The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 26

thank you all for patiently waiting for this update. from september I’ll be in a crucial year of my education thus far so I’ll obviously have a lot more to focus on. I’ll still try my best to update weekly but I can’t promise anything.
feel free to point out any mistakes, comment your thoughts of the chapter, and vote if you enjoyed it <33


"What do you want, Dmitri?" I managed to grit out, not failing to notice the crowd that had surrounded us, all of whom were on Dmitri's side.

"There's only one thing I want. And you know what that is."

"Stop speaking in riddles." I was anything but happy -obviously- but I had to speak to Dmitri in a happy tone so that Elora didn't catch on to anything. For a literal child she had a real sharp sixth sense for stuff like this. She could always tell if something was off. I didn't need her knowing whatever it is that Dmitri will no doubt shriek about within the next few seconds.

Elora was getting a bit anxious and stressed looking at me and Dmitri. Children always notice the little things. But to be fair, she isn’t the only one reacting to the current situation as the hatred I have for Dmitri is practically radiating off of me and his want for me is spicing up the air with a rather dirty smell, I might add.

"Oh baby look, there's some marshmallows on that shelf- do you fancy getting some for yourself- and for Uncle Knoxy? You know he's a greedy thing!" I put down Elora who grinned with glee and started piling packets and packets of marshmallows into the trolley. Fck me I've only brought about £20.

"Hello? As I was saying-" Dmitri began growling but I was quick in cutting him off.

"Can we not do this in front of my little girl? Please?" I whispered to him, silently begging him with my eyes.

His eyes softened but a lack of trust was swimming around in his icy orbs.

"Yeah let's do this another time so that you can run away from me? And take my daughter with you?" Does this asscrack always have to be reminded that he's the reason his daughter was raised away from him?

Elora had by now finished shoving every single marshmallow packet into the trolley and stood there- giving Dmitri a confused look.

"Mama what's the man saying?"

"Nothing love, he's just asking for some cash." He's a whole Alpha. Not some crackhead at the shops asking for spare change and yet I'd painted him exactly as some crackhead. Oops.

He glared at me as he began to speak but once again he was cut off.

"I thought you said not to speak to strangers. And you said not to give weird men money. Bia from school said crackheads do drugs." Elora informed me. Sometimes with this child I feel like she's my mother and not the other way around.
And who on earth was this Bia kid telling the others about stuff like that.

She turned to Dmitri. "Drugs are bad for you Mr Man! You're not supposed to- to- to drugs." She stuttered. That's my girl. 'Don't to drugs' everyone!

"Yep, drugs are bad Mr Man!" I smirked at Dmitri who I could tell was at his breaking point.

"Now if you'll excuse us, we've got somewhere to be." I began pushing the trolley which was fated to be stopped by Dmitri- aka Mr Man himself.

"Let me pay for your shopping. Please?"
This was something he didn't say out loud. He mind linked me. Didn't our mind link end when he rejected me?

"I won't take no for an answer." He grumbled, clearly frustrated as one of his pack guards or whoever began piling our stuff onto the checkout.

"Well if you aren't going to take my no for an answer then by all means go ahead." I acted all annoyed but deep down I was glad because like I've previously mentioned- I only had about twenty quid on me which would not be sufficient due to Elora and the entire shelf of marshmallow packets that she had piled into the shopping trolley.

One of his minions packed all the shopping up and loaded it into the car boot. Another buckled Elora in and had a little session of rating Doc Mcstuffins and Lilo and Stitch with her whilst I spoke to Dmitri.

"Look, my dad is ill. Like really ill. So I'll be here for a while and I'm not leaving for a good time. You can come talk to me some other time."

"How do I know what you're saying is true?"

"Do I look like the type to leave my dad at his deathbed?"

"No but what about Elora? When do I get to see her?"

"We'll discuss more about all of that when I'm free. Now can you please let me go back to my deathly ill father?"

"Look, I really want to be involved in Elora's life. And yours too. I'm sorry for what I did-"

"This is so not happening. Sorry doesn't make up for the hell you put not only me through, but also my baby girl. Now can I go home??"

"Your home is with me."

"See that would make sense only if you hadn't rejected me all those years back. But oh wait- you did reject me. So my home is actually anywhere but with you."

"In time you'll realise we're made for each other. We can't go against the Moon Goddess' wishes."

"Look who's talking! The clown of the year award goes to...Dmitri Kingston! You are the one who rejected me, you âsshole. Don't be talking about the 'Moon Goddess' wishes' in front of me. You didn't give a rats arse about her wishes three years ago so what changed?"

"I realised I made a mistake and I-"

"And you thought you'd give a simple little sorry and I'd come running back to your toxic arse? Please. Get over yourself."

His face visibly fell but his eyes snitched on his inter turmoil. He wasn't used to being talked back to. His Alpha side was not dealing well with all the disrespect. I could care less.

It's funny how he wants to play happy family now. Elora is my child. Sure he's the father, but from now and forever I have and always will be both her mother and her father figure. I've never let her sense the loss of a father. Sure she's asked me a few times, but that's plain curiosity.

No father is better than a terrible father.

"I need to go now." I buckled myself in the drivers seat, not before thanking the others for their help and sending Dmitri a soured glare, speeding away from the rumption Dmitri had created.

I had already tried being civil. I had even mind linked Dmitri- something I thought I wouldn't be able to do since he rejected me and I left the pack but the link was still there- and I tried my best to negotiate with him. I gave him the option of us talking somewhere else at some other time, but it would be obviously away from Elora since he can't be normal even for a second clearly. The entire time in the shop, he kept growling. Growling like a mad rabid dog.
A mad rabid dog that is no longer my problem- as of the past three years.

Elora is my child. And I'll be damned if I let anyone, especially Dmitri, take her away from me.
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