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Chp. 3: The Gang


"Ohh please, you know what you did quite well so stop acting so fucking innocent"

"Listen Tyler, I have no clue what you're talking about so just leave me alone" I said angrily, I mean what his he so angry about ? I was the one getting bullied everyday for a whole year.

I shoved him into the wall in the closet and fled from there.

It was lunch now, and as I look over the day I realize that it went pretty well, well except the whole scene in the janitors closet earlier that day.

Just then I see a girl with long blonde hair come towards me ( her "blonde" hair clearly fake). Ohh gawdd I spoke to early

"well well well, look who's back, I see that you're still a loser sitting alone" she commented

"hello Brittany, I see that you're still queen bitch" I retorted

" listen up bitch, if you're smart then you wont mess with me, if you do then i'll make your life a living hell, also stay away from Tyler, he is MINE " she warned me in a bitchy tone if you know what I mean

"look Brittany, I'm not interested in you or Tyler so calm down, secondly I just want to enjoy my last year in high school so I'll jolly well keep out of your life and you keep out of mine"

" Whatevs" she said stomping away angrily

I started eating my lunch when a brown haired girl comes over and greets me

"Heyy, you're knew right? I'm Savannah but you can call me savvy "

I nodded and introduced myself and we started chatting. I soon found out that she was a senior just like me and also lived two blocks over mine. She had apparently moved here from New Jersey just a month after I had left. Then she started telling me about everyone not knowing that I had lived here. I went with the flow not wanting to be rude by interrupting her.

" So almost like every school ever, Brittany is the cliché mean and bitchy queen bee. Then there's her boyfriend Tyler who is the quarterback of our football team. He's OK I guess. there is Dylan, he is the line-backer of the team and a very sweet guy."

She started telling me about the rest of the school. apparently Tyler and Brittany were a part of the cliché cool group which consisted of the Tyler, Brittany, Dylan, Matt, Caroline, Drew and Alexis and all of them were what you call "sweet" except Brittany who was extremely insecure. Just then Dylan spotted me and waved coming towards our table.

"Heyy riley, would you and your friend out here like to join our group for lunch today? " he politely asked me

I looked at a widely grinning Savvy and hesitantly nodded my head. we walked towards his table and got introduced to everyone as I spotted tyler glaring at me. we all started conversing and to be honest I really like the group. they were very warm and welcoming.

Suddenly a very high pitched voice said "Heyy baby, I missed you" to Tyler and then waved to the others

She went towards Tyler and sat on his lap and that is when she noticed me.

"Guys what are these two pathetic losers doing on our table" asked Brittany

"Hey, they aren't losers, they are really sweet and fun to talk to unlike you Brittany" said alexis in a very defending tone and the rest agreed

So that is how lunch went, with me and Savannah getting to know the rest, Tyler not participating in the conversation and gazing into his phone looking very bored and Brittany giving me angry glares throughout. they invited us to sit with them everyday saying that they had decided that we pretty cool and just had to be a part of their group.


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