The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 9

"There will be no ceremony."

No shît, Sherlock.

After a few minutes of me just standing in the pack hall, with a dumbstruck expression littered across my face, the shock of everything wore off and reality managed to kick in.

Mia. I had to get to Mia. But where was she?
Turning to face the back where she was previously placed by the bulky guards, I realised she was no longer there.

"MIA", I screeched, the faces of some elder wolves near me scrunching up in disgust no doubt at the fact that I had probably burst their ear drums with my not so ladylike screech.

Very faintly, yet all the while still there, I heard a scream that sounded similar to Mia's;
"ARI", coming from the large staircase.

Since the lights had gone out, darkness coated the entire pack hall, apart from the lighters a few people here and there had lit up.

I now had to get to Mia, without stumbling over and dying. Which is something that's been proven is hard to do if you are a klutz like me. I can fall up the stairs. Yep. Fear me people.

Stupidly I even considered screaming like Mia had done earlier so that maybe out of nowhere a guard would come and arrest me and I'd hopefully end up near Mia.

Screeched Ari from the staircase like I had suspected.

Rushing over towards it, I saw Mia standing there with a shît eating grin on her face.
At first I did want to scold her but looking at her smile made me smile and soon we both burst out into a huge bout of laughter.

One thing I loved about me and Mia was how we could joke about anything with each other. Obviously not everything everything but we definitely have the capacity to have a laugh and this was literally our technique or ritual of de-stressing ourselves; by laughing our arses off.

"GRRRR" , the sound of a growl echoed throughout the hall and I clung to Mia, her clinging back onto me.

"D-did you hear that A-Ari?"
Mia stuttered back, all the laughter leaving our bodies and being replaced by absolute terror.

"Y-yeah Mia."
I whispered back, in the same stuttering form.

"Well sheiss then! What are we going to do Ari?"
Screeched Mia directly into my unsuspecting ear, her German heritage would always present itself in the form of swear words and its always beautiful to witness.

Squealing, I clasped my hand over her mouth, this idiot would be the reason we'd die.
Any normal person would be dead silent in a moment like this and here's Mia, practically asking for death with how loud she was screeching.

Us werewolves have supersonic hearing which can be a downside in moments like this because the rogue would definitely hear us. So instead, I chose to mind link Mia instead.

"Okay Mia, here's the plan; we'll slowly start walking up and then make a dash for the infirmary, it's only about a corridor down from the main first floor hallway so it shouldn't take us long.
Once we get there, we'll send a help signal to the rest of the pack, if they haven't dealt with the rogues by then. Someone's bound to see it."

With that I began slowly walking up the grand staircase, Mia holding my hand and trudging behind me. We were walking to the left side of the staircase, so we weren't that visible. There was barely any light though, so I guess we weren't visible either way.

We were a step away from being at the first floor when Mia stepped on some shattered glass and let out a scream I managed to stifle.

"AHH-" shrieked Mia, stifled by my hand as I pulled her up towards me and began dashing through the hallways towards the infirmary.

We could hear pounding behind us, distant at first but getting warmer, I was quick to realise that letting Mia walk would no doubt leave a print of blood on the floor since Mia had lost her heels whilst running, so I had taken the executive and quite tough decision to piggyback her the entire way.

We were now in the infirmary, and had shut the heavy door we had used to enter. A benefit of the infirmary was that it was pretty secure. The door itself had about ten locks and
I'm pretty sure that in one of our emergency briefings last year we were told that the infirmary was specially made to cut off were-scent. Which meant that no one outside the infirmary could smell out who was inside.
So the rogue has probably taken the next turn and won't find us hopefully.

Turning back to the matter at hand, I glanced towards Mia, who had propped herself up on to the General Were Practitioners examination table.
"How's your foot, Mia? Let's bandage it up."
I advertised, rifling through the cabinets in the infirmary, looking for gauze.

"BOOP. It's fine, Ari, look. Healed alreadyyy."
Mia grinned, her foot was completely fine and there was no sign that she had just had a very painful injury. Except of course for the areas of dried and wet blood, but other than that, she showed no signs of the injury she had just recently sustained.

My thoughts had me cut off from the world around me, I was too focused on all the events that had just occurred to notice that Mia had taken something out of a cabinet and was holding it in her hands. It was Mia’s voice that brought me back to reality.

"Ari...don't hate me for this please. Promise you won't hit me and will do the next thing I tell you to?"
Mia hesitantly, but nevertheless still, asked.

"Come on Mia, you know I couldn't ever hate you, and sure I'll do what ever it is you want me to do- as long as it's not something stupid then sure. I don't see why not."
I affirmed, wondering what Mia could be on about.

"Okay, thank you for making this a lot easier than I'd thought it would be."

Mia paused before whipping out four pregnancy tests from behind her back.

"I'm going to need you to take a little - well not a little, try and take the biggest piss you can on these, please. The bathroom is to your left if you were wondering."
Mia calmly instructed, pointing to where the bathroom was.

I scoffed, knowing Mia still hadn't let go of the pregnancy thing. I know Mia and I also know how much of a stubborn she wolf she really is.
Which is why I decided to just go ahead and take the tests. To prove her wrong for once. And to calm her stubborn, suspicious and slow arse down.

"You know what, never mind. Just pass them. I'll take the pregnancy tests. But only because you don't believe me so clearly I'm going to have to prove you wrong ."
I settled, taking the tests out of her hand and walking into the humble infirmary staff bathroom.

Placing the tests on the table after I had you know, completed the process of pissing on the sticks, I beckoned Mia, who ran over with her timer in her hand.

"Mia, why on Earth do you look so excited?"

"Because I might be an aunt? Duh!"

"Ha, I love you and all Mia, but I am not pregnant. So get out of that fantasy world you're planning in your head, where I'm pregnant and you'll become an aunt because it's not gonna happen."
Very confidently I assured her.


"Jeez Mia! Turn that damn doomsday alarm off! My poor ears!"
I held my ears in pain and turned to look at Mia's shocked expression.

"Wait, Ari, why do your ears hurt? That can only happen to a werewolf exposed to a sound as light as that when they're injured, old or..."
Mia looked towards me in sympathy before turning and looking at the pregnancy test.

"Or when they're pregnant..."
She whispered, glancing at me in confirmation.

"What? No that's not right Mia, don't kid yourself."
I retorted in anger.

"When did you last have your period...?"

"Mia! She wolves don't get periods, there's a term for it- weriods. And the last time I had them was... three months ago...."

Mia looked at me in sympathy before picking up the three tests and presenting them to me, and they sure enough screamed pregnant.
The two lines did not lie. Neither did the one clear blue test with the words pregnant written on them.

"Aww, come here bub."
Mia pulled me into a hug but I was still in shock. This can't be true, can it?

"No no no, Mia no! This isn't correct, I must've done the test wrong. There's NO way I'm pregnant."

"There's a couple left- 4 to be exact, you could do them again for reassurance?"

"Great idea, Mia."

After doing the four tests, we were back in the same position as before, with Mia having set the timer and spread them (the pregnacy tests) evenly along the table, and me now pacing around the room in a mixture of shock, denial and fear.

The timer only beeped once since Mia was quick to stop it before it hurt my ears even further. Walking over to Mia, she nodded at me, encouraging me to be the one to check the answer.

Taking in a deep breath, I glanced forward to
see all four pregnancy tests positive.

Before I was easily brushing it off as a mistake in taking the tests but now, now what? I can't call the tests false positive because they weren't. Seven whole pregnancy tests could not lie. The stark truth lay in front of my very own eyes. I was pregnant.

"Don't cry bub! You will be a great mother!"
Mia's attempts at consoling me didn't work, I hadn't even realised I was crying yet here I was, crying my heart out, whilst engulfed into a huge Mia bear hug.

A tannoy announcement rung throughout the entirety of the infirmary, taking both me and Mia off guard.

"Attention wolves and she wolves, the threat has been neutralised. Please make your ways back to the pack hall for a speech by the new Alpha and the werewolf whose bravery managed to save us all from the rogues."

"Great. Just great."
I mumbled between tears.

"Now I'm going to have to go down there and listen to everyone praise and rave about amazing Alpha Dmitri and he's just going to stand there and take in all that praise like the smug, annoying bastard he is, all the whilst I'm going to have to be in the same room as him knowing how bad he's messed me up.
I'm going to have to listen to everyone practically worshipping him whilst having unborn proof of how horrible Dmitri really is."

My mini venting session was appreciated by Mia who was probably somewhat glad I was letting things out of my system since she urged me to continue and voice all my emotions and thoughts.

"Mia I can't do this...I can't do this. Raising a child is so hard even with a mate- how am I supposed to raise one completely by myself?? Especially the child that is supposed to be the Alpha heir? How am I supposed to raise that child when their own father disowned them?"

"There's always other options Ari..., truth be told it's your choice. No matter what you choose to do, Ari, it is your choice and I'm sure you'll make the right choice whichever one it is." Mia softly spoke.

"No. No, I can't do that. My instinct tells me not to. My heart tells me not to. I know I can do this- but by myself? I have no idea. No idea. I literally have no clue Mia, what the heck am I supposed to do?"

"Relax Ari, relax. You still have a lot of time to make this choice. You got this. You'll come to a decision soon enough, okay? So don't stress yourself out, it's not good for you or the clump of cells."
Mia pointed to my belly and I burst out in laughter, with Mia following in my trail with her own bouts of laughter.

Another tannoy announcement rang through, taking us off guard yet again and making the both of us squeal.

"Wolves and she wolves, I would like to remind you that the Alpha's speech begins shortly. Please make your way to the pack hall if you haven't already made your way there."

"Ugh, not this again! Miaaa I really don't want to have to see his face."
Rightfully I complained, why should I have to see the face of the bastard that has ruined now not one, but two lives. Dmitri left me mate-less through his brutal rejection of me and now his child will have to grow up fatherless.

"Ignore that announcement, Ari, let's get you back home."
Mia beseeched me.

I smiled at Mia, thankful for her help as we both began to walk out of the pack house, choosing to use the secret exit behind the infirmary.

On the outside, everything seemed okay, apart from the few trees that had blood and really deep scratches on them.
The bushes behind us suddenly ruffled, shocking us, but what followed certainly shocked us to a whole new level.

"My my my. What a treat. A pregnant she wolf AND an un-mated she wolf? It really is my lucky day."
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