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A Huge Turn in the Story

I am damn scared. Zane is Kile. All the time I had been with him was Kile. My god!! Is it real? Now I am in shock. At that time my face probably looked like a ghost. Kile shook me. I came back to my senses.

″ ahh?? Kile. Kile? Kile! It’s you. I can’t believe this. You are with me now. Kile your parents...″

″ it is okay to now. I understand. It wasn’t your mistake. And I got to know my mistake before the accident. We can be like before now″

″Kile!!″ I ran and hugged him. It was our reunion after five years. I was satisfied with my like finally but after my death. Josh was happy for us. We chatted for a long time. We reached the end gate finally. The man outside called both of us, that is, me and Kyle together. We moved forward. The man did not look scary at all. He looked handsome.

He spoke, ″ I am THE MAN and I will decide for you to go where. And you both are fools. God gave you so many chances but both of you wanted to seek revenge. You don’t understand patterns, right? You always met after five years. You both were destined. You even met after death.″

″ what destined? Were we? Oh? oh.″, I said.

″ THE MAN right? Sir, I never asked god anything but my parents. It wasn’t fulfilled as it was not possible but I am asking for something that can be fulfilled. Please let I and Amelia be together.″

″ oh? Interesting... Hamm... okay, I grant it. And I don’t even have any other choice. You both are destined and no one can change destiny. But what would you choose hell or heaven?″

I was hearing their conversation in interest.

″ I don’t care where you send us. But please let us be together.″

″ Together? I gave it already. You said you don’t care right? I will send you to hell.″

″what?″, I screamed. ″ it’s okay. Until I am with him I am okay with him.″

″okay?″, THE MAN asked.

″yes, it is okay″. Suddenly Kyle interrupted.

″ I am not okay. It is okay for me to apart from her. Please let her go to heaven I will stay in hell.″

″no Kile! Not anymore. I won’t let you suffer again. I will go.″ And that is how we started fighting again. THE MAN got irritated and screamed loudly, ″ I don’t decide the destined″.

We were shocked. ″what?″ I asked.

″I don’t decide people like you. God does. Go through that special gate. If you see light, you are in heaven and if you see dark, it means that you have entered hell. Let’s see what the great almighty decides″. He pushed me and him through the door. I walked for a while it was dark. I thought I entered hell. But later I got a sudden push from the back. I moved forward and saw a light. I had entered heaven. But I couldn’t find Kile. It made me feel miserable. I was thinking on and on about him. Then I saw a crowd. I, unfortunately, got lost. I slipped mistakenly and someone held my back and saved me. I said thank you to him. And when I saw him it was Kile. I was so happy to see him and I busted. He looked happy too. We hugged. Suddenly a bright light came. It was the god himself.

He said, ″ you both were unhappy even after coming to heaven. You two passed the test. I grant you the permission to stay together″

″ thank you, god!″, we both said.

″dododon't thank me, kids. Live together and last forever. But you love might get cracked after five years. So you need to be strong and trust each other for it to heal. Got it?″


″sure″. He then vanished. We were happy that we can finally love each other without any wrong desire. We came to know the power of love. If you are meant to be together, you stay forever... When you love, it doesn’t matter whether you are alive or you are in your ANOTHER LIFE.

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