by the guards letting in the sun light. A Tesla Model 3 2020 drove up the driveway, it was purple accompanied with a blue. Landon got in the back while Naomi got in the passenger seat, Willow walked to the driver’s seat. A butler came out making way for Willow to get in, she set her bag in the back next to Landon and then adjust her seats and mirrors. She took out her phone, connecting to the car’s Bluetooth she started to play ’Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé)’ by Megan Thee Stallion.

Willow puts on her seat belt waited for the gates to open to let her out, she revved the car impatiently as the gates opened slowly. Once fully opened, Willow hits the gas, leaving nothing but dust behind her. Gazing straight ahead, singing along to the music with her friends. Willow’s hands stroking the wheel making turns and changing the gears occasionally.

They made it to their school with 10 minutes to spare, Willow park in her usual reserved spot. Which was a few feet from the entrance of the school, putting the car in park they all got out. Most students greeted her respectfully, they were at a mixed school full of humans and creatures who hid their identities. Human females gritted their teeth at Willow out of jealously, to them she is a rich, popular, spoiled brat who get anything she wants. Well jokes on them because she is not entirely popular compared to the school slut, Vanessa Rénee.

Getting her bag out the car, she once again swung it out over her shoulder, ’Another day, another pain in my paw’ Lola said in her head causing Willow to giggle. Willow went to her locker which is the only locker that had the word Queen on it. “I’m going to use the bathroom, I’ll meet you in class,” Naomi said, Willow nodded as she gathered what she needed for her first class.

Like any teenager Willow’s head was in her phone, she soon smelt a dark milk chocolate mixed with a bit of cologne. Lola and Lucy knew exactly what this meant, ’Mate...,’ they both said in unison. She stepped in her first class seeing, him...

He looked up seeing her, their eyes locked and he quickly walked up to her ignoring the teacher’s demands to sit back down. He grabbed her by her forearm and dragged her out into the deserted hallway. Sparks flew up her arms but soon they stopped, because he let her go and cornered her against the lockers. Once again locking eyes, he broke the silence, “What’s your name baby girl,” he said huskily. “Willow Mari Skye Jackson,” she said proudly he nodded in reply and raised his left hand. “I Blake Holt Smith reject, Willow Mari Skye Jackson as my mate.” he finished and smirked at her expecting to see tears on her face.

The bond between them as mates vanishes into thin air, ’Ok so should I be on floor crying my eyes out begging him to take it back? Hmm nahhh...,’ Willow thought to herself holding back her beasts from ripping Blake apart into a bloody mess. “Ok I really don’t give a fuck...,” she said with a straight face as she shrugged.

Blake’s smirk disappeared and he was completely speechless, they both looked in each other eyes. Blake’s wolf cursing his host multiple times and asking why he said that. ’There is no way I’m going to have a Hybrid freak as my Luna!’ Blake said to him. Willow comforted her beasts as they growled, snarled, and whimpered.

Willow broke eye contact and looked to her left seeing Naomi standing there all confused as to why Willow is not in class. “Willow come on or we’re going to be late for class!” she shouted. Blake did not budge as he was still cornering her against the lockers. Willow cleared her throat, reaching for his left arm and removing it from the side of her head. Willow went pass him, leaving him standing in shock and walked towards Naomi, but stopped, “Oh and one more thing, I Willow Mari Skye Jackson accept Blake Holt Smith’s rejection. Well later.” she said, while putting up a peace sign as she walked away.

But Naomi stayed put, her eyes turn pitch black with anger, “how dare you....,” Naomi growled walking towards him in attempt to hurt him but Willow grabbed her by the back of her shirt stopping her. “Oh no you don’t Nao, we have to get to class remember?,” Willow said as she threw her over her shoulder with ease. Willow walked towards to class as Naomi snarled and continuously shouting swear words at him and threatening his life.

Willow walked in class with Naomi still over her shoulder, earning strange looks from everyone. She sat Naomi down, went behind her and had her hands on Naomi’s shoulders. Blake finally showed, Naomi stood up but Willow sits her back down by the shoulders, “Down Girl”, Willow said as Blake walked past them sitting in his desk in the back and Willow sat in her seat next to Naomi keeping her in check which was in the front. The teacher along with everyone else looked at them confused, “Don’t ask...,” Willow said shaking her head. The teacher hesitantly went back to his lecture and soon enough lunchtime came around.

Willow who was once a babysitting of one became a babysitter of two once Naomi told Landon. While Willow held them back from tracking Blake down and ripping him into shreds, Blake was keeping an eye on Willow. More like stalking.

Blake was still in shock from his mate, scratch that, ex-mate for accepting his rejection without a care in the world. Joshua sat next to Blake, “So, what was so important that you had to see me all great and powerful Alpha?” he said. Blake smiled at him, “I met my mate today...,” he said causing Joshua to whistle and congratulate him. “Awesome when can I meet her, I hope she’s a beauty...” Joshua said as he bit into his apple. “I rejected her...,” Blake said cutting him off which resulted him and choke on his chewed bite of apple. “Ok I knew you were an idiot but this beyond your idiotic antics.... all right what is it that you do not like about her? Not cute enough? She a vampire? Or maybe she’s lesbian?,” Joshua said giggling.

“Nope worse, she’s a Hybrid, I will not have a mate who’s stronger than me...” Blake said truthfully making Joshua shake his head. “I would love to have a Hybrid mate, nobody would be able to fuck with me and speaking of fucking, think about how good she would have been in bed...” Joshua joked as he nudges his arm with his elbow. “What’s her name? Where is she? Is she crying somewhere?,” Joshua asked looking around the lunchroom trying to find a girl crying in a corner. “It Swallow Cari something I don’t remember, she’s right over there...” Blake said pointing at Willow.

Joshua’s eyes widened as he slaps Blake’s hand down, “Are you insane don’t point at her!,” he whispered loudly at him. Blake looked at him confused, “Whoa what’s the problem, why so jumpy all of a sudden?” Blake asked him. “I’ll tell why I am so jumpy, the girl you rejected is her royal highness, Princess Willow Mari Skye Jackson I (the first). She is next in line for the throne to become queen! This is bad...” Joshua explained.

Blake came to a realization that he made a mistake, “So what you’re saying is, I could have become king?!” Blake yells but Joshua covers his mouth shushing him. Luckily, no one heard, “NO! That is not what I am saying, think about something else besides yourself you idiot!,” Joshua removes his hand from his mouth. “Think about your Pack, we are the most trusted when it came to his royal highness, King Ethan. If he finds out his most trusted pack’s alpha rejected his daughter, you, and the rest of us will be stripped of our titles! You need to fix this and quickly, your father and King Ethan are remarkably close friends. And if Willow says anything about this to her father you could kiss your sweet ass, and your title good-bye.” Joshua explained to him.

This hit Blake like a ton of bricks, how could he not know about her and her status? He probably should have gone to history class instead of skipping it. Joshua wished him luck as he left, Blake thought long and hard about this and how to get her back the right way. But his ego and pride clouded him, he cannot just go crawling back to her after what he did, oh no. He wants the complete opposite; Blake knew that she would not last 10 seconds of ruling a kingdom without a king. He is going to play around and witness her at a breaking point where she will come running to him instead. Little did he know about her unlimited strength even without her beasts.

Willow was excited and extremely pumped because of her last class of the day, gym. This was her absolute favorite subject of all, she happily skipped, yes, she skipped through the halls like a little schoolgirl. She was so happy that she did not notice Blake and Vanessa in the hall flirting with each other. “Vanessa look it’s her royal highness, I think she’s jealous,” Blake said lifting Vanessa up letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He started to kiss her on her neck, but Willow was unfazed by this course of action he has taken. “Nice try Blake, but I’m too good in a mood right now. And really the school slut? She had sex with every jock in the school, better be careful before you get the clap,” Willow said as she clapped her hands in his face and continue to walk down the hall.

Blake growled deadly at her, Willow stops in her tracks, her beasts stirred inside wanting out. That growl showed he was challenging her, but she resisted. “Watch it, Blake. You’ll might lose more than your dick when challenging me like that. Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with gym class...” she said keeping her beasts calm and collected. And with that she walked away heading to the girl’s locker room and changes into her short yoga pants which stops at her mid-thigh the slips on sports bra along with a sport shirt.

Willow wrapped her wireless headphones around her neck and puts her phone in her back pocket. She followed behind the girls who were leaving heading outside, she met with Landon and Naomi at their usual spot on the metal bleachers. “So, what is it this time tennis? Running laps? Oh, or my favorite, dodgeball?,” Willow said in excitement. “I highly doubt its dodgeball, don’t you remember the incident when you threw the ball so hard you broke Rick’s nose?”, Naomi said to Willow before taking a sip of her water, trying to quench herself from the hot rays of the sun. “Hey, I told you that was an accident, I could get a bit competitive,” Willow said looking away at everyone standing around laughing waiting for the coach. “A bit?,” Landon said as he raised an eyebrow at her, “Ok fine maybe I went overboard but he forgave me.... after 3 weeks in the hospital. Oh, look there he is now,” Willow said pointing at him.

Willow walked off the bleachers catching up with Rick, “50 bucks if he’ll make a run for it...”, Landon whispered to Naomi making her chuckle. “You’re on...,” she said challenging him, Willow got Rick’s attention. He was nervous and a bit hesitant but soon relaxed realizing how nice she was. They talked and laughed; it was a sight to see that Blake did not like at all.

The coach walked to his tape recorder and switch it on, “The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a... -,” the iconic voice started, and everyone immediately groaned. “Yessss,” Willow said excitedly, ever since King Ethan started to train Willow, she has been excited to be in gym as it releases her anger and she has a lot of anger pent up. “Females first.... line up the start.,” all the females lined up at the start.

Willow stretched getting ready to run with Naomi beside her, all the girls bent over touching the ground waiting patiently for the beep. All the boys whistled and gawked at the girls. And with that it began; Naomi and Willow could sense some of the girls who were secretly a creature were using a bit of power. Willow would rather play by the rules and Naomi followed her lead, carefully pacing their selves conserving their energy. One by one the girls each quit, breathing heavily as they could not go on any longer leaving only Naomi and Willow on the track running back and forth endlessly until the coach got tired of seeing that they would not quit anytime soon.

He decided to turn off the tape recorder and move on to the males, Willow and Naomi high-fived each other as they were once again the last two to hold out. They both joined the other girls; Landon threw Willow’s and Naomi’s towels at them. They both wiped the sweat off their foreheads, but Willow thought of a way to cool off faster and she took off her work out shirt showing her sports bra. Willow was now exposing her well-toned body, there was visible showing of her abs but they were not as defined as body builder’s. “Good luck Landon,” Willow said to him with a smirk as she hung the towel around her neck. “You’re gonna need it!,” Naomi added holding her fist out to Willow and she gladly pounded it.

“Oh, so you think you could challenge me?,” Landon said as he took off his shirt and flexed at her making Willow roll her eyes at him. “Just get you butt on the track,” Naomi said slightly blushing.

The boys started Pacer test and Willow was in a laid-back position on the bleachers letting the sun hit her skin’s surface. A few droplets of sweat ran along her stomach, Willow was talking to Naomi about something important, she was not paying attention to Blake, who was getting distracted by her body. Blake did not make it to the other side in time for the beep, “Blake you’re out!,” the coach said calling him out, snapping him out of his gaze. He growled in annoyance as his wolf tricked him into looking.

Almost to end of the Pacer Test, Joshua and Landon were the last two but Joshua gave up despite Blake’s command for him to win no matter what. Even if he commanded him to win, he would not have a chance since King Ethan also trains Naomi and Landon separately. All the girls including Naomi and Willow cheered for Landon, “Ok respect...,” Willow said to him causing him to smile. He opened his arms to hug her but Willow easily dodged it, “Yea, don’t push it wizard boy...,” Willow said to him, calling him by the nick name she made up for him over the years of knowing him.

The coach finally set students free to leave from being held prisoner under the rays of the sun. After begging Willow over and over she finally agreed to take her friends to Wingstop. But she must return home soon unless she wants to deal with an angry King.

~нєℓℓσ му яєα∂єяѕ нєяє’ѕ уσυя ƒιяѕт ¢нαρтєя нσρє уσυ ℓιкє ιт. ρℓєαѕє ℓιкє, ¢σммєηт αη∂/σя νσтє~

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