The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 17

Third Persons POV

On her drive back, Stella just chuckled. She chuckled at many things but specifically at how that naive she wolf had believed her with ease. She didn't even stop for one second and think am I doing something wrong? She just ran straight into the face of danger.

Now you may be asking; what would compel Stella to ruin the life of the Alpha heir and their rejected mother? It might not seem that far-fetched, considering Stella's already the evilest of she wolves in the Lunar Moon Pack, but this time, it's not Stella's own doing. Ariana had wanted to flee and with Stella's added hate for practically everyone and anyone, this was a little more than just fun for Stella to help Ariana out in.

Somewhere down in Stella's frozen heart there was a tiny piece of guilt sparking up but it was quickly overcome when she reminded herself of the consequences of not doing this task; the she wolf she hates most would become Luna. Ew.

Looking at the passenger seat where Ariana had left the letters she had written to Knox, her parents and Mia, Stella chuckled yet once again. Foolish she wolf, did she really think Stella was postman pat to be delivering all these? Instead, why not have a little fun with them first.

Stella pondered throwing them out of the window but that would be too risky in the case that someone found them.

Instead of her initial evil plan of throwing them out, she thought it would be a better idea for her to rewrite the letters in a way that would make them think she left completely by herself, unaided and alone.

Stella would definitely be a suspect in Mia's eyes. Mia always suspects Stella for everything and anything bad that happens. Well most of the time she's correct because it is Stella's doing but this time Stella needs to make sure her little sister never realises what she's done.

Stella was proud at the finished letter she had written for Mia:

Hey Mia,
You've probably realised by now that I've left.
You played a role in my departure; with your annoying words and your ability to make everything about yourself. You're so selfish it's disgusting. I'm glad I'm getting away from you. As for my child- I didn't want for them to grow up in an environment where an annoying âsshole like you would be their
self-proclaimed aunt. I just know my kids already thanking me.
Anyways, there's a lot more I'd love to write but my time in this shîtty town is running out.
I hope we never have to see each other again.
Toodles bîtch.

One down, two to go. Now for Knox's letter;

Hey Knox,
Where do I start, you annoying piece of shît? Well let's start with the double standards. You're always allowed to do what you want and I can barely step out of the house without explaining in detail what it is that I need to do. You can always have friends over and here I was stuck with Mia all these years because Mum and Dad knew everything about her. There's so much I could write but if I started writing it all- I'd never finish. So that's why I'm doing you a favour by stopping here.
Bye bîtch.

And now, the best one- to Ariana's parents;

Dearest Mum and Dad,
Can I even call you that? Considering you failed at your duties of being parents. You didn't do anything about me being rejected. Instead you forced me to go with you to that stupid Alpha ceremony where I found out I'm pregnant. Yep I'm pregnant. And to save my poor child from having the crappiest grandparents alive- I've run away. There's a ton I could still write but I'm running out of time so I'll save you the bother.
I hope we never meet again. Feel free to live a life of pain and sadness without me.
Goodbye forever, you prehistoric dinosaurs.

Stella read through each letter and smiled at her work. Now it was time for her to put them in envelopes and to hope that all of them believed it.

Stella ripped up the letters, that Ari had written, whilst staring out of the window. Some pack guards were searching the fields with flashlights. Ew- does this mean the pack is looking for her? Yuck. Stella was visibly cringing and grimacing of the thought of Ariana being that important to the pack. Wait- hold up- was that Dmitri leading the search party??

Stella needed to get to the Descartes house as quick as possible, else these letters would go to complete waste.

After a brisk, speedy fifteen minute drive, Stella had reached the Descartes household. Now it was time for her to Saunter in and show them the letters.

"She can't have gone far, she's probably still somewhere on the pack fields maybe?" Reasoned Knox.

"What would she be doing on the pack fields, she hates running!?" Shrieked an exasperated Mia.

Their argument was interrupted by the sauntering in of Stella, who held three letters in her hand.

"What are those in your hands? Show me!"
Before Stella had the chance to double check the letters, they were snatched from her hands, right into Mia's hands.

"I found these...letters under your car..?" Stella effortlessly lied and plonked down on their sofa.

The entire Descartes family, minus Ariana, rushed to grab the letters from Mia’s hands and read them.

Mia went off into a corner with hers, ripping off the envelope and tearing up at the words inside that she didn't reveal to anyone.

Knox visibly angered upon reading the letter, his gaze softening once he realised his big sister was probably never coming back.

As for Mr and Mrs Descartes, the world around them as they knew it had ended. Their baby girl had left them and who knows where she was off to?

"Where did you find these??" Demanded Ariana's father, he needed to know where the letters were found, perhaps from there on he'd have some clue regarding his daughters current whereabouts.

"I found those behind your car." Stella spoke, her sentence directed towards Mr Descartes whose Range Rover was always in the driveway, never in their twelve car garage.

The Descartes family minus Ariana but plus Mia were still stood staring at Stella in confusion, which made it click in Stella's mind that she'd have to seem worried and act like she cared. This would prove a hard task to carry out, considering she didn't care, but here goes nothing.

"Uhmm I was worried for Mia? She hasn't been home all night and I know it's only six in the morning but mum and dad are worried for her and so am I. Oh where's your friend?"
Stella spoke in a perturbed and tender tone, and it worked because now all four of the werewolves in front of her were urging her to continue: presumably to get to the point where she found the letters.

"So I was walking up your drive and that's when I saw these letters on the floor beneath your car-" Stella stopped to motion towards Mr Descartes, "and I didn't open them but it had the names of you guys on it, which is why I brought them in." Stella finished, but at this point no one was sticking around for her story as they were far too busy re-reading their letter. Although for Mrs Descartes, the process proved to be upsetting and hard to watch- she was taking her time carefully opening the letter, tracing her finger over the words and hugging the letter. Perhaps if she wasn't so overcome by grief, she could easily point out that this wasn't the handwriting of her daughter. No, this was the twisted writing of Stella.

Grief does strange things to a person.
Ariana was- is- left handed, so if anyone had a functioning brain cell they'd notice that there were no smudges of ink across the paper like there usually are. Ariana used to get scolded by Mrs Descartes for writing too quickly and smudging the ink, and yet here she's too blinded by pain to see that the letters were visibly smudge free. Unless Stella hadn't swapped the letters...but she did.

"What!? Ari would NEVER say this to me! I'm her best friend!" Mia shrieked, her internal vow of not telling anyone what was in the letter was somewhat broken as she expressed her disgust at what was written in the letter.

"Have you read mine?? That's not something my big sister would ever say to me of all people!" Knox followed Mia in an outburst of his own.

Simultaneously both Mia and Knox began to stare at Stella, who felt the urge to laugh but instead consoled them. Stella managed to convince them that no one ever knows what anyone else is going through behind closed doors.

But what really sealed Stella's argument was her own idiocy and blank mindedness.
Somehow even a mess up on her own behalf managed to lift the blame off her.
Stella had forgotten to replace Mr and Mrs Descartes' letter with the new one that she wrote and instead it seems she had ripped up her own letter. This meant that Mr and Mrs Descartes had read the letter Ariana had wrote. Cråp. No wonder Mrs Descartes was tracing the words with her finger- she knew it was Ariana's writing.

"Knox, Mia, it doesn't seem like you agree with Ariana's letter but I can tell you that whatever she wrote is true. You may not be happy with what she wrote but it's her decision at the same time."
Luckily Mr and Mrs Descartes were stupid enough to calm down Knox and Mia without reading their letters.

"She must be using some sort of transport to flee- we can easily check the nearest train stations and the airport. If we hurry she could still be there!" Mia rambled, running across the room to slide on her sneakers and Stella was internally fuming whilst externally remaining her calm and worried composure.

"Mia...honey, we don't know when she left. Even if we did know what exact time she left, its too late. She's probably gone by now." Stella tried her best to speak in a sad tone but instead she sounded like a whiny chihuahua.

Technically even if Stella allowed Mia and the others to go on a wild goose chase in search of Ariana and check all the stations and the airports- it wouldn't really make a difference considering Ariana was probably long gone by now. It had been a good few hours since Stella had left her at the airport so surely she had left by now. Unless she wanted to be found?

Stella could easily play along and pretend to find Ariana with Mia but she hadn't thrown out the remnants of the letters written by Ariana, and she couldn't risk Mia, or anyone else as a matter of fact, seeing them.

"How about, I check the airport, and Mia you can take Knox in your car and go check the train station. Mr and Mrs Descartes you can-" Stella began acting as if she cared when she was cut off by Mr Descartes.

"I think you all need to leave us alone. Amelia isn't taking this information well, the reality of her daughter running away is settling in and I don't think taking her around town in a frantic chase is going to do her any good." Mr Descartes took the three aside and whispered a heartbroken announcement. Standing a few feet behind him was a shaking and crying Mrs Descartes, the sight truly hurt the three, even Stella.

With that, Mr Descartes ushered the three out of his house and Stella was quick to run over into her car and speed away from Knox and Mia.

She decided to rip up the letters even further and to scatter them in different places. Half would be chucked into a bin but the other half could be chucked onto the freeway from the bridge above and some could even be chucked into a pond?

Stella had chucked the last of the remaining scraps of the letters and sat back into her car with an exhausted sigh. Her phone began ringing- she was being called from an unknown number.

“If it’s that stupid insurance company again, I swear I will-”

“Nice work on getting rid of the leech. I didn’t know you were a part of the team- but you are now! Your efforts will be rewarded in due time.”

“What? Who is this? What efforts?”
Did someone know Stella had a hand in helping Ariana flee??
The more Stella thought about it, the more she settled with the conclusion that she helped Ariana flee because she didn't like her. But this call seemed like it came from someone with a personal vendetta against Ariana.

“Bless your poor soul. You look so incredibly lost. Come to the clearing at 8PM tonight sharp if you want answers. See you soon.”

With that the call was cut and Stella massaged her temples in frustration.

It had barely been a few hours since Ariana left and now Stella had another problem.

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