The Alpha’s Mistake

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-Chapter 15-


"You piece of shît! How fûcking dare you!" A shrill string of curses and screams woke me the hell up and it may seem ironic coming from an Alpha but I'm currently fearing for my life. That's how scary the screams are. They caught me off guard.

I rose from my bed in sheer panic to see the heartbroken face of a pack she wolf. I won't lie but seeing her so upset made me wonder what I had done to her for her to look so broken. Was she a one night stand? I don't think so because I've seen her with...who? Wait Ariana! I've seen her with Ariana before. But why was she here?

"What? What are you on about?"

Before she could reply, my wolf spoke.
'She means Ari, you dîckhead. They've left and it's all because of you. Why did the moon goddess have to pair me with the stupidest human alive?'
Ouch. I know I've not been the perfect mate- heck I've been the shittiest person alive but hearing your own wolf be so strongly against you really makes you regret stuff.

"She's left all because of you! I didn't even get to see her before she went off to Goddess knows where! Fûck you Dmitri! I hope you never find happiness EVER! I hope both sides of your pillow are warm, I hope your charger only works at an angle, I hope your cereal gets soggy, I hope your socks are always wet, I hope-" Her shrieks eventually got further and further away as she got tackled by the pack guards and taken away from my room.

'I've really messed this up, haven't I, Hayden?'

'Don't talk to me Dmitri. Fûck whoever you want to- you're free now. You're the reason we lost our mate and our pup. I hope you can live with that.'

'Hayden stop I'm going to get them back just trust me-'

'Trust you? How many times did I tell you to not reject her? How many times did I tell you you had screwed up? It's too late now. Even Lena won't speak to me.'

'No trust me Hayden, I'm going to fix this.'

'I hope for Ari's sake and your unborn pup's sake that you can.'

With that Hayden cut the link and I was back to being alone again. These past few days Hayden had completely ignored me and it was the worst feeling. It felt as if half of my soul was missing.

'You dîckhead that's called guilt and regret. You miss Ari, not me. Me ignoring you just helped you realise that you lost something invaluable which is Ariana.'

I formed an 'o' shape with my mouth as realisation set in. It's strange because I don't remember rejecting Ariana at all. That's when Hayden replayed what I had said to her and my heart truly sank. What drugs was I on to have rejected someone as beautiful as Ariana?

Growing up I had the fattest crush on Ari. She was so effortlessly beautiful and cute but she also didn't encourage male attention. She had saved herself for her mate and what a shitty mate I turned out to be; rejecting her on our first meeting as mates. Fûck. She's never going to take me back, is she? No. She will. She has to- I'm her mate!?

'You rejected her. Demented pig.'

'Oh right.'

'Oh right mehmehmehemeh my names Dmitri the d!ckhead!' Hayden mocked.

'Go and get her back.' He commanded and I would oblige.

I chucked a shirt on and practically flew down the stairs.

My mum sat by the window with a solemn look painted all over her face.

"Mum? What's wrong?"

"Dmitri, you know I've had so many failures in life. But every single time I managed to pick myself up. But now? Now I can't. There's no going back once you've failed horribly as a parent and a Luna."

"Wait what? Mum you haven't done anything wrong- what's this about?"

"Well that's where you're wrong, Dmitri. I failed at raising you."

My dad walked over to me and he was visibly fuming. He looked like those cartoons where steam would come out of someone's ears when they were angry. A sight to fear in my opinion.

"You found your mate. You rejected her. And now she's left. The Luna of this pack has left alongside the heir that would continue this Pack. You've more or less tried to make us go extinct right?"

"Dad no, I can get her back, just trust me on this one-"

"Trust you? That's the one thing I can't do. That poor girl came here to you last night to tell you she was pregnant and instead you shooed her away so you could fûck someone? Have a sleazy little screw?"

"What? When was this?"

"Oh don't act clueless with me."

"Dad stop speaking in riddles and tell me straight up whatever you mean." I grit out, wanting to know what he was talking about.

"John don't even bother. The girl he was trying to screw yesterday had the shame to leave, herself, because she felt terrible for poor Ari." My mother spoke, not looking at me even once.

"Gretel you didn't fail as a mother or a Luna. You did as well as you could. It's not your fault he turned out to be a total unfaithful whôre." My dad consoled my mum and his words hit deep. How was my own father so hateful when it came to me?

'Shîtbag you rejected our mate and the future Luna and the heir to this pack. You should be glad he's not kicking us out as we speak.'

'Good point, Hayden.' I mused.

"I'm going to get her back." I declared but they didn't react in the slightest. Did they even hear me?

"I said-"

"We heard you the first time." My mum replied and I felt so empty at not having gained a reaction from them.

"I'm going to go and-"

"Do whatever you want to, Dmitri, but do remember one thing; if you don't get her back you will no longer be the Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack. Play your cards wisely." My dad spoke with an ominous tone and it was clear to me what he meant. If I don't get Ariana and our pup back then he'll take away my status.

'Now Tony and his wolf Mal might become Alpha all because of you. Thanks a lot.' Hayden snarled at the thought of someone else taking our rightful Alpha position and I was just as angry as him. Tony was my uncles kid. My uncle had left our pack years ago when he found his mate; a she wolf from a rival pack. He's just recently rekindled with our family and his parents are confident they can somehow make him the Alpha of this pack.

I won't let that happen. I am a born leader and I will rule the Lunar Moon Pack alongside my mate, Ariana.
And it doesn't stop there. The legacy of the Lunar Moon Pack will continue with my pup.

'You need to get them back first, idiot.'

Right, now to get my mate and my heir back.

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