The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 18

"I suppose I do regret not saying goodbye properly, but I know that saying a proper goodbye would've meant I wouldn't be able to leave." I confessed to Gigi

"You can always call them when you want to. In fact, you could call them now to let them know you're safe? If you want to of course." Gigi reasoned.

"There's no need for that. I left the three of them letters, and I'd rather call them when I'm fully settled somewhere. That way I'd know that they can't make me come back." I replied and Gigi hummed in agreement.

I was at Gigi and Balaj's house, Balaj had just left a few minutes ago to go and sort something out with his Beta so it was just me and Gigi with some of Balaj's pack maids.

It had been a few hours since we arrived at Gigi and Balaj’s house but Gigi was still a bit surprised looking around at her house.
"Everything okay Gigi?"

"Everything is exactly how I left it. There's not a single thing out of place!?" Gigi whispered in shock and the response for this came from an elderly maid with a name tag reading 'Martha'.

"Alpha didn't want us to change anything."

"Why? I left him when he rejected me so why didn't he do anything?"
Gigi questioned, clearly beyond discombobulated.

"He made a mistake and although it took him some time to realise it, he acknowledged that he needed his Luna."
Gigi still looked stunned by the maids explanation so I gestured for her to leave us alone and that's when Gigi began speaking.

"Does this make sense to you? Any of it? Why reject me and not even throw out my things??" Gigi asked, confusion being the definition of the emotion expressed on her face.

"Perhaps he realised really quickly that he made a mistake?" I tried to reason, but even I had no answer to her question.

"Then why would he reject me? Oh, sorry Ari, I've been bombarding you with questions without acknowledging that you don't know the answer to these!" Gigi replied and I was glad she realised that because I didn't have any ideas left to answer her with.

"Well, Ari, you must be just as tired as I am so let me show you your room! Follow me!" Gigi led me to a room with fox grey painted walls, ceiling high grey wardrobes with long silver handles, mesh but opaque light yellow curtains and a bathroom attached.
There was a furry golden-yellow rug on the floor and it felt amazing to press your foot on (something I tried after Gigi had left and the feeling of it was great)
This was by far the cutest en-suite room I had ever seen.

"Thank you Gigi! And who designed this room because it's amazing!" I chattered, tracing a finger over the curtains.

"Me! Ta-daa!" Gigi exclaimed and I was in awe of her many talents.

A crying Anaximander brought me out of my shock at the beautiful room and allowed me to witness Gigi practically throwing herself out of the guest room and up the stairs in a frantic rush to get to her child and I was left looking down at my own belly, which had started to swell by just a little bit.

Putting little Anaxi to sleep proved to be difficult, considering the stark change of environment he had been through in the small time space of just a day, so I did all I could to aid Gigi, from singing embarrassingly cute lullabies and reading at least ten different bedtime stories. It all payed off though, because Anaxi did manage to go to sleep.

I would've loved to stay up and chat to Gigi, but she needed to talk things out with Balaj, and the two of them did need some alone time since he had now arrived, so I came back to the lavish guest room and went to sleep.

When I woke up I couldn't help but think I should call either my parents or Mia, but the knowledge that they'd guilt trip me into coming back home stops me each time. I could call them whenever I reach a permanent place to stay in, so that their guilt tripping wouldn't work on me. And I also need to wean myself off of Gigi and Balaj's kindness and find a place to go.
The human world sounds inviting- I could maybe buy a little house near the woods which would mean that I could let Lena run whenever she wants.

Staying with Gigi and Balaj would be great, but I'd be found at some point. My parents would probably let all the packs, neighbouring or not, know and then it wouldn't take long for werewolves to piece together that a pregnant she wolf suddenly in their pack was the rejected mate of Alpha Dmitri. That would be entirely shameful and pointless if the end result was me going back to where I ran from.

Gigi did say something about helping out her brothers mate- but then again her brother was the Alpha of whichever pack that was and the same thing would happen.

Based on all those predictions, the human world would be safest. Of course me and Lena would have to be extremely careful that no one found out about our true species but that's a worry for later, I'm pregnant so I can't shift at the moment, anyways. Besides, if me and Lena manage to get a house near the woods or the forest then we could easily shift without anyone noticing.

I quickly freshened up and went downstairs to where breakfast was being served.

"Good Morning Ari! You're just in time for food!" Gigi smiled, pouring tea into a dainty little China cup.

"Where's Balaj?" I questioned, knowing that he probably would mind Gigi having longer conversations with me than she has with him. Werewolves are naturally possessive over their mates and since Balaj has gotten Gigi back after a long time, he'd definitely want to spend more time with her, and he'd be jealous that his mate spends that time with me, instead of him.

"He's just left, anyways I wanted to tell you something, but over food!"
With that, Gigi shoved me into a chair and began piling foods of all sorts onto my plate.
Currently, it consisted of various pastries, waffles with melted chocolate slightly drizzled over, lots of fruits: mainly berries and pineapple, and pancakes with maple syrup and a tiny block of melting butter on top.

Halfway through absolutely scoffing my face with food, I remembered Gigi wanted to tell me something.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"I've talked to Balaj, who is completely compliant, and we'd like for you to stay here with us!"

"Gigi I appreciate all your help but-"

"No we value your help a lot more! With your help, Anaxi is much easier to handle and between me and you I really need a fellow girlfriend in this house, it's so lonely and boring and my reputation in the rest of the pack is probably terrible seeing I left their Alpha!"

"Gigi thank you so so much for all your help. I will never forget the favours you've done for me. But I can't stay with you."

Gigi's face fell and I felt so ungrateful for turning down her offer but I need to do this before anyone is to find out where I am.

"I was thinking about this yesterday and I have come up with a solution."

Gigi smiled sadly and whispered for me to continue.

"I've decided to go to the human world."

"What?!" Gigi's eyes lit up in shock and I was wondering whether she had forgotten that she was the one to suggest it back at the airport.

"Yes, I can buy a small house near the woods and-"

"Ari you're a smart girl, please drop this idiotic bullshît. What will your wolf do?? What about your child?? Will they grow up in a human world??"
Gigi rambled and I could tell that her wolf was upset at the idea of us leaving their generous hospitality in exchange for the no doubt cold and greedy human world.

"I was getting to that, the house will be near a forest and whenever Lena wants to, she can go for a run. That won't be a current problem because I'm pregnant so I can't shift anyways."

"What about your child then, hmm? Do you really think those disgusting humans won't suspect anything when your child grows at a much faster rate than those little human beings??"

"I can always lie about his or her age."

"Hmm yeah sure, so then I'm going to go ahead and assume that your child will also be changing classes every two days because who knows their real age, right?!"

"Gigi please listen to me-"

"No, Ari. You haven't thought this out at ALL. And I'm not going to aid you in something that will eventually harm you and your child." Gigi was clearly frustrated and angered by my idea and she did have an element of truth to her words but it was extremely over exaggerated. Werewolves don't grow that fast, just slightly more than humans. That would go unnoticeable.

"Okay, sorry Gigi, but please hear me out-"

"You've still got more to say??" Gigi incredulously asked, as if the seemingly shocking bombshell I had just dropped wasn't enough.

"I think we both need some time to reflect on this decision of yours, Ariana. I no longer have an appetite but you can remain here and think about this decision. I'll be thinking of it upstairs." With that Gigi left the immaculately designed dining room. It was qualities like these of her that really makes you see how amazing of a Luna she is. Even though she disagreed with me, she didn't escalate matters to the point of them not being resolved but instead she did give both of us time to think over this decision.

Hopefully she lets me leave to the human world. I would go there right now if I wanted to, but I can't keep upsetting more and more people as I leave. Besides, there's always the chance of her telling my parents or Dmitri that I've left to the human world.

I didn't have an appetite now, either, so instead I just went upstairs and stared at the grey ceiling. There has to be a way. There needs to be a way out of all this. I can't keep running away from different places (and the same situation) so the most I can do is hope that it all ends well. And that Gigi agrees with me going to the human world.

Someday this will all just be a crazy story I'll reminisce to my child. Until then, it's very much the crazy reality I have to live through.


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stay safe amores,
love from
gigi xx
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