The Alpha’s Mistake

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-Chapter 13-

"You?!" Mia's screams made me shît my pants in terror, who was at the door?

"Knox, you little monkey! I haven't seen you in ages!!" Mia's shrieks were all I could hear, followed by Knox screaming in shock.

Knox was always my friends' favourite, they had seen him as a baby too and they still found him a cute chubby cheeked kid despite him progressing into his teenage years.

"Ugh Mimii get off of meeee!" Knox wailed as he walked into the living room- he was actually being carried by Mia to be exact but details aren't always crucial.

"Mia you need to learn how to not give people heart attacks. You seriously made me shît my pants when you screeched at Knox." I reprimanded Mia, who was still making baby faces at Knox as if he was still the little child he once was. Mia and me have literally raised him but she has that maternal mindset; ‘no matter how old my kids get they'll still be my babies’.

"Food!" Knox practically bolted towards the kitchen island and began eating from my plate. The audacity.

Before I could even begin to open my mouth to scold Knox, he ran up the stairs all the while still scoffing down my food. Ugh.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand.
"Mia I have to tell Dmitri."

"Aw Ari...that's a good idea but just know whatever happens regardless of what Dmitri says I still love you and will be here for you."
Mia softly spoke and I was glad for her support. There's not many people that would back you in times like this.

"And Dmitri's not all bad you know." Mia gave me a knowing look and my mind went back to when I was in his room and he offered me to stay and when I saw his wolf. The latter was quite obviously a hallucination but it didn't hurt to imagine he actually saved me.

"Thanks Mia." I whispered before opening a can of 7up and gulping it all down in one.

"Okay! So then what are we waiting for? Let's go! He's probably back at his office now and we can walk right in because-"
Mia stopped to turn to look at the clock behind her. "It's only six thirty! We can easily make it there by foot and you can talk to him and we'll be back by-"

"Mia thank you for your eagerness!" I chuckled at her amused expression.
"But I feel like this is something I need to do by myself. I have depended on you so much and in the case that things go they way I think they will then I will have to be someone who is independent. Being reliant on others won't take me far in the long run-"

"But Ari I-"

"No Mia. You're less of my best friend and more of a sister to me. And one day you will have your own mate. Your own cute little family to take care of and I can't be someone who eventually will somehow get in the way of however you live your life."
Mia's eyes sparkled with unshed tears leading to the both of us to burst in to tears at our big age. We hugged each other and cried, only stopping when Mia had turned to look at the time and shrieked at me to dry my tears and go quickly else it would get dark on my way home.

"Take care of Knox!" I yelled as I slid on my shoes in the patio.

"By the way this crying session isn't over! It will be rescheduled!" Mia hollered and I smiled and shut the patio door before speed walking out of the drive and towards the main road that would eventually lead me to the pack house.

The walk to the pack house wasn't a particularly long one if you walked fast. I only managed speed walking to the end of the road because that's the point where I ran out of breath so I slowed down. I didn't know what to say to Dmitri so I was mentally pretty preoccupied. What would I say?

"I'm prego- keep it or delete it?" Too blunt.

"I'm pregnant. It's not yours. SIKE."
Am I a circus clown? Nope.

"Long story short a while ago; you were Nike I was McDonald's. You were doing it, I was loving it and here we are." Bonus points if I push my belly forward at the end.

"I gave you some badonkidonk and now we have a kid." Doesn't have that ring to it.

"We subtracted our clothes, added the bed and multiplied. Do you want to have the equation rearranged?" These were too funny.

“Do I look like a school bus? Because you put your kids in me.” Ermm nope.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but sometimes it's like I just refuse to take things seriously because all I can do is crack jokes whilst I probably should take things seriously. Like right now for example; I needed something genuine to say to Dmitri and I don't even know how but I had come up with whatever those monstrously unfunny jokes were. Well to me they were funny. To others- nope. Not everyone has an amazing sense of humour like me.

Anyways back to the main point; Dmitri and what to say to him. I hadn't even realised it but the sky had gotten slightly darker and pretty soon it would turn a lot darker. I needed to get to Dmitri's office really quickly and first and foremost hope he's even there. If he's not there then chances are he's left the pack office for the day and went home. That would be awkward.

I walked into the pack office and rushed up the stairs to the pack offices. From there you needed to take an elevator that would take you to the floor below the Alpha's office. Then you would need to take the stairs up to the floor where the Alpha's office was. Quite a trek. Especially for someone who hates running. I blame my asthma. Yes some werewolves have asthma too and I happen to be one of them.

Standing outside the large oak doors of the Grand Alpha office the realisation of me not choosing how to say what I had to say to Dmitri dawned on me and I scowled a 'fûck' under my breath.

Oh well. As my Highschool drama teacher used to say: 'Life is merely a grand act of improvisation of unscripted events'. I never really understood that quote until now. And even now the only part I got from that was to improvise.

I knocked on the door using the brass wolf head knocker and it was swung open by one of the deltas or gammas- don't blame me for not telling them apart because they were twins. Matt and Brett. Ew.

"Ariana? Why are you here?" My eyes didn't miss the other twin, whichever one it was, scrounging through the desks.

"I needed to see D- Alpha."

He raised an eyebrow.
"And what for, exactly? And at this hour?"

"It’s regarding the rogue attack today and that's a lot of questions coming from someone scrounging through the Alpha's desk." I hummed in response, acting bored and unbothered as I stared down at my nails trying to play cool and not give away that there was something between me and Dmitri.

"The Alpha left for the Alphas house like an hour ago? And-"

I turned to go back down the stairs and get to the Alpha's house before it took me any longer and it got any darker outside.

"Wait! There's no need to tell Alpha of me and Brett being here. We're just looking for the guard schedule because this idiot forgot his shifts." I think it was Matt who said that. Anyways he smiled at me to make his story seem believe-able and innocent but I didn't believe it. Maybe I was just paranoid but oh well.

As I stotted down the stairs in the manner of gazelles, I didn't miss the hushed whisper of either Brett or Matt.
"Fûck she saw us!?"
"Brett shut up!"

Weird. I was glad there weren't many others in the building- just the old were-clerk here and there which meant that the elevator arrived quickly and swiftly and I didn't have to wait long for it even on the way up and now the same for the way down.

The Alpha's house was quite close to the pack house but in the case of them not liking the noise surrounding the pack house, they also had another house but it was further off in the woods. Whenever there's a risk to the pack such as a rogue attack then it is deemed unsafe for the Alpha family and they must remain in the Alpha house near the pack house due to its strict safety.

There were a few more guards than usual but they were patrolling around the Alpha's house rather than just standing there as they usually did. Two of the pack guards did still stand by the door, though. I wonder if I have to make an excuse for why I'm here? They'd be suspicious if I didn't tell them anything.

"Uhm I'm here to see D- The Alpha." I quickly corrected myself and what confused me was the sadness in the eyes of one guard and amusement in the eye of the other guard.

"Listen, kid-" The guard who gave me a sad glance had began to speak but was interrupted by the cunning and sly seeming guard next to him.

"Oh sure, go right in! I'll assume you know where it is? Have fun!" He practically pushed me in and shut the door behind me and the ugly cackles of his laughter could probably be heard from space.

He was strange. I'd love to sit and ponder why he there was such a stark dichotomy between the two guards but I didn't have time. It was already getting dark outside and my parents were most probably on their way home and they'd go crazy wondering where I went off to. I need to tell Dmitri and I need to tell him now.

I ran up the third grand staircase to the very top floor where his room was. In the pack house where we sexed his room was quite big, but here in the actual Alpha house it was enormous. I knew where it was due to the many times we've been to the Alpha house and had dinners with them. Dmitri's mother, Gretel, had always tried to make me and Dmitri friends. She was so close to my own mum- the two had been friends long before they met their mates who happened to be in the same pack as them, so it wasn't shocking that they wanted their children to be close friends like they are.

Unfortunately me and Dmitri never got along. He was always popular and I was the stark opposite. I was a geeky, ugly and shy kid growing up, which meant I didn’t have many friends. Mia was my only actual friend. The rest came and went.

Back to the point. I was stood outside Dmitri's room and when I lifted my hand up to knock, the door opened itself and I walked in, only to hear the shower running. Phew. Dmitri was in the shower which meant I had some time to catch my breath and think of what to say to Dmitri.

"I'm pregnant." I whispered to myself.
"I'm pregnant with our baby..."

"You're pregnant? Pfft I was wondering why you looked chubby but I naturally assumed it was because you're a fat pig? Anyways who was desperate enough to sleep with you!" This was one of Stella's friends because I'm pretty sure I've seen her hang around with Stella but at the same time I felt like I'd never seen her face before.

"You? Why are you here?" Dmitri was now out of his en suite and began interrogating me and I couldn't quite pinpoint the emotion in his voice. Was it anger or fear?

"Baby you'll never guess what just happened! This slut has gotten herself knocked up!" The unknown blonde cackled and Dmitri followed suit.

"Why are you still here? It's not his kid- baby tell her!?"

"You're right mate, it's probably not even mine. Scratch that, it's definitely not mine. The things people do for money." Dmitri laughed at me in my face and I wanted to jump off a cliff. This all felt like a cruel joke except for the fact that this wasn't a joke at all. This was my life. My own mate just called another she wolf his mate. How was life so easy for werewolves that rejected their mates? If a she wolf were to find another mate the entire were-world would go crazy!?

"Go ahead and laugh at me Dmitri. When this child is born and grows up to ask me who their father is, don't think that I won't tell them how much of a disgusting being their dad really is." I took a pause and glanced at whoever the girl was next to him.

"And I hope you enjoy your time usurping a position that isn't yours. The moon goddess will punish the both of you and I can't wait."

"Please she really thought she did something!" The blonde chuckled but she seemed less confident in comparison to how she was a second ago.

"I leave my revenge upon the Moon Goddess. Fûck you two." I calmly spoke and ran out of the room, not being able to bear the rejection of my child. The same child that me and Dmitri had made in a night of what seemed to be acceptance but was cruelly followed by rejection. Oh how the tables turn.

Fuck Dmitri. I wanted to hate whoever he was cheating on me with but I couldn't. Sure she was a bitch but then again it was my own mate that was unfaithful to me. At least I won't have to feel the pain of them mating since I've already accepted his rejection and rejected him back.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me and the tiny little embryo in my stomach, but what I do know is that they'll always have me. No matter what happens to them they can count on me. Sure they won't have a dad but in my opinion I think anyone would rather choose no dad over a dad that psychologically tortures both you and your mother.

It's just you and me baby.

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