The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 16


"Here is your ticket, Ari and here is a bag I packed you. It has all you need inside it and here's some cash."

"Where am I going?"

"I've booked you a flight to the human world. I know it doesn't sound like a place a she wolf would want to be but it'll be a safe escape for you."
Stella smiled at me and whispered a bye before walking away.

"Wait! Stella, thank you."


"Thank you. For all your help. I'll never forget your support." She weakly grimaced and walked back towards her car.

I was at the airport and about to leave the only place I've ever known and called home. Here's to a better future for me and my pup.
As it ironically turns out, the flights had all been cancelled due to a plan that had crashed upon landing and since there were only two runways, the plan ended up skidding towards the second runway.

Private jets and planes were still going but as for the normal airlines- all flights had been cancelled.

The urge to vomit was strong so I had to practically teleport myself to the toilet and then puke my guts out. After I had finished hurling my insides out, I used the mouthwash Stella had put in a little pouch labelled toiletries and thoroughly rinsed my mouth. Then I cried. Bawled my eyes out because I had no idea what to do.

Stella had taken me to the airport an hour or two after I left Dmitri's house and since then I've been here. What if someone came looking for me? No. Why would they? Hopefully they haven't even realised my disappearance yet. I can't risk anyone finding me because then I'd never be able to leave.

On the way I had written a short letter to my parents and Knox and a separate one for Mia. This wasn't the way I had planned for things to happen but I'd rather raise my child away from a place where they're rejected. Back at the pack I could avoid Dmitri as much as I wanted but him not seeing me and my pup was inevitable. And I didn't want to deal with Lena's heartbroken whimpers. She's stopped talking to Hayden now and I know how much it's hurting her. She hasn't spoken to me in a while but I can still feel her presence so she's alerting me that she is there.

A soothing hand rubbed over my back and I stilled in surprise.

"Aww don't cry amore! What's wrong?"
The kind stranger questioned and my gut instinct was to trust her.

"I-I need to get away from this place."

I hadn't yet met anyone who would be willing enough to hear my story, but this stranger was beyond compliant. She held my hand throughout the entirety of me telling my story and hugged me at the end. Apparently she had been through the same thing with her mate a while back but the difference is that he ended up realising what his mistake was and Gigi made him work for her apology.

At the moment I was sat next to her in the more or less now empty waiting room. The rush and masses of people waiting for flights had long left the airport grumbling at the disorganisation of the airport and airlines for the aeroplane on the runway had still not been cleared. Gigi's mate was going to take their private jet- it was in a hanger a short distance from here.

Hearing Gigi's story made me happy for her but also slightly envious. Here she was with a mate who treated her like a Queen and recognised his mistake and did every thing for her forgiveness and here I was- fleeing the only place I've ever known to call home all because of my stupid mate. Well ex mate.

"No! Please don't think like that! Balaj has literally won me over only a few hours ago and even now I'm not fully forgiving him!"

What. Had she heard what I said? Did I say it out loud?

"Ah yes silly you were talking out loud! Anyways like I was saying, Balaj came to my older brothers pack just a day or two ago and begged me for forgiveness. It turns out he'd been calling my brother Lorenzo everyday for the past two years demanding to know where I was. I haven't forgiven him yet but Anaxi needs to have both parents in his life and after all he is the Alpha heir. I can't risk my entire pack going to ruins because my mate was an idiot."
Gigi explained and her story somewhat gave me hope.

"Ohh. You know, your story gives me hope. But there's one thing: my mate rejected my child too. The same offspring that came as a result of the passionate night between me and him- the night before he rejected me."

Gigi looked at me with sad eyes.
"He doesn't deserve you. At all. And you will do a great job at raising your child, I'm a hundred million trillion percent sure."

Gigi engulfed me in a hug which had to be broken up when her mate Balaj came back holding Anaximander in his hands.

"Ahem. Gigi, we're all set to board." Balaj announced.

"Oh okay. Come on, Ari." Gigi made a motion for me to grab her hand.

"What? Who is this?" Questioned a confused Balaj.

Gigi pulled a confused Balaj to the side and left Anaxi with me for a second so that she could talk to Balaj.

"What! Gigi, you used to leave leftover food for rogues and throw it in the fields and that was one thing but inviting danger into the pack house like this? You must seriously be crazy, come on."

"Balaj! She's going through the same thing that happened with me and you! Don't forget that I'm taking you back just because of Anaximander. Her mate rejected her and her child- I can't just stand here and let this happen!"

Balaj's eyes softened when the reality of Gigi's words set in. It didn't make me feel any less of a burden, though.

"Come on Ari!" Gigi beckoned but the idea of expecting and taking such a great deal of help from someone I barely knew, up until a few hours ago, was a conflicting idea.

"Gigi please. Consoling me was amazing of you but I honestly can't go with you two- that's too much! You've been kind enough as it is, thank you for all your help." I politely declined.

"What? Ari if it's what Balaj said, ignore him. You are welcome in our pack."

Balaj's face lit up when Gigi said 'our pack' and seemed much happier than his brooding face before.

"Are you sure? I really don't want to be a burden-"

"What?! You are a lot of things but a burden is certainly not one of them!"

"But I can't stay with you guys forever you know, like there has to be some point where I become independent and live alone."

"We can sort all that stuff later. Right now, it doesn't matter."

"No but Gigi-"

"Look if you refuse to live with me and Balaj you can always go to any of my siblings' packs. My younger brother Lorenzo needs the help with his mate anyways and my other siblings would definitely love to help out!"

Sensing my frown, Gigi continued.

"And although the human world isn't ideal in my own opinion- it's also another possibility. And if you like the idea of living amongst humans and having strict control over your wolf and shifting then go for it. Why not?"

"Thank you Gigi!" I thanked Gigi with genuine happiness- she had just opened up so many opportunities for me and I was glad I didn't have that dreadful feeling of being lost or dependent anymore.

"Now come on, it's time to board!"

Well, here goes the official start to whatever the Moon Goddess has planned out for me. Hopefully I'll lead a new life full of happiness rather than pain and sadness.

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