Wanting you

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Summer Highland and Skyla Parker have been best friends singe like forever. So when Summer finally gets together with her crush, Zayn Peterson, who knew both Summer's and Skyla's lives were about to take a turn in the wrong direction. And what happens when pure evil catches Skyla's eye.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Exited, nervous or both?" Questioned Sky as she put the final touches to my make-up.
"Both," I said with a shaky voice "but mostly nervous. I can't believe this is actually-" A knock in the door interrupted me from what was going to be a very long ramble.
"That must be him, i'll go get it." Said Sky and rushed to get the door, leaving me alone in the room with fear and worries clouding my mind.
"Summer, get your backside down here." Shouted Sky. And with that I rushed into the living room finding Zayn by the door wearing a blue shirt and black jeans. He looked so damn handsome and cute, I couldn't stop staring.

"Wow, you look beautiful
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