A Promise From a Decade Ago

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Maybe for someone, promises are just a childish actions that our childish brain made. But for Yohan, he really took it by heart. Yohan and Leonard made a promise back when they were just a child. It was a promise made by their innocence and curiosity. Little did Leo know, his bestfriend fell inlove with him because of that promise they had made. Ten years later, Leo looks like he forgot about that promise and the only person who kept holding onto it was Yohan. Will Yohan be able to keep holding on? Or will he just give up their childish behavious that had sealed with a kiss?

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Chapter One - It's a promise then

As the snow keeps falling from the sky and the sun was setting peacefully, in a house not that far from the park, there were two boys sitting on a sofa with a blanket wrapped around them. A very nice smell coming from the kitchen and four adults were preparing their dinner for the night. Screams and laughters filled the living room resulting for the parents shushing the two boys watching a romantic comedy show infront of them.

"But mom, this is too funny" says an eight year old Yohan, trying his best to cuddle with his bestfriend under the blanket.

"Yohan, they can't focus if we are this noisy. Let's keep our voices down okay?" the twelve year old Leo softly said and stroked his bestfriend's head who immediately nodded. He chuckled to himself. Yohan was so freaking cute.

"You boys just have fun. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Don't listen to my wife. Just laugh as much as you can" Yohan's dad said before yelping in pain because his wife pinched him on his side. After they were left alone again, silence surrounds the place and the only sound they can hear was from the television.

"Leo will you be happy if you got married? They always show how happy it would be to get married in the t.v shows" Yohan asked curiously, eyes glued to the show they were currently watching. Leo also watched carefully, not really knowing what to say. The casts in the show got married and currently happily going on a date. He and Yohan watched as the two characters rode the roller coaster, went to the cinema together and hugged each other the moment they were settled in the seats they chose. Leo gasped and covered Yohan's eyes to prevent him from watching the two making out and eat each other's faces.

"Leo? What's happening? I wanna see" Yohan pleaded his bestfriend who keep repeating a 'no'. Yohan pouted and crossed his arms on his chest. Leo always do this whenever there are kissing scene on the show. He forcefully and successfully removed the hands covering his eyes and was ready to tell Leo how strong he was to remove those large hands of Leo but stop in the midst of doing it. His eyes focused on the screen infront of them.

It was his first time seeing two persons kissing and what's more was it wasn't just a gentle and passionate kiss. He gulped as the guy sucked and bite the now exposed collarbone of the girl. He looked at Leo and saw that his bestfriend was also watching every movement of the persons on the screen.

He called out Leo's name and the latter immediately went back to reality and looked at him. Yohan stared at him with a confusion written on his face.

"You know marriage is the most beautiful experience a person can ever had" Leo smiled at him and patted his head.

"When you grow up, find someone who you will truly love and marry them. I know you're a good person Yohan" Leo chuckled and ruffled his hair. Yohan just stared at Leo as if he was awestruck. Leo was beautiful. No he was handsome..or cute. Yohan blushed. He never really think about his bestfriend like this before. But staring at Leo made him feel at ease. Leo is so kind and he knew everyone loves Leo. Including him.

"Leo.. I wanna" he started, eyes not leaving Leo's green ones. Leo stopped ruffling his hair and just wait for him to finish his sentence.

"I wanna.. I wanna.. marry you" he continued, whispering the last two words and blushed like a girl. Leo didn't hear it clearly so he asked Yohan to repeat it. Yohan blushed even more. He was too shy to say it again but he needed to.

"I want to marry you when we grew up Leo" he stated, playing the hem of his red sweated. Leo was quiet for a moment so he decided to look at him. His heart beats loud and fast when he saw the look on Leo's face.

It was as if Leo was looking straightly at his soul. His left eyebrow furrowed, his mouth formed a thin line as if his was thinking very deeply, and.. his eyes, Yohan can't just take his eyes away from them.

"Are you sure?" Leo asked him with a serious tone albeit his expressions were slightly gentle.

"Yes Leo. Please?" he pleaded as if he was just asking Leo to buy him a lolipop. His eyes filled with something he can't yet still explain at his age. Leo laughed and carefully holds his hand.

"It's a promise then" Leo said intertwining their pinkies. Yohan laughed out of happiness and hugged Leo. They always hugged each other so Leo wasn't really surprised by the actions of Yohan.

"Pinky swear isn't effective anymore. Let's do a different one to seal it" Yohan said while holding his chin as if he was thinking a way to seal their promise.

"How about a kiss then?" Leo suggested and the both of them turned bright red. The blush on their face were similar except Yohan's face look like his red sweater while Leo's face were just a pale one with a pink color crept on it.

"A kiss?" Yohan blushed even more when he remembered the kissing scene on the show earlier. Are we gonna do that?

"On the cheeks. Just a kiss on the cheeks Yohan" Leo said not looking at Yohan. He can't believe he really suggested that. Yohan was just eight years old for crying out loud.

"O-okay then" Yohan agreed and slowly went to Leo. He clung onto Leo's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. A satisfied smile formed on Yohan's lips while Leo looked like he was about to explode out of embarassment. They looked at each other. There. It's a promised then.

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