The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: The Rejection

Ariana's POV

Feeling my head spin, I groaned both in pain and annoyance.
"I'm NEVER going to even TOUCH alcohol- let alone drink it!" I thought bitterly to myself as the bitterness of last night's drinks still flowed through my mouth. I've never drank before and very stupidly I chose to consume alcohol, for the first time in my life, at a party filled with imbeciles from high school. Imbeciles from high school that spiked the drinks.

Trying to get up, I jumped right back on to the bed when I realised that I was naked and the insides of my thighs ached. Scratch that, they burned. Which meant that I would have had sêx...
With who though? I'm still in my own room, right?

Looking around the room, I realised that this wasn't my room at all. I sniffed the air, which greeted my nose with a fresh smell of pine and mint. For good measure, I sniffed my armpit. Nope. Not me because I definitely don't smell like fresh pine and mint.

'Lena, are you there?'
I frantically asked my wolf, feeling much more alert in contrast to how I was feeling a few minutes ago.

"Lena can't come to the mindlink now. Why? Because she's dead!! HA!! I got you!!"
Lena squealed back, even thought I hadn't replied to her question.

"LENA!! This is NOT a joke! I think we found our mate, but I can't remember last night!"

"Last night" Lena sighed, "WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER!! We spent the whole night mating!"
Lena replied dreamily, as if she was in a trance. Maybe she had some cocaine, I'm not sure if she's high right now but she's definitely acting like it.

Feeling myself relax after Lena's very crude and slightly disturbing, bestiality condoning, summary of last night, I laid back. We found our mate! This is the biggest milestone you can hit as a were-teen!

The sound of the shower running could be heard and Lena was not surprisingly gushing on and on about how our mate is 'SO SÊXY', and 'A MONSTER IN BED'.

No matter how much I was both cringing and smiling at those words, a thought crossed my mind.

"Lena, you never told me who our mate is!"
I'm panicking now- here I was previously relaxing at the thought of our mate, but I've just now established that I don't even know who he is?!

"Relax Ari, his name is-"

"You're still here?"
Lena was cut off by a deep, husky voice.
Surprised, I look around to find the owner of the panty-dropping voice.

And to my luck, it was no one other than Dmitri. Not just any old Dmitri. ALPHA DMITRI KINGSTON. Lucky me.

'Isn't he hot?", Lena drooled, 'His Wolf Hayden is AMAZING!!'
Lena continued, as if our mate hadn't just disrespected us.

'Shh! Lena! Learn to read the damn room because this is most definitely NOT the time or place for this Lena!!'
I managed to shut her up and was now working on mustering up the courage to reply to Dmitri.

"Of course I am still here", I chuckled awkwardly before adding;
"We're mates and uh...we did uh we completed the bond yesterday- well almost because we still have to mark each other hehe so what makes you think I'd leave?"
I let out an awkward laugh. Just being near this guy made me wet down there. I internally groaned at my arousal.

'Hold your horses cowboy', Lena teased,
'We did WAYYYYY more then just getting wet by this guy....if ya know what I'm saying..'
Lena dragged the word 'way' which made me turn red and mentally curse at her before blocking our connection.

"-re you deaf?" I was brought out of my amazing (note the sarcasm) conversation with Lena by two rough, calloused hands shaking my shoulders.

"Huh..oh er what?" I questioned, feeling stupid for embarrassing myself in front of my mate.

"Why are you still here?" Said my ever so loving mate, whilst looking at me as if I was trash. Or even below trash. It's like me and Lena forgot how much of an egotistical cûnt this guy was. Dmitri Kingston is so self absorbed it's hurtful. It's painful to bear witness to.

"We're mates.."
You see, my answer sounds a bit weak. But what else should I have said?
The fact that me and Dmitri are mates should be enough of a reasoning. Besides, why is he asking me? Why wouldn't I still be here?

"I'm your mate, Dmitri. So don't disrespect me by asking me why I'm still here."
My reply was laced with a ferocious undertone that I didn't think I was capable of owning but for that I had the earlier conversation with myself to thank.

"I don't like you. And never would I EVER make YOU the Luna of the Moon Pack. My pack needs a strong Luna. Not a mere weakling like you. And what you said about us having yet to mark each other? I'm telling you now. I will never mark you."
Dmitri grit out, his eyes portraying a fire of anger.

Okay, OUCH.
What's wrong with him? Why is he saying this to me?
He does realise me and him are mates, right!?
With a completely shattered heart, I tried to reason with him using the same excuse that I had been 'weakly' using to plead with him earlier as well. The mate card.

"B-but we... we're m-mates..."
Is all I came up with. Pathetic I know.
Where was Lena when I needed her? Oh and her clever comebacks. As soon as I thought of her, I started to hear her whimpering at the back of my head. A piece of my heart broke at the pain my wolf was having to suffer through, all because our wolf didn't like us. For me apparently being a 'weakling'.

Dmitri visibly rolled his eyes at what I said. He wasn't going to budge.
"Look. You were a good fling but I hate even the slightest thought of you being my mate and The Lunar Moon Pack's Luna. Which is why, I Dmitri Kingston, reject you Ariana Descartes as my mate and future Luna."

The shock was too much. Not much of a surprise though. Dmitri has a reputation of sleeping around. PFFT. And here my stupid, naive arse thought he would actually settle down with me and we'd have the perfect life together.

'Ari, please don't reject him. I know his human is being a twat but his wolf Hayden wants us. Please don't do this.'

I blinked back an unshed tear. I didn't want to hurt my wolf, but if our mate was rejecting us then I had no choice, now did I?

"I-I ... Ariana Descartes accept your r-rejection as your m-mate and future L-Luna of the Lunar Moon Pack."

"Good. Now get out".
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