The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 20

Stella was waiting at the dark and somewhat creepy clearing. It was lit only by moonlight and that made it a tiny bit majestic but mostly scary. Before leaving she had kept her distance from Mia, who was going crazy trying to figure out where Ariana was, going as far as to set up a whole map of the town, even pinpointing locations and people. Stella was shocked, even, at her younger sister’s dire need to find her friend. Surely Ariana wasn’t that special.

Regardless of her work in trying to find her best friend, all of Mia’s efforts would go to no avail. Ariana was long gone by now. Stella had won this battle. Maybe if Dmitri stopped searching for that ugly idiot, Stella and Dmitri could finally be together. It is in Stellas true nature to be a Luna and no one could take that right from her.

What Stella couldn't stop thinking about, however, was about who would turn up at the clearing. Who was plotting against Ariana and why? Of course Stella had helped her leave but that was mainly due to her own jealousy and envy and greed. She couldn't bear seeing another person be the limelight in the lives of so many people. Ariana had no idea how many people she influenced with her foolish kindness and selflessness. It was rather humiliating, for Stella especially, to see most, if not all, of her fellow pack members dote after Ariana. She wasn't special.

Anyways, it was time for Stella to stop wasting her time thinking about that b!tch Ariana, she was gone by now and that's how things will remain.

"When Anthony first told me to go and sabotage that helpless girls mate, I was glad to see his mate was also on my side. He wanted nothing to do with her, that must hurt." The voice of a young woman, dressed in a navy blue pant suit, scared an uneasy Stella, for she couldn’t pinpoint the location of this person, whoever it was and wherever they were speaking from.

"Who are you? Where are you speaking from?" Questioned a confused Stella, looking from side to side but not finding an answer.

The unknown woman stepped out of the bushes and into the path of some pale, dusky moonlight.
"I'm Megan." She had wavy blonde hair, immaculate green eyes, a pointed nose, tightly pressed lips, and was dressed in an expensive looking navy blue coloured pant suit.

"I'm Ste-"

"I know who you are, Stella."

"How? And what do you want from me?"

"There's nothing more we want from you."


"Oh my bad. I should've clarified, this is an operation that me and Anthony are running. We cannot disclose the exact reason for it but we can applaud you for your help."

"What help? And why can't you tell me?"

"You aided us in something we needed urgent help in; getting rid of Ariana. And we can't tell you because classified means classified."

"So why did you call me? And what's the point of this meeting if you're not about to tell me what you had against Ariana?"

"You're slow. It's not cute. As I've said at least a billion times by now, this was to praise and reward your efforts. Speaking of rewards, what would you like?" Megan’s rude words astonished Stella who was always used to being the top dog. It felt strange for her to be cussed around by some Megan.

"I don't really need anything."

"Oh come on now. Don't pull this saint act on me, we both know how greedy you are." Chuckled Megan, the moonlight bouncing off her pointed features and making her seem even more evil.

"This doesn't make any sense..."

"What's not making sense in that small brain of yours?"

"You do realise I could just go up to Dmitri and tell him what you guys-"

"Tell him what? That you made his ex mate flee? That would work...if he even cared for her in the slightest. But he doesn't. And if you ever even think of spilling details about this little chat of ours, consider your beloved family dead." Megan blackmailed Stella in a bid to get her to drop the idea of going up to Dmitri.

"Okay okay, I won't tell anyone. But I saw Dmitri leading a pack search today."

"What? When and where did you see that?"

"I don't know it was maybe somewhere in the pack fields, I don't know for sure-"

"What?! Be specific for the Moon Godess' sake!" Shrieked a fuming Megan, yanking out a little notepad and pen from her back pocket and glaring at Stella in await of an answer.

"Nothing, I was only joking. Haha as if Dmitri would EVER lead a pack search for that idiot Ariana. He hates her." Stella was confused at Megan's antics and so she decided to easily and smoothly lie through her teeth about having never seen Dmitri leading a pack search for Ariana.

Technically he could've been leading a pack search for anyone. It didn't have to be for Ariana specifically. Stella probably would've told Megan the true entire story if it wasn't for how shocked and angered she looked. She had to get Megan on her side, and Megan needed to get Stella on her side. Both she wolves were using each other, Megan's reasons for getting to Stella were yet unknown to Stella, but it had something to do with Ariana. Stella, on the other hand, wanted to know why exactly this 'Megan' and some other guy called 'Anthony' were so hung up on Ariana. What did they want from her?

"Are you sure? Please let me know if it's true or not?" Megan pleaded, her previous bossy character melting away as she begged for answers from a devious Stella in the middle of the clearing. Neither of the she wolves were saints, but had become devils working for causes they didn't even fully realise the impact of.

"Why would I lie to you, trust me, it's a lie. I just made a joke to lighten the mood, sorry if it took you off guard!" Stella grinned apologetically, inwardly cussing at Megan and how rude she was earlier.

Megan's phone rang, and Stella's false reassurance was cut off by Megan's rushed ramblings.
"Look, I have to go, but if anything happens- you see or hear anything suspicious, here's how you can contact me. See you soon." Megan shoved a white business card with minimal information on it to Stella, before dashing off into the woods, off to do Moon Goddess knows what.

This entire ordeal left Stella feeling shaken up and scared. If news got out that there were potential conspirers against the much beloved Alpha Dmitri, then the town would literally fall apart. Treason was seen as a huge crime in the werewolf world.

Stella found Megan's antics...strange, to say the least. The way she was so bossy at first, blackmailing Stella here and there to achieve her silence and then pleading her for answers, till she eventually just ran off into the woods when she got a call.

Who called her? Why didn't they just mind link her? Since they didn't, was she involved with humans, and if yes then why? Stella tried to remember her scent but it's as if there was no trace of her. She smelt of nothing. Not of a she wolf, not of a vampire, not of a fairy, not of a goblin, not even of a human. Whichever potions or methods she might've been using to keep her scent under control, definitely worked because Stella couldn't sniff out any trace of her.

Stella trudged the walk back home lost deep in her thoughts. All she could think of is why and how Megan and some Anthony were doing whatever it is that they are doing. Stella devised a plan: she'd bring Megan onto her side by playing dumb and acting as if she hated Ariana- which wasn't so much of a difficult task- and then she'd gain Megan's trust. She could feed her lies about the pack so as to not give away any crucial information. Every now and then she could give them a sliver of the truth to keep them hooked, but then follow that up with hefty amounts of pure lies. After she gains Megan's trust, she'll possibly be rewarded with the reason as to why Megan and Anthony are conspiring against the Lunar Moon Pack, or against just Ariana.

"Mia, I'm home." Stella yelled out loud, to which there was no response.

There was a note on the kitchen counter by Stella and Mia's parents which stated that dinner was on the stove and that they were staying over at the pack house for tonight to reassure the pack about some rogue issue, and how it wouldn't affect them because the pack is efficient in dealing with the pesky problem of wolves.

"Mia I'm warming up dinner, should I dish some out for you? MIAAA?" Stella yelled once again, annoyed at her little sisters habit of never replying whenever she shrieks for her.

'Ugh this kid!' Grumbled Stella as she stomped up the stairs.

"Mia what on Earth are you- Mia? Mia come out, come out wherever you are...Mia? This isn't funny Mia, grow up." Mia's room was empty, mainly because she wasn't there. Her covers were strewn across which made it seem like she had sprung up and left the house in a hurry. Her desk was messy, too, with papers dispersed all over it and on the floor. Her little mystery board of who helped Ariana flee was also up, with annotations carried out in red and links made with a yarn string.

Stella almost felt...bad for Mia. Ariana was Mia's best friend and now she had left. After leaving a letter, of course, which Stella had...edited in a not-so-nice way. In Stella’s opinion, the only way she could try and ease her sisters suffering, is if she researched into why Megan and Anthony were set on bringing about the downfall of the Lunar Moon Pack, specifically of Dmitri and Ariana.
Then, she could blame Ariana leaving on Megan and Anthony, and pass it off as their malicious plan or such.

For now, she needed two things: food and sleep. Tomorrow, she’d begin her investigation. Dark times faced the Lunar Moon Pack, Ariana faced a new life in an unfamiliar world, Dmitri faced losing his mate, Mia faced losing her best friend, the Descartes family faced losing their daughter/sister.

The small cloud of darkness that was brought about by Ariana leaving was about to swallow the entire Lunar Moon pack whole.

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