The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 21

I was sitting in the guest room, just daydreaming about anything and everything really, when Gigi walked in. I sat up and greeted her, when she began talking.

"Hey, Ari, I've been thinking over what you said...and I agree with you. You need to do what you think is best for you and your pup." Gigi's words startled me, but completely relieved me of my worries. I had been so worried about not seeing eye to eye with Gigi and upsetting her. That would've been terrible, especially considering how sweet she has been to me, taking me in when I had nowhere to go.

"Awh Gigi, thank you so much! I've been so worried about your reaction and-"

"No I understand your worries. I shouldn't have acted the way I did." Gigi
smiled sadly but I could tell there was more to the conversation than she was letting on.

"Gigi, I feel like something is bothering you. Please don't bottle it all in, I'm here to listen."

"I's just...well I've not really had a friend around in so long. Recently my brother found his mate, but she...did not see herself as someone that would be mated. It was tough dealing with her because she just wouldn't talk to me, you know?" Gigi cried, and my heart wept for her. I'd feel terrible if Knox's mate didn't talk to me or see herself as someone who shouldn't have a mate.

"I'm sure she'll settle in soon and you will no doubt make friends in your pack, what about your old friends from this pack?" I reassured.

"They sort of left me..."

"What? Why?"

"After I got pregnant with Anaxi, all sorts of rumours spread about me."

"What kinds of rumours?"

<TW: Mention of self harm>

"All sorts of untrue and mean rumours. Those rumours just really messed me up...both mentally and physically. I began self harming, I longed to die. I even thought about killing Anaxi..."
Gigi began sobbing, tears trailing down her cheeks in seemingly never ending streaks.

"I'm so sorry for blubbering like this- gosh you probably think I'm crazy, I'm so sorry for-"

"No it's okay, stop apologising! You needed to get all of this out of your system, bottling this up wouldn't help at all!"

"Thank you, Ari. You'll make a great Luna one day." Gigi smiled sadly.

"I could've been a great Luna...but that's not what the Moon Goddess had planned out for me." I smiled back, not annoyed at the fact that I had lost a chance to be Luna. Lunas are women who are respected by the entire pack and how could someone expect to be respected by an entire pack when their own mate doesn't respect them?

"You still possess all of the amazing qualities that Lunas have. Your future child is lucky to have such a brilliant mum." Gigi hugged me.

"Right, dinner is being set as we speak, I'll go and fresh up and give you some time to do the same, and then we'll see each other downstairs for dinner?" Gigi wiped her eyes and questioned me.

"Sure!" I responded. I was quite hungry, even though I had eaten in large amounts throughout the day.

Gigi left the room, closing the door as she left, and I took my time in washing my face, applying moisturiser and brushing my hair.

Gigi and Balaj's house was quite big, and I couldn't remember where Gigi and Balaj's room was, even though Gigi had shown me around the entire house just yesterday. All I could remember is that it was in the Alpha corridor a few flights up the stairs, but there were loads of rooms in that corridor. So instead of hunting down Gigi and Anaxi, I decided to go to the dining room, where Anaxi was sitting, playing with a few of his Lego toys.

"Hey Anaxi!" I cooed and picked him up, it had taken him a while, but eventually Anaxi had warmed up to me. He's such a sweet baby, I can't wait to have my own child. Babies are so cute, but also so much work.

I was playing with Anaxi when a large crash noise sounded, red lights started flashing, and the blaring noise of a deafeningly loud alarm resulted in Anaxi crying.

"You must take little Anaximander into the shelter, follow me!" One of the maids instructed me, starting to pull me along with her.

"Wait, where's Gigi? And why's the alarm blaring?"

"Gigi knows the way to the shelter, and there's many maids on her floor, she'll be safe, we must get Anaximander into the shelter now! There's been a rogue attack!" Another maid spoke, practically steering me into wherever the shelter was.

"Take Anaxi, I need to find Gigi."

"Gigi will be angry at us for letting you go, Ariana Descartes, you need to come with us!" Pleaded a maid but I needed confirmation that Gigi was alright. I should've checked for her before coming downstairs. At least that way I'd know she was safe.

"Take him and go! Now!" Lena surfaced and bellowed orders to the maids, who complied, rushing off into the direction of the shelter with Anaxi. I'd go to the shelter too, but only after I found Gigi. Come to think of it, I can't remember if Gigi even showed me the shelter. Which is another reason why I should find her so she could lead us both to the shelter, safely.

I rushed back up the stairs to a floor that had a sign stating that was the Alpha and Luna floor.
I opened all the doors and didn't find Gigi. There was one door left, and I could hear Gigi shouting and trying to open the door.

"Gigi? Are you in there?"

"Ari, it's me! The door locked on my way in and I can't get out! Why is the alarm blaring?"

"I'll get you out of there, hold on. The maids took Anaxi to the shelter, they were taking me too but I needed to get to you first."

"Where was Anaxi? I left him in his room. And what shelter? Where did Martha take him?"
Whilst maintaining conversation with Gigi, I looked around for things to help me open the door. In the corner, completely jammed behind the corner radiator, was a shiny metal key poking out. It was a hard task pulling it out of its space, but I managed to do so.

"Anaxi was downstairs, I thought you'd brought him down but you weren't there so I assumed one of the maids brought him down."

"Ari, what maids?? Only Martha is working today!"

"Are you sure? There were about four, two of them tried to get me and Anaxi into the shelter, but I needed to find you first."

"What did they look like?"

"Maid uniforms, two had blonde hair and the others had black hair, and all of them had green eyes."

In between my rushed description of the maids, I managed to open the door to the room Gigi was in only to find her face coated in an expression of pure horror.

"Ari those weren't maids."

Well sh!t then.


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