The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 11

"Quite a chase weren't you? Well look at you now, all patiently tied up for me."

This day just keeps getting better and better.

The nasty rogue, or vampire- whatever Mia thought it was, began sauntering its way over me.

It seems clear. A nasty rogue finding two she wolves in the forest, completely lost in their surroundings and becoming oblivious to the dangers lurking around them.

What I don't get, however, is what Mia meant by him wanting blood? That phrase itself means he literally wants blood- the substance itself. Or perhaps it's a more figurative term for he wants blood because of a bad past or history with us?
See that wouldn't make sense because I have never seen this hideous creature ever before in my entire life so that wouldn't work.
Unless he has something against the pack? That seems unlikely too because he wouldn't he take out his issue with the pack, rather than on two she wolves.
How can he be sure that we attend the same pack he potentially has a vendetta against?

That leaves us with the first option; him literally wanting my blood or my baby's blood. But rogues don't tend to do that- vampires do. And just a second ago this guy was in wolf form. I'm pretty sure my eyes don't lie.

The eyes never lie, Chico, add in that smirk and that's probably something I'd say if me and Mia were watching a scene like this in a movie.
But this isn't a movie. It's my life and I'm living through this right now. There's no escape. Unlike in movies where you can just cover your eyes or fast forward if something unsettling happens- you can't do that in real life. That's not how the world works.

So I'm stuck here. Quite literally as well. Unless of course someone saves me?
But then again my life potentially depends on either Dmitri and Hayden or Mia and her wolf. But Mia's probably lying down somewhere with a gash or a slash on her, bleeding out until or unless her wolf has enough energy to heal her but it's either her wolf heals her or helps her get to me. And you can't run a large distance whilst also bleeding out.
And Hayden and Dmitri are probably not even bothered? Mia told me a while back that they were nearly here but it's been a long time and they still haven't turned up. So clearly, they aren't bothered.

Being lost in my own thoughts, I didn't even realise what the guy in front of me was doing. Can I call it a guy? It's either a rogue maybe or a vampire and I can't confirm any of those two so maybe it's best to just call it a guy? The other option is to call it an 'it' but the human book 'Four Children & It' was my favourite book growing up and I'm not comparing that sweet character to whoever this horrendous person or thing is.

He seemed to be rambling, pacing around, rifling through the clothes he had in his hand. Thankfully he was wearing trousers and a vest- I didn't have to see this vile person naked for which I am thankful but he still had an extra pair of clothes- dirtied clothes that he was ransacking at the moment.

This didn't make any sense- to me at least. If he was the brutal rogue he was a while ago when he slashed Mia and chased after me, then why was he acting completely different now? Why hadn't he just killed me and gotten the entire ordeal over and done with?

Deciding I had enough of sitting there entangled in tree roots and branches, I asked;
"Why haven't you killed me yet? You are obviously at some point going to kill me so why not get it over and done with now? What's all the relentless and strange pacing for?"
My tone of voice probably came out harsh and rude but how I spoke to a rogue (or whatever creature he is that's going to kill me) isn't exactly my biggest worry at the moment.

"Kill? Damn girl you a dumb one!" The rogue really just called me dumb and proceeded to laugh in my face. Ouch. Being called dumb from someone who smells worse than a sewer is quite hurtful, especially if you're a lot smarter and not to point out the obvious- a LOT better smelling than the rogue.

If the rogue wasn't still laughing at me and my genuine question, I would've asked him what he's going to do to me. But another glance in his direction only confirmed what I was thinking- this guy is not in the right mental condition to be answering any questions, judging by how he's grasping onto the tree and laughing, despite his face turning a piggish shade of pink due to the lack of air from laughing like a lunatic. Pathetic.

Where was anyone when you needed them?

'Mia. Where the heck are you? I'm in a standoff with the lunatic himself, listen- I have no idea what he is or what he's planning on doing so go sprint to the pack house and stay there. Do NOT come here by yourself because-'

'Ari! Relax, I could take this guy down easily, plus I'm here with backup- well not currently since back up is on its way but look like uhmm 90? Yeah, look 90 degrees to your right!!"
Mia shrieked into my ear, and I turned ninety degrees to my right like she told me to but there was no one there.

'To your right you idiot!'

'I just looked to my right and there's nothing there, Einstein!'

'Hey- wait it's to your left whoops hehe.'

Mia chuckled, I scoffed and looked to my left and sure enough Mia was there alright- hanging upside down on a tree. A TREE.

"Mia!" Stupidly I whisper-shrieked, thinking I was mind linking but clearly I wasn't.

The rogue consequently finally stopped his laughing fit and turned to glare at me.

"Did you just say something?" He turned and gave me a blaming glare, and spoke in words of malice. Yikes. Bipolar much?

"Me?" I squeaked,
"Noo...what makes you say that?" Hesitantly I spoke, nodding my head no at the same time to trick him into thinking I never spoke. That doesn't make any sense now that I think of it, but I was desperate.

"Hmm okay, if you say so. Now where was I...?" He shrugged the matter off and turned back to rifling through his stuff.

'Ari! What was that? You almost baited us out!'

'I've been here with this sociopath for the past twenty plus minutes, Mia, believe me when I say you do NOT want to get me started on anything.'
I huffed in response.

'Jeez relax, okay I was going to say that he-'

Mia didn't get to finish. Or if she did manage to finish her sentence I definitely did not manage to hear it. Why, you ask? Well at that very moment the sociopathic lunatic in front of me, lunged at me with a scalpel. A scalpel in place of his middle finger.

The next few minutes were a blur. Time seemed to slow yet also speed up. The last thing I saw was Dmitri lunging at the rogue who was lunging at me and Mia lunging out of the tree. That's a lot of lunging going on.

Being unaware of my future- if I even had one at this point, I braced myself, awaiting the impact of whatever a scalpel to your body feels like. My eyes were clamped shut. Not opening for anything, but when I felt a huge 'swoosh' of air go right by my face- completely missing me, I managed to open my eyes in shock.

Mia was helping me ease my foot out of the tree branch, and nearby to the side somewhere, a pack warrior was tackling the rogue.

Dmitri? Where was he? I am in NO way possible a fan of Dmitri but I'm sure I saw him just a while ago...? Right? I couldn't have been hallucinating. That's the last thing I saw before closing my eyes- everyone lunging to different places and Dmitri was lunging at the rogue who was lunging at me. This doesn't make any sense.

"Come on, let's get you home for real this time, mein Lieb."
Mia whispered in my ear after helping me get up and off of the muddy ground.
Normally she'd be going batshît crazy over the sight (rather an eyesore) known was my dress. You couldn't even tell it's colour from the hip down because it was all just brown. I looked as if I had just went to the toilet in my dress. Yuck.

"Not so fast shewolves, the Alpha wants you back at the pack hall for some questioning regarding this incident."

A bulkier guard, who had surfaced with some other pack warriors, suddenly spoke up making me and Mia freeze in our places.

"Scheiße! Don't worry Ari, I've got this, follow my lead."
Mia harshly whisper shrieked and I cringed because I knew the pack warrior heard everything she just said. Advanced, supersonic hearing is to many wolves and she wolves an advantage of being a were. In times like this, it's really not.

"I heard that ma'am. This way please."

The guard spoke once again but we still hadn't turned around.

'We should probably go with him Mia, you should see a pack doctor for that slash he gave you- it could get infected.'
I warned Mia, not wanting to get into an argument with Mr Bulky Tits in front of me.

Instead of mind linking her response back to me, Mia just subtly turned and showed me the place where I suppose she had been wounded and pointed at her left ribcage. The only sign of her having had an injury was the ample amount of dried blood on her dress in that area. The bare skin underneath was completely healed.

'Just keep walking Ari, I got this.'
Mia pushed me forward and turned to face the guard, probably throwing at him verbal abuse in more than one language.

In any normal situation where a pack guard was demanding me and Mia walk back into the pack house, I would happily comply.
Since I've established many times that this is not a normal situation- I took my chance and ran right past the guard, past all the other wolves gathered in that forest-y area and ran straight by the entrance of the pack house.

I had to take the longer way back home because I didn't want a repeat of what just happened the last time me and Mia tried to take a shortcut through the woods.
So I now have to try my best to get all the way through the residential-housing, without anyone noticing how terrible I look.

Thing is, I look completely unrecognisable. Even to anyone who knew me. Actually, my parents would probably realise it's me- but as for everyone else- no.
Calling my hair a birds nest would just be downright rude and disrespectful to a birds place of residence. There was dirt all over my dress- well the rags of it that were left. A lot of the material was left hanging by a thread due to my unsophisticated running and the unfortunate event of me somehow becoming tangled in an old tree and it's roots. Not to mention it's branches that left scratches all over my arms, shoulders, legs and feet. That's going to be a pain to disinfect.

In technical terms, it won't be a pain to disinfect considering they had already healed over, leaving dried blood as the only mark of there ever being injuries there.

Swerving my way through the roads, I managed to make it home without being noticed, an achievement I will forever cherish and boast because there were many people on the roads and they didn't even acknowledge my presence. I should be the next James Bond that human actor or whatever those humans are obsessed with.

Ringing the doorbell, I awaited a response from anyone who was home. Knox should probably be here. And my parents are probably back- it's understandable if dad is still at the pack house but mum should be at home hopefully.

The door opened and I was left feeling a mixture of both speechless and angered.


"I can explain."
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