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His hands slide down my curves, resting on my hips. I wrap my hands around the nape of his neck, my fingers tugging gently at his soft curls. Our lips move perfectly in sync which terrifies me and I try to push him off, but he just holds on tighter. I bite his lip till it draws blood, the metallic taste of his blood in my mouth. He growls, the vibration buzzing through my entire body, turning me on. He grabs my throat in one blinding move of his right hand, squeezing so tight, I almost see stars. He spanks my ass hard, making a loud echoing sound, the sting making me moan. "Don't try these tricks with me, Kate. We both know that you are fighting yourself, not me." "You wish, Raiden." . Kate Sherfs never had a childhood. Her family had no love, just hate, laws and lust. Her mother always did exactly what was supposed to be done, and soon enough she learnt that it was her only means to live in this world. To obey her husband, her master. But when she learns about the innocent life growing inside her, all she can think of is to run. To run away from this world as far as possible and never look back. Not for her, but for the future of her child. She does whatever she needs to, just to survive. From pick-pocketing to theiving, everything to get by. But, her one theft, only brought her closer to what she is trying to escape. Cover photo credits: IG- @snehpahuja

Romance / Thriller
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His body falls to the ground with a disturbing thud. His blue eyes, wide with shock. His mouth agape with a scream held back. His head meets the ground and I walk towards him, my heels hitting the marble floor with certainty and confidence, like what I just did, has not had any effect on me.

The gun in my hand, feels heavy. The metal cool to touch. He tries to crawl away from me, begging for his life. Men. I look at him, disgust filling me up. Just moments ago, he had me pinned on the wall and now, he just lay there, looking so fragile as he begs for mercy.

I get down on my knees, straddling him. I look at him sympathetically. His eyes, full of fear.

"Honey, can you please be more clear with your requests? I mean, you're asking me for mercy and then begging me to spare your life. That's very confusing you know." He looks at me, fearful and puzzled, not knowing what to ask of me.

I play with the gun in my hand, growing impatient. "Take a pick, mercy to live or to die? Make it quick, I have places to go..."

Panicked, he mumbled, "Life"

"A little louder baby"

"Mer-mercy for life!"

"Oh my god, yes that's exactly what I was hoping for!" Not.

I drop the gun, the clang resonating in the room. I place my hands on his chest, dragging them down slowly. Moving them lower onto his stomach till my left hand rests atop his gun wound.

I can feel the warm blood pumping out of his body. The torn flesh pressed against my palm. His pulse, erratic from the fear and adrenaline coursing through his veins. I lift my hand up to my face, his blood painting my hand red.

My heart sinks as I watch a single drop sliding down my finger to my elbow. Hands of a murderer.

Alex shifts slightly under me, snapping me back to reality. I turn my hand and show them to him. His hemophobia kicking in. He's about to scream when I place my finger on his lips silencing him. I touch his face softly, the blood on my hand, staining his face. I smile down at him before digging my index finger inside his bullet wound, pushing the metal in deeper.

He screams in pain so loudly, the sound reverberating in my bones, making my heart clench as I dig my finger in deeper, twisting it inside his flesh.

His howls of torment make me want to cry but I can't. Not unless, I want to be in his place instead.

He holds my hands squeezing them tight and screaming, "Please! Please stop! Please!"

Tears roll down his face as I say, "But you just said you wanted the mercy for life?"

He shouts and begs as I concentrate all the pain that was inflicted on me, into causing his.

Alex cries out, "Please, pl-please kill me."

I raise an eyebrow at him, not really expecting him to give in so fast. I mean, of course I knew he would beg to die, but so quickly? Such a wuss.

"As you wish, Al."

I pick up my gun, cock it and aim it at his head. I place my index finger on the trigger and he closes his eyes surrendering to his death. To me.

His surrender and plea for death, has my heart aching. This is not me, I don't want to do this.

But I have to.

I close my eyes, muttering a silent prayer for his peace and pull back the trigger. There's a loud 'Boom' and then all goes silent.

I open my eyes to find his open, looking at me, the life in them slipping away slowly. His head falls back onto the marble, his green eyes looking up at the ceiling blankly. Lips parted from his last breath.

The blood pools around his head, spreading further and further, like a never-ending stream.

My legs and arms smeared in his blood. My hands shake as I look at my gun, the heavy metal piece falling to the floor and I finally break down.

Tears roll down my face, my lip quivering as I look at what I had just done. Killed yet another person, his blood on my hands.

I wrap my arms around my stomach, roll up into a ball, rocking myself back and forth on his lifeless body as I try to calm myself.

His screams resonating in my head, as I whisper for forgiveness.

I look down at myself, atop a dead body, a corpse and say three words before getting ready to clean up the evidence.

I'm sorry baby.




Heyyyyyy guyyyyyyysssss!!!

So that right there, was the prologue and like I am SOOOOOO EXCITEDDDD to continueeeeee! 🤩

Please excuse my erratic behaviour, peepol.

I hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it:))

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