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The famous Fashion designer is now on her way to the two roads to hell and heaven. Her lover cheated on her and later came to know his big secret, his origin. There on her way she meets Zane, the playboy, who owns a gaming company. At first, she disliked him but later she felt his presence similar to her past lover. Both revealed their pasts to each other. But no one expected the ending to be like this.

Romance / Fantasy
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Everything is Odd!

Today is my turn at the doorsteps to enter a new world after death. Yes, I am already dead. The door opened. I saw a very big queue. I asked the person standing ahead of me on what the queue was about. He replied that this queue would lead you to two doors. One door to heaven and others to hell. He also said that there were rumors that there was a scary-looking man near the doors who would decide whether the person would go to hell or heaven with the help of the person’s records.

’Records!” I am getting scared because I have done a lot of mistakes in my life as well as in other life.

As you have already started to imagine how the place would be, where I am standing right now, is exactly the same as you have imagined. A dark place where there are a number of people. Huge flashes of light coming through. Odd voices, and of course sentences like “thank you god”, “please no, no”. I did not understand anything. Even in a place like this, I am getting bored. I asked the person next to me about the flashes but that guy behaved as if didn’t hear me. I felt so angry about the person. How could he not answer to a person who has a lot of curiosity? Suddenly harsh voices came. “Come with me”, “please no”, and “say no, dead men tell no tales”, “I’m sorry please no”, “time to pay for your deeds”, and the end. Everyone’s facial expression changed except mine as I didn’t know anything. Even is such a situation. i.e., even though I am dead this curiosity of mine is killing me. The person next to me saw me awkwardly. First of all, I felt he was an odd guy and this expression confirmed my feelings. I tried to ignore him but continuously saw my cool face. First I thought of speaking to him but I didn’t because I didn’t want any trouble. That guy finally spoke up.

“How are you so calm? Aren’t you scared? Ha?”

I didn’t know what to say. I had shut my mouth and continued ignoring him.

“Hey, you! Please stop. Please answer me”, he begged.

I couldn’t act like an idiot like him so I spoke up.

“Why should I be scared and why did you ignore me before? Don’t forget we are strangers so don’t even think of talking informally.”

“I’m extremely sorry about before. Please tell me, please. Is there any exception to you?”

“Sorry? I don’t get what you’re saying”.

“You aren’t scared. How?”

“Why should I be scared?”

“Don’t you understand? The Man is angry”.

“Man, who?”

“Yes, the decider, he angry”


“The man who has done so many mistakes asks for his forgiveness”.

Now my expression changed. Oh my god! Now I ’m feeling damn scared. The stranger began stared.

“Now we look alike. Please tell me. Any reservation?”

“I am the daughter of one of the richest people in this world but no money can help me in here. I wasn’t scared because I didn’t know about the Man”.

“Ah ... such a waste. Hmmm... By the way, what is your name?”

“Hey mind your tongue”.

“Why? Why should I? Your richness won’t help you here, right? You are just a waste. Hmm...Ha”

“Oh, oh, oh, you fool, your behavior tells me that you take girls as come and go, right? I’m sure that you would go hell. Ha, ha-ha ...”

“You girl, you aren’t the Man? Get it? Fool. And if you want me to be your companion till the door try and respect me”.

“You arrogant brat.....”

(I hit his face)

“Now how is that to you? Hm?”


He came close and was almost about to hit me when a person arrived. He looked familiar.

“Better not touch my master,” he said

“Who are you?” the stranger asked.

“Oh, Josh. Thank god you are here. Hey you! This is my bodyguard. Mind your steps”

“Bodyguard? He is my friend Josh, you silly girl”.

“Stop! Stop it both of you!” Josh screamed.

I hated when Josh screamed at me.

“I am the sorry master. And Lee- Zane Miller, my old friend, I can’t be your friend when I am with my master”.

“Ahhh... come on Nixon Josh Connor, we are already dead. What do you expect?”

“Stop talking to me like that Zane. I just spoke like that so that my master can know my dear friend’s full name”.

“Whatever. By the way, what is your master’s so-called name?”

How dare that arrogant brat talk like that? I wished I could kill him even after death”.

“Well her name is...”



“I don’t want a stranger to know my good name”, I mumbled.

“Okay. I’m sorry Zane. I can’t tell it”.

“Ha... whatever”.

“By the way nice meeting with you Mr. Zane.”

“Same here. If you can’t tell your name then let me give you name. How about ‘Anna’?”

“Okay, Zane”.

Suddenly I sort of felt comfortable. We were having quite a good talk. Josh was next to Zane. Finally, I stopped feeling bored. I am thinking how all of a sudden that brat turned in to a gentlemen. When I was talking to him I felt I was talking to Kail. I wish we never did those mistakes. I was feeling lost. All of sudden my eyes had tears. How could I forget those days? I just broke into tears.

“Hey, what happened? Did I speak something wrong?” Zane asked.

“Master, are you alright?”

“No, it’s okay”

“Really?” Zane asked...

“Yes, I am sorry...Josh, I can’t”.

“Is it him again, master?”

“Yes!” I cried.

“Who is this he? Your ex?”

“Yes, Zane. Its master’s ex. He left her alone when she had given feelings for him”

“He reminds me of him. His smile, his cool talking reminds me of him.” my tears exploded like a river.

“Oh, I see ... Hmm”.

We walked silently for a while. No one spoke. I tried to control my tears. It seemed as if I came here just now.

“Hey Anna, I can understand how you are feeling right now because I too have gone through the same instances. Try to think or speak of him as much as possible so that you won’t hold the pain and keep expressing it. We met a few minutes ago but I know how you are, you aren’t that type of girl. You must not be sad because of that idiot ex and he should be the one crying for living such good women back”, Zane said.

Those words were so much overwhelming. I felt, even though I had so much in my life I did not have anything. But my death gave me this friend who understood me so well in a few minutes.

“Thank you, Zane. You are the first person in my life who understood me”, I said and I finally smiled.

“So where was I? Ya, let us start a new topic. Tell me your tragic love story”

“Zane not now. Master has just recovered...”

“It’s okay Josh. This guy has a point. If I stay like this it’s of no use. I need to move on but with my past. So Zane, from where should I begin?”

“That’s like a cool girl! Okay. Now, begin from how you met your ex? And also please tell me his name so I can stop calling him your ex”.

I frowned.

“Okay, if not later. For now, his name is...umm... ahh, Mr. X.”

“Okay, let me begin”.

I blanked out for a second and was about to cry once again but this time I controlled my tears and so I began saying my story.

“Three years back, I had gone to LA. I was a famous fashion designer. I had a lot of fame. I was rich. I had designed outfits for many Celebes. Once, I was going to meet my aunt, there I saw a little boy between the road. A big truck was coming towards him, the boy was so scared that he didn’t move from his spot. With no choice, I ran towards him. I pushed the boy off the road but now I got stuck. From the other side of the road, a man came and pulled me towards him. Mistakenly I slipped and fell on him. Instead of helping us, the public was busy taking our photos. I got up, then he too, I screamed at the little boy. He cried. The man held my hand and walked forward. He asked the boy in serine, “Why did you do it?”

″I had no choice, my mom is very sick, and we are out of cash”.

“If money is the problem, death is not the solution kid, you can ask help”.

“Help? Who would help us? When my dad died my cousins took over whatever we had. Now my mom is sick. I feel helpless. If I ask a job, people say that I am a minor. What else do you expect me to do?”

I felt very sad for the child. The hero of the Scene replied “here, take this money. I hope it is enough for the treatment. (The boy took the money) and no matter how bad the situation is death is not the solution”.

“Thank you, mister. I will repay your money and generosity some other day. Once again thank you. And, miss, thank you for saving my life and sorry for my mistake”.

“It’s okay kid. I hope you understood what this mister said.”

“Yes, miss”

“Okay, by then, have a safe day”.

“By miss. By mister”. The boy went.

I looked at the man. He was pretty handsome! I wanted to speak to him but he began first.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes. By the way, thank you for saving me”.

“You’re welcome. But it was very brave to save an unknown boy.”

“Thank you”.

“But it makes no sense. You went to save him and ended yourself in danger”


“But still what you did was great”.

“Thank you and the same goes for you too. You saved my life by risking your”.


“By the way, I am ANNA (not really, she say to keep her name hidden from Zane)”

“Hi Anna, I’m X (to keep his name hidden from Zane). Nice meeting you”

“Same here”. I saw my watch. I was late. Now a day’s young rich models act as if they are everything.” I’m sorry but I need to leave”


“I am late for my job”

He looked into his watch. “Oh shit!! I am late for my broadcasting”.

“So you are late too hmm. Okay by then”.

“By Anna”. He then ran to the west and I ran to the east. You might be thinking why this rich girl is even running. That is actually because I had a fight with my dad and he took my car keys. So with no choice, I had to walk.

I reached the studio. Everyone was staring at me I thought it was because it was the first time I was late for work. But they looking into their phone and were looking at me as if they were confirming that it was me. The director came towards me smiling in a godly way.

“Hello, director. I am sorry for being late. Actually, there was a situation...” he stopped me and began,

“Hi, my dear heroin”.


“Yep. Heroin. Miss Popular.!!”

“Sir, did my new clothing design went viral?”

“No dear, no. You save the little boy and you saved by another man went viral”.

“What?!!” I looked at my phone. There was a lot of notification. I opened one and saw the heading ′the famous fashion designer Anna saved the life of a kid by risking her life‘. I got shocked. This internet made my life into public opinion in a minute. I opened other notifications. It said ’Anna, famous fashion designer saved a life and got herself saved by a journalist‘, ’what could the relationship be between the kid, Anna, and the journalist′ and so on. I was happy in one side but terrible too. I tried not to panic. But at that time I came to know that, that man was a journalist. How cool! The director was happy with me for the first time for some other reason. He always appreciates me only for my design. “My darling, do you want to take a holiday today? Of course, you want, don’t you? After all, you have done a great job. You must be tired”.

“No sir, not at all. But if want to give a holiday, I will take a leave”. I was happy because the director himself never grants a holiday. I went out. My mistake. I shouldn’t have taken the holiday. Media! Media all around. They questioned me a lot like:

Did you knew that little boy?

What is your relationship with X?"

Did you save him to become more popular?

"Anna, please answer our questions’. And so on...

“What rubbish. To become popular? God, you got to be kidding me. Look I don’t know that man nor I know that child. When someone is about to die you must save him. Not just looking and taking videos.” I said. My mistake. Why the hell do I say such things? Know they started saying:

Anna is a true hero

Anna, forgetting her station she saved a life of an unknown

Anna has still not ended her arrogant behavior

Is she saying the truth?

I covered my face with my coat and ran from there. The media ran behind me. Then at a coffee shop, someone pulled me in. It was X.


“Sorry. I am just doing to help you”

“Thank you, mister”

“Please have a seat. This is my friend’s coffee shop. (Turned back) J two coffee please”

“Ya. Thank you”

“We haven’t introduced ourselves, have we?”

“Do you need an introduction? We are all over the internet.”

“But still. By the way, I am X, the very well-known journalist”

“I am Anna, a famous fashion designer.”

“Hmm”. He smiled. It was such a pretty smile. Anyone would fall for it.”

I saw Zane acting oddly. “Are you alright? What is the matter?”

“No, I am fine. It is probably because of my accident”.

“Accident?” Josh asked.

“Yes. My parents said that I had an accident before I died, Josh. They said I had some memory loss. So whenever I sense something similar to my past or if I hear I get headaches”.

“Oh. Does that mean your past is somewhat like my story? That can’t be. I never met you when I was alive. If I had met you, then I hope you weren’t a part of my tragic story”.

Of course! There is no way that we have met before. Though I have lost my past memories, my parents have my past’s photos. And you were not in those pics. ”

“Thank god!”

“No need for it. If you thank him it doesn’t mean that you will go to heaven. It is waste thanking him”


“Fine. Continue your story”

“I am getting bored. Why don’t you say about your story Zane?”

“Mine? Sure why not?”

“God, give me a headphone,” Josh said in a tiresome way.

“Hey!!” I and Zane both screamed. People around us started staring us.

“Fine. Sorry. Please begin your story, Zane. I know both of you stories through”

“Josh, I didn’t know that you had this side too”

“You don’t know anything about him. Let me tell his and my reality”

“I am so sorry master. Zane stop it, please. Star you dump story”

“Fine, fine, Mr. Bodyguard.”


“Stop it you two. You call yourself friends. Well, I don’t have the right to intervene in your conversation but everyone has their own reality and I am okay with it. So you need not worry. Zane please!”

“Sorry”, both said.

“Okay let me begin my story.

I couldn’t open my eyes. I felt as if something wrapped up my face. I could hear some voice. A man and a woman’s voice saying ‘we are sorry’, ‘we will take the responsibility’ and some shit. I didn’t know what they said. Then finally the day I could open my eyes came. I opened my eyes. I saw a man and a woman. I asked them “who are you? Who am I? Where am I? Why can’t I remember anything? Ash!!” I was behaving as if it was a drama.

“Son, can’t you remember us?”


“Yes, you are over son Zane”, father said.

“Lee Zane Miller. My child, you are back! Dear, our home is back.”

“What are you saying? Why can’t I remember anything? Ash!” Then a doctor entered. He said, “Calm down child. You have lost your memory during the accident. These are your parents. You have to stay in the hospital for a month. Okay? It might exceed if you don’t recover fast. We hope you remember your past very soon?”

“What is wrong with me doctor?”

“You have many...”

“Doctor Can we talk to you for a second?” my mom interrupted.

“Sure Mrs. Miller”. Then they exited. I didn’t know what they talked about.”

Then after some time, the returned back. “Doctor you were saying..?”

“Ya, ya. The child you have gone under memory loss. So you can’t remember your past”.

“Thank you doc”.

“Son we will come back in evening. Okay?” my mom said


They went. My dad followed my mother, and the doctor my dad. I was feeling lonely. That was when I met Josh. He entered the door with his grandmother. His hand was on his tummy. He was crying and his grandmother was nagging and saying him to stop crying. He slept on the bed which was next to mine. I was very curious to know about him. After some time his grandmother went out. I asked,

“Are you okay? Why are you crying?”

“What is your deal man? Mind your own business”

“To be honest, I can’t mind my business as I don’t have one. I have gone under memory loss”.

“Memory loss?!! My goodness. So you can’t remember your past ever?”

“Unfortunately yes”.

“Oh... I am having an appendix problem. My operation is tomorrow. And I am too much scared”.


“By the way, what is your name? I am Nixon Josh Connor”.

“Oh. Well, I am Miller.... lee... something. I can’t remember properly”

“Miller! Wow! You said Lee right?”

“Yes,” he stood and asked for a handshake.

“It is nice meeting you the legendary, Lee Zane Miller”.

“Right! How do you know my name?”

“The entire United States know you”

“What? The US? Am I that famous?”

“Of course. You are a famous person. You are the CEO of the leading game producing company ‘Graded High’”

“What kind of name is that?”

“Seriously? It’s your own company man”

“Oh”. At that time a beautiful lady entered a white dress. Both of our hearts raised. I was about to talk but Josh spoke first.

“My dear lady. You the pretty one. What is your name senorita”? I tried my best to control my laughter.


“You dear”

“Ajeossi museun tteus-iya?"

(What do you mean mister?)

“She is Korean Josh”


“Oh... do you know English?”

“Yes, but it is not that good. Hey, aren’t you Zane Miller? I am a fan of the game yours”

“Gomabseubnida. By the way annyeonghaseyo”

“You know Korean?”

“Not properly. Wait, how the hell do I know Korean?”

“Oh it is probably because you have some connection in your past related to Korea”

“What? Ahhh... my head... haha”. Suddenly I got a lot of head pain and a lot of beeping sound came along. The women injected me something. And I went to sleep. I woke up after some time. I saw the women in front of me. She smiled at me. I smiled back.

“I am nurse Park Shin-Soo, are okay Mr. Zane”

“Nurse? Ah. I am ... you know. Where is Mr. Nixon?”

“He has gone for his operation”

“What? Did I sleep for a day?”

“Yes Mr. Zane”

“You can be informal with me. Just call me Zane”

“Okay Zane”

Her smile was as an angel smiled. So beautiful. She sat next to me.

″thank you, Mrs. Shin, for the medication″

″It was my duty, Zane. Can you be informal with me as well? Call me Shin″

″ okay Shin″

″ I know me English sucks″

″ it’s okay″

’Gamsahabnida. Oh! Sorry. Thank you″

″ I wanted a friend. Can you be mine″

″ahm? Ok″

She smiled. So pretty. A man came towards the door and said ″nurse Shin, can you come here?″

″Sure″, she said and smiled and went.

I was so sad. Then I saw Josh on a stretcher coming into my ward. His grandmother saw me and said that he is unconscious. I was feeling lonely as Josh was asleep. Then I fell asleep. Then I woke after a couple of minutes. I saw my mom leaning on me. I was happy that there was someone next to me. I tried not to wake her but the doctor entered.

″ ma’am you can take him home″

″thank you doc, son can you walk?″

″yes mum″

″okay. Let’s leave then″

″mom can you wait for some time. I have some work to do″


A nurse came and took my needle. I went to meet Shin. I saw her talking to a doctor. I went near her. ″Shin! I am getting discharged.″

″Really, that’s great!″

″are you happy that I am leaving″

″Hey! It’s not like that.″

″ then can I get your number?″

″ahm... ok. xxxxx565595″

″thank you. Bye!″


I walked to the exit. My mom was standing in front of a car. I got into the car. I saw a huge villa. And I owned it. Ha! I saw the media in front of me. They were happy to see me alive. I went inside the house. My grandmother took me to my room. She was the coolest person in the entire house. My mom brought me my secretary who had worked with me for a long time. He said that I had to hide my disease. He said me everything about the job within a day. The next day I had to attend my job.

Tomorrow came. I went to my job. I saw a tall building named Graded High. People in my office were happy to see. Women were the happiest ones. They to me and asked if I were okay. One asked my number. Number reminded me of Shin. I asked my secretary to give me my phone. I called her.

She answered, ″ Yeoboseyo?″(Hello?)

the (yes). It’s me, Zane.″

″oh! Zane. Hi. How are you?″

″I am cool. How are you? If you have any problem call me. Okay?″

″okay. I am busy, friend. Can I call you to call you later?″

″okay. Bye″


A pretty lady entered my cabin. She came super close. And said ″who is it, honey?″


My secretary spoke, ″ Mrs. Sera!″

″oh Sera? Hi!″

″hi honey.″

″can you not call me honey?″



″okay″ I was rude to her a bit. But I didn’t want to cheat Shin. Her face looked sad.″

″Hey, can you speak something interesting?″, I spoke.

″what do you mean?″

″I am getting bored. Can’t you say on how you met Josh and focused your story on Shin?″

″oh! Okay. I will try″. He began his story again.

″okay. One day I took off the car without a driver and I dashed a van. I saw Josh inside the van. I saw him he was as arrogant as for now. Then I treated him with my money. Then we became good friends. He said to me that he works for you. But I must say he used to respect you even when you weren’t with us. And about Shin. That evil girl! She asked me to help and I helped her. She asked me for money and I gave her. And one day she called me at a café. I got dressed, it was almost a year that our relationship had lasted. I thought of proposing her to our marriage. I went there and I saw her kissing another man. I got angry and asked her shouting loudly, ″hey you! Who are you? Shin, what is this?″

″oh you came. This is my fiance Glen. Isn’t he handsome? I called you to end our relationship. Sorry baby. I can’t go against my parents. Sorry!″

″what. Fiance?″

″Sorry, we need to leave now. Bye!″

″bye?″ she walked away. I was so sad. When I got information about Glen, I came to know that they are in a relationship for a year. All my money was spent on him. Then I finally took my life seriously. I uploaded five-game within a year. I started dating ten girls in a month. That was the reason why I turned arrogant and into a playboy. After four years of my serious life on 6th January I was out and I was returning home in a plane and that plane crashed and I died″

″ plane crash? Even I died the same way. And it was also on 6th January. What was the name of the plane?″

″ JASA 302 flight 3.″

″same! We both died on the same day and place″

Josh spoke, ″ I died the next day in a car accident. That was also the day when your mom committed suicide Zane″.

″my mom committed suicide? Ah, mom (cried)!!″. I tried I convince him but in vain. Then I thought of continuing my story.

″hey boys! Let’s change the mood. How about hearing my story?″

″that is better. Please begin″, Zane said rubbing his eyes.

″After the meeting in the café, I thought we won’t be meeting again. But coincidence kept happening. We met many times on the roads. After a year when my heroism story ended and I meeting him slowly decreased, I thought I could live normally. That year was a success as my new clothes had a great demand after the international fashion show. I had to take many interviews. That was when I met X again. We had a good chat where he took my interview. Later we went to that café. We started behaving like friends. He said to me about his tough life where he had work hard as his parents died when he was young. I pitted him and tapped his hand. Probably that was a mistake. But still, you know? He gave a smile. His smile was the most beautiful thing about him. Our sweet friendship slowly turned into love. We were together for five years. Our relationship was hidden as it would cause a commotion. I shared all my secrets with him. He was the only person I could trust. I always wanted to go to South Korea once. I and X went there. We enjoyed a lot. He had bought a Korean language book. He was the type of 21st-century linguist. Then we returned back after a few days. We meeting each other secretly was really enjoyable. One day, I had gone for an award show, where I got the best designer award. It was a proud moment. Then all of sudden my mobile started popping sounds. I saw many notifications. I opened one by one and saw that, that X was not lesser than a devil when he could be compared. He revealed my secrets. He took advantage of my secrets and published rubbish. He published

- Anna got into the industry through malpractice

- Anna got the best designer award for waste. Her plans were for some village students.

- Anna has no right to stay in the industry.

And so on. The people around me started staring at me. I ran out. The media was waiting for me. He lied about me so badly that had destroyed my career. If he had revealed my secrets would have not caused such a commotion. I called him. I thought he wouldn’t pick but he did pick. He said me to meet at Astra village. That was the village that I belonged to. The village was very far. It was a one day journey. I remembered my past on the way. It was a disaster. I had a very good friend at the age of six. His name was K. I can’t say his name you know. His parents and my parents were close. He was a little rich as they owned a car. One day I and he was playing some ball game. We were of eleven years at that time. He threw the ball and I couldn’t catch it. The ball fell on the road. The other side of the road was a river. I ran to get the ball, but when I saw a car just one and a half kilometer away I got scared and I froze. The driver spins his car to the right of the road and the car went into the river. That car was driven by K’s parents. And so they died. He blamed me for their death. I too felt it was my mistake. My dad opposed this. Instead of helping K, he took over their money and we left the village living K alone. This was the main reason for me to hate my father. I reached the village finally. Is saw X waiting for me? I ran towards him and was about to slap him when he stopped me.

″do you think we are still kids?″

″what do you mean?″

″you are a murderer! You killed my parents!!!″


″I took my revenge. Exact five years. You stayed as my friend for five years and I stayed as your lover for five years. But the difference is that you killed my parents and I killed your career″

″K? Is that you? I am sorry K .but it was an accident. Please understand.″

″understand? Ha. You are crazy? By now.″ He ran away. I was broken completely. I saw my dad’s car. He came running to me and hugged me and he took me home. That was the first time my dad did not scold me. He consoled me. He said me to be strong and said me not to blame myself. I locked myself in my room for a day. At that time I got the idea of using media against him. I called up a live press conference. I answered honestly to all their questions. I wanted to take revenge against him. I said the media about over secret love story. I said them about my past accident. I also told them how to be K pretended to be X. finally the dirt on my face got erased. I became serious from thereafter. I did my design honestly. I wanted to show how powerful I was. Because of my press conference, K had to suffer a lot. And One day, he had met with an accident. I didn’t know the details. I was too sad within the self. I was sad that he still thought that I killed his parents. Then daily I used to pray to God to give him peace. After that, I got control of myself. I did many shows. I got my old fame back but in a brighter way. Then after five years, when I was returning on the plane after attending a show, my plane crashed and I died. This is how my life ended.″ I saw Zane holding his hand on his head. He was struggling a lot. I asked what was his problem. He said that he is feeling that he was knowing my story. He was struggling a lot. Josh tried to console him. That was when we heard a voice calling, ″ son!″.

″Ma’am you are here″, Josh said.

″mom? Mom!″, Zane screamed.

We met her at the end gate. I am not able to understand, she died after us but she was ahead of us.

″son! I have to tell you something about urgently. After the gate opens I can’t come to you. So please hear to me without any interruption.″


″ you are not our child. We had caused you an accident. We found you at Aster village. Your face was completely damaged due to the accident. You went through a plastic surgery .you were given my son’s face. The reason for your headache is because you have amnesia. You can remember your past by seeing or hearing things related to your past. I was selfish. Sorry! I tried my best to keep you from your past. Sorry! And though we are dead please don’t blame yourself anything. I loved you truly thought you weren’t my blood. By son.″. The door opened and she went out. I saw Zane’s face. It looked completely lost. Josh suddenly spoke, ″ it means that your feeling was right. You do belong to my master’s story. But who are you?″

″me? In her story? Might be. Anna, what is your real name?″

″ well, you’re close enough to know my name now. I am Amelia Isla Evans.″

″ Amelia!! AHH!! I know! Ahh, my head! Amelia! Amelia! What are these flashes in my mind?! Ahh!″

″Zane are alright″. I kept my hand on his shoulders.

″ You have done this before too. Right?″

″ yes. But it was for K″

″K! Right! What is his name? Name! Ahhh!!″ he was having terrible pain.

″ ok, ok. His name is Kile Zack Minn″

″ahhh!!!″ he paused. He was behaving as if he was possessed. Then he spoke,′ ″ Kile, that is me. Amelia, how are you?″

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