The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 23

It had been five years since Ariana Descartes left the Stellar Moon Pack in the past. A whole five years since she had relocated to a different world. A human world. Regardless of the very much varying species Ariana had to live amongst, she still managed to thrive.

Mia had given up trying to search for Ariana when Ariana herself came into contact with her friends and family. A month or two after she left, she began calling Knox, Mia and her parents through a burner phone.

Stella never heard from the woman she met in the woods ever again, despite her trying to reach out to them. It was as if they'd never existed, which made Stella question if the guilt of sending Ariana away was mentally taking its toll on her. Mia never told Stella about Ariana's phone calls, or about the time they went to the neighbouring 'Nebula Pack' for cute little Elora's third birthday.
But today Stella had heard Ariana call Mia and she heard 'the human world'. Stella was overjoyed at this. It was her time to shine! She could patch the two back together again and then she wouldn't feel guilty for sending her away again! Brilliant. Stella practically skipped over to the Alpha house, eager to tell Dmitri.

It had been two years since Elora's birthday and Ariana was unable to throw another one for her at Gigi's pack due to the rising rogue issues in al the packs, regardless of how strong they were in terms of skilled warriors and harsh Alphas.

As for Dmitri, he threw himself into his work. The night of his birthday party he replayed cctv of a cloaked woman entering the pack hall and she poured an unknown substance into a single drink on a tray of drinks. That drink ended up being drunk by Dmitri. No wonder he couldn't remember anything- he was drugged. That wasn't it though, after the part he spotted his beautiful mate he went back to the bar for another shot of confidence, while he was looking back at Ariana, a cloaked woman came and added more of the unknown substance into his drink. That's why the effects off the drug lasted until morning.

It would be wrong if Dmitri was to blame it all on the drug, though, as he never knew how to share stuff. The beloved Alpha position only he inherited was his reason to live. He was an only child and an Alpha heir and the combination of those two usually end up as spoilt werewolves in most cases.

Dmitri recognised his huge mistake. Hayden, his wolf, would barely talk to him and his pack, although much harsher and cruel, had the heavy hole of not having a Luna. They needed a nurturing and caring figure to guide them alongside the brutal and evil Alpha they now had. But even after extensive nearly five year searches they didn't find her. It was as if she had disappeared. And so had his pup. Dmitri cried at the thought of his pup growing up without him. He had made not only his mate suffer, but also his little pup. That poor soul was innocent and yet they have to lead such a depressing life.

Dmitri's parents had warmed back up to Dmitri, though not quite as much as they used to. Now they're a lot more stricter and it's as if there was a business relationship between the three, not a personal. Ari's parents had stopped talking to Dmitri's parents. The two couldn't bear to look at the face of the parents of the werewolf who ruined their daughters life. Dmitri's parents now pestered him to marry someone and make her Luna.

"Dmitri it's been five years. She's not coming back. The pack needs a Luna." Spoke Gretel in a factual manner.

"I agree. Son, even you need a partner. I know you still love her but you're the one who rejected her. I don't think she's coming back." Agreed John.

"No. My actual mate is Ariana. My only mate. We have a pup together. I will find her and she will be Luna because it's her position to fill. Got that?" After displaying his obvious distaste at his parents' advice, he stormed off but was stopped by his father.

"I have been lenient enough to let you lead the entire pack for five years with no Luna. If you aren't planning on getting a new Luna then you know who the Alpha position could go to."

"Dad this Alpha position is mine and MINE ALONE. Your obsession with that little bastard Tony has to stop."

"Do NOT disrespect my family!"

"Dad I am YOUR family! I am your son. Or is little TONY your son??"
Dmitri stormed off, his anger taking the best of him. He couldn't believe his father and the nonsensical stuff he said.

On his way out of the outside gates, he bumped into Stella. His mood worsened even more. He had grown to become incapable of being near she wolves that weren't his mate.

"What the hell do you want?" He scowled, dismissing the urge to shove her out of his way.

"Alpha I know where Ariana-"

"It's Luna for you. Get it right." He grit out.

"My apologies, Alpha, I know where Luna is."

"Where is she? Has she spoke to you? Is she safe? How's the pup?? Answer me you fool!"

"She's in the human world. I am going to try and convince her to come here-"

"Convince?! I'm barely breathing without her and you're going to try and convince her? If she doesn't come back willingly, I swear to the Moon Goddess I'll drag her back myself."

"Alpha, I fear if I'm too persistent she won't agree. I have a plan to ensure she definitely comes back."

"What plan?!"

"I'll tell her to come over for her parents' wedding anniversary which is on the 21st. I'll say it's a surprise party and she'll most likely attend." Stella explained, her plan instantly calming Dmitri down.

Their conversation was only cut down due to the nearing pack warriors, and since Dmitri didn’t want them hearing about Ariana’s return, he sent Stella on her way.

"The warriors are approaching. Go. Hurry up and get her here. Or you'll be sentenced to life imprisonment in the dungeons." Dmitri wasn't about to take any chances, he needed to further motivate Stella to bring Ari back, although he's still quite unaware of what her current motivation is.

His mate was coming back.

This time, he wouldn't let her leave.

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