The Alpha’s Mistake

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-Chapter 12-

The door opened and I was left feeling a mixture of both speechless and angered.


"I can explain."

"You better."

My tired yet newly angered gaze was met with the despaired gaze of Stella. What was she doing here?

I walked in, slammed the door shut and pointed towards the sofas in the lounge. She had some explaining to do and yes as much as I really disliked her, I wasn't going to make her stand in the freezing patio. Although if she found her way inside my house- who knows how long she has been inside?

I coughed, wanting nothing other than for Stella to give me a valid explanation of why the heck she was in my house and leave. I was still hungry and tired, so the longer Stella took- the longer I'd have to spend without food.

"Well then? Hurry it up please, I'm hungry- starving actually, so if you don't mind?"
I urged her to start speaking through a hand gesture and plopped down not onto the sofa but on the floor opposite her- now that I think of it the mud on my dress would probably ruin the cream coloured sofas mum had specifically ordered from Italy. They arrived literally just a month ago, and I really didn't want to pay for them to be cleaned or replaced because I sat there and left shît like stains.

"I know you're pregnant."

Not ruining the sofas was the thought running through my head, and it was when Stella spoke up with what she had to say, that I was brought back to reality.

How on Earth did she know? Me and Mia were the only ones in the infirmary the entire time. And afterwards we were in the woods, no one from the pack even realised we were in the infirmary hiding from rogues and then slipped out the back entrance to take the shortcut home.

"That's not true."
My voice came out icier than I expected it to, which wasn't a good thing. I had to act normal. Any unreasonable reaction on my behalf would confirm Stella's suspicions.

Except Stella isn't suspecting I'm pregnant. She's downright stated that she knows I am pregnant.


"Do NOT call me that. Now that I've established I am not pregnant, can you leave my house?"

"No, please listen-"

"That wasn't a request. It was an order."

Standing there huffing, I didn't expect Stella to whip out the three of the however many pregnancy tests I did at the infirmary; all of them being positive.

"What you think randomly showing me three positive pregnancy tests is going to make me believe you? Please."
I scoffed but on the inside I was starting to believe that Stella really did know I was pregnant.

"Ariana please believe me. I saw you and Mia go into the infirmary. I went in to get you guys when the pack officials asked for everyone to assemble in the woods. But by the time I got there, I realised you guys had probably ignored the announcement and attempted taking the shortcut home. That's when my gaze fell upon the pregnancy tests."
Stella reasoned and it made a bit of sense.

"How do you know the tests are mine? They could be anyone's for moon goddess' sake. That's the infirmary our entire pack uses."
I raised an eyebrow, feigning innocence and playing dumb with Stella.

"You're forgetting I volunteer at the infirmary? And I also know these tests were not at the infirmary in the morning. That's because I was volunteering in the morning this time, instead of afternoon shifts like normal. And I personally tidied up the examination office for the pack doctor.
So that leaves it down to you and Mia."
Stella glanced at my shocked expression. My perfectly held together stature was now falling apart.

"I know Mia would never have sexual relationships with a werewolf who isn't her mate. The same goes for you too. But I know you have a mate and I know who he is. Dmitri. Dmitri Kingston is your mate."
Stella finished with a knowing look swimming in her eyes. This led me to believe she was telling the truth. As much as I didn't want to believe her, my gut instinct told me she was correct in whatever she was about to say next.

"How do you know all this?" I glared at Stella with a ferocious stare. This made no sense at all. How did Stella know?

Mia can't have been telling her all this so how does Stella know all of this? Who told her me and Dmitri are mates?

"I overheard you and Dmitri arguing earlier today before the ceremony started and I'm not dumb, I see the way you two look at each other and it's really-"

"Stop right there, Stella. I still can't get over how much you know, but don't insinuate that there's anything between me and Dmitri because he rejected me. Let's leave it at that, now get out of my house."
I grumbled at Stella, unsure of what her point was- or has she just come here to tell me that she knows I've been rejected?

"Wait no, listen! You need to tell Dmitri that you're pregnant. He deserves to know."

"No he does not. He rejected me and rejecting me is also him rejecting our baby. There's no way I'm telling him."

"Dmitri could change the pack Luna!"
Stella squealed, in the midst of being pushed midway out the door by me.


That sentence probably was in no way meant to hurt my feelings but for a strange reason, hearing it broke my heart all over again. The idea that I could just be replaced and life will continue as it is- with no one knowing my story just made me feel lonely and unwanted all over again. I’d probably die alone while he gets to whôre about with anyone he likes.

"Practically every she wolf at the ceremony looked like they wanted to eat him up. Dmitri will move on in no time, please don't do this to yourself and your child. I understand you want nothing to do with the werewolf who rejected you but please think of your child at least?"

Stella had a point. There was no denying of the fact that Stella very much did have a valid point. I should talk to Dmitri about our child and then we could agree on some custody agreement. Of course, it's a given that Alphas are protective over their children- except in our case, I was rejected, so I'll probably get to keep the child but they'll have to do crucial Alpha training since they're the Alpha heir.

Subconsciously, I rubbed a hand over my slightly bloated belly. It's strange to think of there being a baby in there. Well by now it was probably an embryo but still. It's my little embryo. Or maybe it's a clump of cells and fur? I'm not exactly sure because I sat next to Mia in Were-Biology and all we did was laugh in every lesson we had and consequently learnt nothing at all.

Something about Stella coming to tell me all of this felt off.
"Wait, why do you care? This makes no sense- why are you suddenly acting like my benefactor?"
I harshly questioned Stella, looking her up and down in order to note any strange behaviours.

"I care because..."

"Well?" I urged her on.

"You probably don't know this, but the same thing happened to me and my mum."

"Wait but your parents never rejected each other..."

"No that's Mia's parents. I'm not...I'm not her sister."
Stella looked down at the ground when she said this, leading me to question if she was ever telling the truth or if the truth embarrassed her so much she couldn’t even look me in the eye and tell me of her supposed real fathers antics.

"Then what are you? You two could be twins with how similar you look."
I prompted, wanting her to get to the end of whatever story she was telling me.

"I'm her cousin. Mia's mum was my mums sister. My mother was rejected by my father after they uhrm you get the point. Anyways, mum fell pregnant with me and didn't tell dad because he rejected her and she was very obviously hurt. She didn't want to face him rejecting me as his child, so she took me and went in hiding."

For some reason, I believed Stella, mainly because her mum was rejected by her dad much like I was rejected by my baby's dad. Something still felt off though, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
I rubbed a soothing hand up and down Stella's arms in an attempt to console her.

"Had my mother gone to the human world, she might've had a chance to save herself. But she stayed in the supernatural realm. One day, rogues attacked. Mother had already known something bad was going to happen so she had already arranged for Mia's mum to come and collect me. From there on Mia's parents have been my parents. But my real mum...I think you can guess what happened."

"Awh, Stella, I'm so sorry that happened to you!"
I pulled Stella into a hug, it must be terrible knowing that had happened to your real parents.

"I know you don't trust me and that's fine. I don't care about your trust. Whatever. I just didn't want the same thing to potentially happen again."
Stella walked straight out of my hug and left the house. So it really was Stella.

As much as I didn't want to admit it- she most definitely had a point. Maybe I could give me and Dmitri another chance. An Alpha's heir is the most important thing to an Alpha after his mate. To Dmitri I'm not of any importance but my, no, our child has to be.

"Oh and one more thing- don't you dare tell ANYONE about this. Even Mia's parents don't know that I know."

"I won't do you seriously not trust me-"

"I don't. I don't trust you." Stella gave me the sourest glare and walked back out the door. How did she even get here in the first place?

Running into the house came Mia, bewilderment painted across her features.

"Why was Stella here? Did she do something, should I-"

"I have no clue Mia, but she was standing in my patio because the door was open and she apparently sheltering from the attack or whatever? Anyways shes gone now- I managed to get her to fck off."

"BAHAHA PLEASE!" Mia screeched and tackled me into a bear hug, whilst also droning on about how much of an idiot Stella was.

"I'm hungry do you want me to make you something too?" Mia offered whilst already walking towards the kitchen.

"Is that even a question? I'm dying of hungerrr!" I responded stretching out the ‘r’ of the word 'hunger'.

"Okay and don't just sit there, Ari, go shower and change and I mean this in the most disrespectfully respectful way because you stink." Mia called me out with her harsh words but I knew she was joking.

"Fûck you, Mia!" I mocked on my way up the stairs.

"Love you too babe!" Mia yelled back.

Undressing myself and getting into the shower itself proved to be problematic- much more than I thought it to be.
For one- the silk dress had practically become a second skin and clung to me with mud being the glue that bound us together.
So I did what I had to do. I ripped off the entire dress in one go and it felt like waxing but a billion trillion times much more worse.

After a shower that required a lot of body wash, shampoo and a lesser amount of conditioner, I changed into a clean pair of clothes that did seem foreign at first which was probably as a result of me prancing around with a dirtied dress clinging to me for the past few hours, and went downstairs where Mia was still busy cooking.

"I still can't believe Stella had the audacity to break in to your house but then again what can you expect from a lowlife like her?" Mia ranted whilst stirring the green Thai curry she was busy making. I had offered to help her but she shooed me away and practically forced me onto the grey coloured kitchen island stools.

"Hmm." I hummed in agreement.

Something about the entire Stella ordeal just didn't sit right with me. She did have a point, I have to tell Dmitri because at the end of the day it's our child. From there on whatever happens means I won't be riddled with guilt for not telling Dmitri. Maybe he'll take me back? An Alpha's heir is the best thing to an Alpha, even more so than their mate in some cases and in mine and Dmitri's case- yes or maybe.

But what Stella said about Mia's parents not actually being Stella's own parents? That didn't make any sense especially given the uncanny resemblance between Stella, Mia and their mother- well Mia's mother apparently.

"Hellooo, anyone there?" Mia waved a hand in front of my face and it was then that I realised how she had already cooked and set everything on to the kitchen island.

"Are you okay? What's gotten you so thoughtful and lost?" Mia queried, shoving a plate of green Thai curry and rice in front of me.

"I have to tell Dmitri." I whispered more to myself but Mia heard it too.

"Tell him what?"

The doorbell rang and Mia gave me a confused glance, it was obvious that the both of us were pondering who exactly was at the door.

"I'll get it." Mia spoke as she made her way to the door. I, on the other hand, made sure to dig in to the delicious meal Mia had prepared, I honestly don't know what kind of witchcraft she potentially practices because any food she makes is otherworldly amazing.

"You?!" Mia's screams made me shît my pants in terror, who was at the door?

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