Virtual Wedding!

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This book is all about a couple who met online,dated online and wed online!

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Virtual Wedding!

This e book is all about how a couple met online created their own world without meeting each other.

How they started dating online.

How two completely strangers became aquainted to each others soul.

Chapter 1: Bottled love 🍾

All started with a bottle which was thrown in an anonymous chatting application.This is basically an app which allows you to throw a written message and whoever pick that bottle and if he or she finds it attractive then they will reply to your bottls.

I know some of you might start thinking and making point that this is nothing but just a time pass. Well if your destiny has written something that is unusual then it is going to happen that way only.

So a bottle... Yeah it all started like that only and we started chatting with each other and we were stuck to text mode for quite some time. Then one day she gathered all her courage and asked me for my contact number and we exchanged our contact number.

Chapter 2: msgs-call-video call. 📩📞📹

It all started with a text and went to next level as I told you earlier we exchanged our contact number and started talking to each other.By the way it took almost a month to start a voice call and once we started talking to each other it was like wish there would be more than 24 hours in a day so we could get more time.

After a shortwhile our call turned to video call and let me tell you we have not seen each other's pictures for more than two months.

With our talk our video call we found that our tuning was beyond anything and we even sometime utter same word at the same time and it was not about once in day or two but most of the time.

We even started to develop same interest by the time.

Chapter 3: Virtual proposal 💍

As our talk and times started growing we started feeling for each other and our emotions and desire were floating in our mind and it was 29th April I decide to ask her and know if she feels the same way as I did. I asked her if she would accept me as a someone who is closet to her and one can have all of her, she nodded she said YES!

It was a dream day for me I was super happy actually we were super happy.

Chapter 4: Virtual proposal went to next phase 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💍

May 3rd - Yes it was the day when I decided to go crazy and invented a new term 'Virtual Marriage' sounds crazy though, but I had no control in my emotion and wanted to have her as my mate for life,wanted her as a partner with whom my compatibility was beyond words.

I was nervous and gathered all my heroism and asked her if she can accept me as someone with whom she can spend rest of her life.

She was bit nervous so did I but after an pause she said yes and we started making assumption as if all these were real.

Chapter 5: Fight

This all bappend becuse of me most of the time and all the reason were silly af.

As we all know in every relation there will be time when conflict will play it's role and test us.

Our fight started because of me I tried to know more about her and her family without letting her know though my intention was crystal clear that I never wanted to hurt her. I tried to dig more to know her family just in curiosity. After sometime I told her that I know about his father and her family and she was shocked it was obvious to react that way because she thought I hinder her privacy and she was furious.

When she started asking me questions I felt little upset and we stopped talking to each other for more than 3 months.

We have fought so many times all the time mistake was mine and I always stopped talking to her and she used to come and make things easy for us.

But this time it took more than three months because matter was little complicated.

It was first of January when I called her from unknown number and she picked and we talked. You know with time things heals and she knew that my intent was nothing wrong at all.

Chapter 6: Still to hold her hand

Time is growing so do we our love our fight everything is still going on and it's more than half of the decade and we still have to meet and see each other in reality. We both are praying for that and trying as well but our time is yet to come and I am pretty sure that day will come soon and I will have her hand 👫

Till the time let's live virtual....

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