Friends: Me and You

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Christi is a doctor in Ken's hospital. Christi and August are best friends since childhood. Their friendship is childish and mature some time. Christi loves Ken and August loves Kyla. But Ken and Kyla are having a hard time because of their lover's friendship. What destiny do these friends have? Will they remain friends and turn into lovers? Enjoy the Story

Romance / Humor
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“Hey, what the heck are you doing? Are you crazy to think that? Man... Come on! You can’t betray me by taking Amelia to park. Don’t forget that she isn’t your daughter only she’s our daughter. You know, mine and yours. ”

“Hey Come on Christi”

“Okay. But you know right, what day is today? ”

“How can I forget that? Today is BFF’s birthday. You would kill me if I wouldn’t remember. “

“Actually I don’t think I have to kill you. You know. .. You’re just afraid that I might cheat on you. “

“Come on Christ! I know what your relationship with him is. Or else I wouldn’t have married you. You know there is no family without trust”

“OK honey cool”

“I just said that out of anger”

“I know. You were having a hard time that day. I am just fooling around---“

“Mom is just joking with you, daddy!”

“Bingo! That’s my smart Amelia” gives a high five

“Oh! Stop with mom and daughter drama. We have loads of work to do. ”

“Fine Ken let’s get into work”

“Mom, can you tell me your friend’s story?”

“Well, I am busy right now. But, fine I shall tell you. But it’s a long story. ”

“Nothing is long for my mum. Please begin”

“Alright, we were in Los Angeles.”

Cristyophia Pin, or simply Christi was a poor girl. She lived in an old house. She had to work for her living since her sick mother was the only family she had. She used to go to a private school though. Her late father was the childhood friend of the great entrepreneur. He was Hovin Sky. He is the owner of Sky Enterprises. So they used the pay her school fee. Mr. Sky’s son, August Sky was a very good friend of Christi. The whole family was so close that each one’s child used to live in each other’s home. August’s mom, Syra Loona, wanted her son to know the adversities of life. She didn’t want her son to be known as “rich man’s spoilt child “. Those two friends were close enough to bath together while they were still too young! You know what I mean. Though Christi was poor she was able to get whatever she wanted. All thanks to Mr. Hovin Sky. She joined karate classes, martial arts, and so on. She loved her cool life until the day she got attracted to a man. Ken, August’s buddy. He was tall and had blond hair, an attractive outfit, a handsome face, and a gentleman’s heart.

She wanted to know him. She went to August and asked about Ken. She met him in a cafe. “Hello, I am Cristyophia. You can call me Christi”.

“Okay, I am Ken Laurent. I Am August’s friend “.

“Same here. We are friends since we were kids. ”

“Oh, I see. What do you do for your living Miss Christi?”

“I am a neurologist”

“Wow that’s awesome”

“What about you?”

“I run my dad’s business. I am the CEO of Sinister Hospital”

“Oh?! Ah ah... Hello... Aummmm... Good morning Sir. ”

“Sir? What’s with your words? ”

“Sir I work at your hospital.”

“So you are that Christi that all the surgeons about?”

“Yes, sir. It’s an honor to meet you. ”

“Stop calling me sir. Do want to spoil our date? ”

“Sorry, sir. Sorry again. ”

“Calm down girl. I am not the CEO outside the hospital. ”


“I heard you are very energetic. Is it true that you made Doctor John fall on in knees for misbehaving with you? ”


“You are really cool. Have you ever dated anyone before? Of course, you have. How would no one date such a pretty girl? ”

“Hmmm... No. Guys don’t usually like my behavior. You know I am a bit odd.”

“Well, I like odd.”


August entered the cafe.

“Hey August, we’re here.”

“hi people”, August said.

Christi held his shoulders and pulled him and made him sit.

“Hey don’t you have meetings with J.G.P.? “, August said.

“Oh ya. (He got up) I will be looking forward to seeing you, Miss Christi”

“A-ha? OK”

“So? How is Ken? ”

“He is my boss!”

“Oh... Wait. What?!! ”

“Ya. Even I got shocked”

“Well... It might be helpful. Your boss as your boyfriend. “He laughed. Christi got pissed and hit his back. August held her hand and said, “My love be mine forever “. This almost made Christi’s heart flutter. Then he laughed. This pisses Christi again.

“Hey did not attend your blind date? (August nodes) how did it go?”

“Who would not like a handsome person like me?”

“Hahaha (doing sarcastically) handsome? Well, you are... But not everyone would go into your beauty but your wealth. Hahaha”

They are now moving out of the cafe. In pathway.

“She was so excited to See Me.”


“Yep. She was like (beings with a girl’s voice) ‘I had a great time with you’. Isn’t it cute?”

Christi keeps her hand on his neck and, “oh my love will you marry me?”

This made August heart flutter. People on the streets were seeing them and were gossiping. “Ha haha. Just kidding”. And both began to run.


Christi got up early and went to the hospital. Basically, Christi was busy running and didn’t recognize that there were many cars in front of the door. She ran and clashed a huge man.

“Oh sorry (hurriedly)... Oh my sorry, sorry, sir. (She bends) I am really sorry”. The person started staring at her.

Suddenly, “oh good morning Mr. Johnes, I am extremely sorry behalf of my college’s behavior. Well, she is the one that I had been talking about. Meet Cristyophia, the best Neurologist who has also studied psychology. She had majored in psychology but she was moreover interested in being a neurosurgeon so she turned into the best neurologist in our hospital”.

“(She bends) it’s nice meeting you Mr. Johanes. And sorry”

“It’s a fine child. Let’s continue our conversation inside. shall we? ”

It was a nerve-wracking movement for Christi. They all move into Ken’s cabin. They all sit on the sofa. Mr. Jones and Ken sit in single seats which are facing each other. For Christi, it was the first time that she came to the CEO’s room.

“So Ken what is it that you were so pleased to call me”, Said Jones.

“Sir, that is, we actually wanted to upon another branch at your area.”

“Another branch?”

“Yes, sir. The reason, why I called you for my own use, is to show you that we have very talented doctors at our hospital”


“Well, this is Christi. She is the best neurologist at our hospital. She also works in the psychology department. She has treated Mr. Helen and many more celebrities. She is popular among them because she is more desirable. She is truthful. And this is Sama form Hawaii. He works at our hospital as a cardiologist. He is a very well-known doctor even in Havana. Miss. Christi is also a surgeon who has mastered in cardiology. And this is Lara. She is the best plastic surgeon in our hospital. She came to our hospital last year since she was a famous plastic surgeon in South Korea. And... ”

“Well, you have many talented doctors. It pleases me. Fine I shall do investment to open your new branch. “, said Jones and stands. Everyone stands after him.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Jones. “, said Ken.

“It fine child. Anything for the talented ones. ”

The rest of the doctors bend and thanks to him. They walk out. After some time Ken came in.

“Good morning sir. I am... You know. Please let me call you sir in the office “.

“OK, Christi. Well, when will we go to date again? ”

“Ummm. We will think about it later. (Suddenly she gets an emergency call from August) - Ya, what is it? ”

“Come to Jenny park immediately “, said August.

“Okay dude I will be there. (Cuts the phone) oh, I need to find the manager. Oh? CEO! I have an emergency and I have to leave. ”

“Fine. (Sadly since August interrupted their conversation) where are you going? I am going out. Let me drop you”.

“Oh, that... I am going to Jenny Park. ”

“Fine, I shall drop you”

“Thanks a lot”

They go out. They got inside the car and were going to the park.

“Christi you got to call me Ken now”

“Sure, Ken!”

They reach the park. She notices August’s ex-barging in front of August and his girlfriend. Christi runs towards them. Ken didn’t leave and saw them.

“Hey, August! How are you doing man?!! A-ha Nora, you are here? How is Marlo? Your boyfriend hmm??!! “, said Christi.

“Ya, your boyfriend. Meet Kyla, my girlfriend. “, said August.

“Oh! Nice to meet you. I am his ex. “, said Nora.

“What?!” Kyla said shockingly.

“Yap. How does it feel after cheating August and living with another guy while he cared you so much?! “, Christi.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if he cared for me. He was just a passerby. Boring guy. My goodness. Such an emotional geek and workaholic man. ”

“Cut the crap Dumbo”, Christi and Kyla said together. Kyla took August’s coffee and threw it on her. “He is my boyfriend you sadist!” By this time August looked completely depressed.

“Fine bitch! I am leaving!!”

Christi kept her hand on August’s cheeks. They were looking like a couple. “August, are all right?” he didn’t reply.

“Actually Christi, he is my boyfriend”, says slowly.

“Keep him as your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter to me. But before you, he is my best friend. His life is a part of my responsibility too. Don’t mind me but I really care him a lot”

“It’s fine then.”

“I am fine Christi. (He cries all of sudden and hugs her tight) ”

“Hey! She is my girlfriend! “Ken interrupted all of a sudden.

“You can keep her but not now. Please give us some time “, August said. Christi takes him near a seat at the park. Christi consoles him. He slowly starts feeling better. He thanks her and goes near his girlfriend. Christi runs towards Ken and begs him not to misunderstand their friendship. Though Ken was unhappy he accepted it because he had a soft corner towards Christi. Christi and Ken started dating secretly. They didn’t want the other staff to know their relationship. On the other side, August was having a great time with his new girlfriend Kyla.

One day, August was staying at Christi’s house when she got a call from Mr. Jones. She was surprised to see the call. He had asked her for dinner that day. But she already had some plans with August which she had to cancel. August got a call from Kyla for dinner. They were now OK with their changed plans. Originally Christi lives alone in an apartment so that she can live independently and the house was near the hospital.

This is at night. August offers Christi for a ride but Mr. Jones had sent her a car. August felt this off. He went to have dinner with Kyla. She had set up a candlelight dinner. It was too romantic. It melted August’s heart. They were having food. Kyla was talking about her school stories whereas August was lost on thoughts of Christi.

“Kyla you are really pretty, beautiful, and sexy. I am sure you had many boyfriends back in the past. It doesn’t matter to me but I am sure you have done a background check on all those men. “, August said all of a sudden.

Kyla was surprised by this and said, “Yes. It important for my safety”

“Then you must know all the intention of men?”

“Of course. But why are asking me this? Do you want to take the next step?!”

“No! No! If a man whom you met once. When you met after dashing him. That man, who is okay with all this and calls you for dinner and even sends you a car. Is this safe? ”

“Of course not. He is obviously trying to take over me. You know what I mean. Right?”

“Oh, shit! Thanks for the meal though. See you later ” said August and runs out. He drove towards Christi’s dinner restaurant. He saw that Christi was all drunk and Jones was touching in an inappropriate way. He rushes in and pushes Jones back. He yells at him badly and took Christi home. He made her sleep on her bed. She continuously said that she was feeling hot. So he decided to change her clothes he just took her shirt off when he got a video call from Kyla. He forgot about Christi being stripped and picks the call.

“Hey baby, what are you doing? Did you reach home safely? ”

“Yes, but why did you leave in a hurry? Fuck!! What the hell are you doing with Christi?”

“Oh, shit! I can explain that. Remember I asked you some questions during dinner it was in reference to Christi. So I went to see her and brought her home. And she was feeling hot so I had no other option but to make her change her clothes. Don’t get the wrong idea. We are used to it. We don’t see each other as men and women. ”

“Really! Hard to believe “. Though she was mad at August she forgives him in the same call since she had some feelings for him. August makes Christi’s clothes light and leaves. On the way out he slips and gets his ankle sprained. So he stays at her house.

The morning when Christi woke up she sees the hangover soup ready on the table. As she drinks the soup she remembers everything after she was drunk. She calls Kyla and asks her not to misunderstand them. She leaves for the hospital. She was gloomy the whole day because of the incident with Jones. Ken approaches her and asks if something happened last night. She doesn’t say anything thinking that Ken’s action might affect the hospital. At night August comes and meets her. He consoles her and leaves. After a few days Mr. Jones visit to the hospital. In front of Ken, he asks for her forgiveness. Ken asked, “what is it about?”

“She might have not told you. I misbehaved with Christi while she was drunk. Her boyfriend came and yelled at me and took her home. ”


“Let me explain Ken. It was August. And I did not say you thinking that you might take some harsh action. ”

It was the lovers of our protagonists who compromised all the time. Ken forgives Christi after a day.

Once when Kyla went to meet August at his office they got stuck in an elevator. It was winter but still, she wore thin clothes which were sleeveless. She was feeling cold so August let her have his coat. It was cold everywhere but both felt warm inside. Unfortunately, Christi had to visit August at his office and came to know that the elevator got stuck. She called the elevator maintainer and made it work again. When the door open, August and Kyla were on the floor leaning against each other. Christi woke them. Well, this time who was a party spoiler? Christi. However, Kyla didn’t react. The two couples were getting to know each other well. But Ken and Kyla were unhappy with their friendship. But they didn’t want to look like hypocrites. They wanted to look mature minded once, so they let them keep their friendship.

One day Ken and Kyla were on their way to propose their lovers for their official dating news. Ken came to know that Christi was at August’s house so he went to his house. When Ken and Kyla opened August’s bedroom door they were completely stunned at the situation. August and Christi were in their bathing robe and covered in towels respectively. August was running behind Christi and was jumping on the bed. The viewers lost their temper and said that they couldn’t do this anymore and wanted to break up. Kyla also said the words that Nora said at the park. Christi also heard the same from Ken. Both lovers were disappointed with their lovers. The two couples had a lot of intimacy problems. And it finally came to an end.

The two friends are now facing depression. The psychiatrist now had to consult one. Both were in a serious relationship which broke after a long time. They were sad... Christi pretended to like a stranger in front of Ken while they accidentally met in the hospital. Even August pretended to like a stranger when he met Kyla. But whenever they met accidentally their sadness would increase. Kyla and Ken were found meeting each other. This disappointed them a lot. But they didn’t know that they met to discuss the besties. August and Christi decided something important. They would put some limits on their friendship. This is all odd. You might think that best friends would pretend like strangers. No! It didn’t happen. Not at all. They were like before but wouldn’t leave everything just for something small. Their silly and childish friendship became mature.

One day when August was passing across Times Square, he saw Kyla with some other guy. He felt sad. Kyla saw that August had seen them at the square so she tried to go near him but the other guy pulled her away. He was depressed. He called Christi.

“Hey, actually! Forget it. Bye. ”

“Hello, patient. This is your personal psychiatrist, Cristyophia speaking.”


“It’s best for us to be like this. I am your friend and I am a doctor. So let us have mixed personalities. What say? ”

“OK. Where can I meet you? Hospital? I have something to talk before I faint somewhere.”

“Yay, I’m at the hospital. Come before 12. I have an operation to do later. ”

“OK by”. Seems everything is Okay. Is it? Ya, but only till hospital because they had to face Ken there.

August reaches the hospital. He sees Christi at the bench in the hospital garden. He waves at her and sits next to her.

“So how is everything going on in the hospital?”

“OK. Not bad. I and Ken behave only like CEO and doctor. Nothing much. What about you it’s been a long time that you had to See Me? ”

“Ya... You... You are the one who sets the rules. And doctor? Hmm... Before I didn’t have to officially meet you. You know what I mean. ”

“OK. Then? What is the problem? ”

“It’s about Kyla. I still can’t forget her. I saw her today with some other guy. It still hurts. (Begins to cry) ”

“(Keep her hands on his shoulders) hey there. Who am I seeing a crybaby? You need to be strong. You are the future president of Sky Enterprises. Stay strong. OK? What else? ”

Ken arrives. “So what’s up? Seems like....”

“Not a word Mr. CEO. Not a word. I am doing my job as a psychiatrist here. No need to misunderstand. ”

“OK. Cool “, he goes away.

“Come let’s go to my cabin before someone else misunderstands”, said Christi. They went to the cabin when they notice a group of nurses chatting about the CEO. She eardrops them.

“Hey, did you hear n? The CEO is getting married soon. ”

“Really? OMG”

“I wanted him!”

Hearing this Christi was completely stunned. Suddenly she begins to cry. August was next to her. He held and took her to her cabin. She was crying continuously. August was trying his best to console her.

“Hey Christi. Don’t cry. Maybe he doesn’t deserve you. Stop crying, please. You are my doctor, not me. ”

On the other side, Ken sees everything but he doesn’t know the reason for her tears. Since Christi was famous she had many heaters in the hospital and some doctor took their photo and posted in SNS. Here came another cyclone. A huge misunderstanding. Ken and Kyla lost hope and August and Christi were enraged. That stupid doctor tagged them as “Famous too much and they are love birdies Lol “. With August’s money, he sued that doctor. She was doomed for good. He posted that “we are childhood friends & pls let us be” in SNS.

After a few days, while August was driving home he saw Kyla dragged by her BF. He felt sad but something was wrong. It seemed that Kyla has been forced.

So what happened? The guy whom Kyla was hanging with was a bad person. He was the unknown boogieman. He took her to a mansion. There were few men all ready to rape her. They had kept a camera on to record the show. Kyla was dragged to bring her on the screen. They began their work after drugging her. As August felt suspected them he followed them till the mansion. Seeing the mansion he called the cops. When he ended. Kyla’s dress was almost tattered. And was almost getting exposed. August, like a handsome hero, went ahead and kicked their butts. Some guy hit his head. He must’ve lost consciousness but he didn’t since he had to save his love. Soon the cops came and arrested them. He put his coat on Kyla’s back and took her to the hospital. The hospital was already a mess because of the road accident. Christi was running everywhere but stopped as soon as she saw August and Kyla. They were completely in a mess. August all of a sudden fainted as Christi went towards him. She immediately called the ward boy to lift him and make him lye on the bed. After some scanning, he was seen that he had injured his brain. Although Ken is the CEO, he is also a Nero surgeon. He had to operate him. Christi had second thoughts but Ken reminded her that she is also the tough Nero surgeon of the country. She operated August with Ken. It was a success. August was sent back to his ward. Kyla had got many injuries. She was treated and was provided the dress of Christi. Kyla had to take some psychological treatments since she went through violence that had scared her a lot. Christi was her doctor. At night she would sleep next to August’s bed. Ken became emotional when he saw this. He thought that they were in deep love. Once when Ken was taking rounds he saw August getting conscious. He was happy. August slowly got up, he saw Ken and Christi sleeping on the couch.

“So it was. A success? “, said August.

“Of course! Since I was helped by the sleeping beauty. !” said Ken.

“Ha A-ha... ”

“So are you feeling better now?”

“Ya... But don’t your hospital have a place for doctors to sleep? ”

“The lady over there is not the doctor but your family.”

“Ohh..... Wait! Family? ”

“Of course. She is your girlfriend”


“You shouldn’t make her cry if you are angry at her. Look. She slept here daily to look after you. She didn’t inform your family, by the way”

“Good. The first thing, she is not my GF! Secondly, she can never be that since we are friends. Third thing, she cried because of you! ”

“Because of me?”

“Yep. You are getting married right? So she was disappointed. Though she acts tough in front of you, she still loves you”

“I am not getting married! - - -”

Suddenly Christi gets up and says, “you are not getting married?!!!”

“Oh my god! What the. Wait, did you ear drop on us”, said ken

“Forget that! Are you not getting married? ”

“Of course not. Who said so? ”

“Ahhhha! That bith... Stop Christi (says to herself) few nurses were gossiping about it”

“Ahhhha”, August and Ken together.

“So Ken, August, and Kyla seems to be together now. Then what about us? Do you still like me? ”

“No! Not at all. I just LOVE you! “, Ken.

“What?!” said August, “my goodness! Finally. But---”

“Ken are you sure? You must date me only if you are intended to marry me”

“I am sure dear. I shall marry you. ”

“Really? A girl, who’s mom is not well and has no other family other than her male friend. A girl who lives with a boy sometimes? Are you sure about our relationship?”

“I don’t care where you come from or how you live all I care is that you love me and so do I. So I am ready to marry you”.

Everyone was happy with this. Finally, both the parties announced that they were officially dating and were willing to marry each other. August and Christi kept their friendship along with their love. Both couples married on the same day. Both of them met often. After all, it’s their friendship that made all these wonders. But when Christi and Kyla had kids they stopped meeting each other because of their busy schedules. But Christi and August often talked through phones. August’s mom started acting weird all of a sudden and stopped the besties from meeting each other. The last they saw each other was when their kids were one year old. Now after 10 years, they are finally meeting each other. The reason for Mrs. Sky’s actions was because of the wedding brokers, who tried to use Christi and her son’s friends to break August and Kyla’s wedded life. It was August ’S 36th birthday and they were going to meet on that auspicious day. Their respective kids were seeing the other family for the first time. Christi briefly said her friendship story. On the other side, August said their story to his son on the way.

The decorations were completed. August, Kyla, and their son Kevin arrived. They were so happy to see each other.

August and Christi had a close hug. Kevin to Kyla and Amelia to Ken started shaking their hands showing their dad and mom respectively. They resisted their kids and then said to them that no one except for those two can hug, only then it would be a threat. So just chill. Kevin and Amelia became friends soon. They had a huge family birthday party. Christi had tears in her eye by seeing August happy. August tried to mock at her but later goes and hugs her and consoles her and said “Dear friend, we remained as friends for 36 years and we will be. No power can break us. And one more thing, my dear doctor, I am all healthy but if I have any mental or physical problems I will run out for your help”, he then smiled.

As their friendship continued, a new story was about to start. The friendship or love story? But it was between August and Christi. Of course NOT! Don’t even think of love between them. It is between Kevin and Amelia. Ha-ha ah... The story is to be continued.......

The rest of the story is left to your imaginations. Bye!!

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