The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Coping

My wolf howled within me as I fell to the ground, clutching my chest in pain. I felt indescribable pain and everything in me began to ache. The heartbreak of being rejected by my mate was catching up to me.

He didn't even bother waiting for me to change. He left straight after he spewed those disgusting words from his mouth, straight at me. Why would he wait for me though? I'm not worthy of a wolf like Dmitri. I'm nothing compared to him.

Girls like me don't belong with boys like Dmitri. Look at him for Godess' sake! He's a living, breathing sex god! There's not a girl in this universe that wouldn't desire him. And then there's me. No one has ever even asked me out, not even as a joke back at the start of high school when it became a trend to fake ask someone out.

Why would he wait for me? It's not like he was my mate that would forever be in wait of me and treat me with the respect that any female deserves from her mate.

He had rejected me.

With that thought on my mind, I bitterly wore my clothes from last night. My underwear- a thong- was ripped from a very awkward place, which made me toss it to a corner somewhere, not wanting to risk a huge rash during the walk home.

I grabbed my clutch and ran out of the pack house. I didn't miss the glares I got from all the other pack members though.

"Look at her...pathetic", one woman 'whispered' to her friend. Even though I heard it loud and clear.

"Probably another one of Alpha's conquests. I heard Dylan talking about it earlier. He'd been dared to sleep with her. Imagine! Poor girl actually thought she had a chance with him!" The woman's friend replied, basking in the joy of humiliating someone.

I continued walking. I was hurt, yes. But I also knew that they were lying. My mate would never do that to me. They were literally waffling but let them go off and bark like the bîtches they are.

'He's not our mate. He rejected us. Remember?' Lena's sorrowful voice surfaced in my mind.
But me and Lena both knew of Dmitri's habits. Yes he slept around. But he didn't have 'conquests'. Girls willingly would sleep with him. In fact, every girl tried having a shot with him. They'd be considered lucky.
Besides, yesterday night, I was the one who was approached. It was our wolves that got us heated and all lustful for each other.

By now I had gotten to my house. I was lowkey scared of my moms reaction. And even more so, my dads. He was the old Beta of the Moon Pack, when Dmitri's dad was the Alpha. My dad would try killing Dmitri. Wait no, he wouldn't try, he'd actually kill Dmitri.

I hated myself for how I felt a pang of pain at the merest thought of Dmitri getting hurt.

'He's rejected us. He's doesn't want us to be his mate.' I reminded myself.

I was brought out of my thoughts when the door had swung open. Revealing my mother, very angry I might add.

"Err...hi", I mumbled, because after I had seen the look she gave me, I feared for my life honestly.

"Ariana Leah Roza Descartes! How dare you come home so late, that too without informing your friends OR me as to why you weren't answering our calls?!" My mother shrieked, all the while ushering me inside the house, so that no one could hear her go at me. Not that anyone would be around of course, seeing as those who have high statuses in the pack always have their own home away from the pack house for their privacy.

I spoke, all at once.

"Ariana! I'd like to hear that in ENGLISH PLEASE!"
Retorted my mother.

"Whoa whao whoa. What's going on here? No need to fight over me ladies."
Said Knox with a smirk. Knox was my annoying, aggravating and awkward brother. Who, at the age of just 15, had given my entire family such stress. Be it staying out late without informing us of his whereabouts and appearing days later, to missing school and when asked why he'd do so, he'd reply with
"I felt like it".

Thankfully for me, Knox had given me something to say to my mum.

"Funny how you ask me where I was mother, but what about Knox? Are we really telling him that it's okay for him to do such idiotic things whilst I get punished for doing the same things? The sexism is unrealll mom.." I replied with a quick waffling argument as a result of seeing my near end. Mum would most definitely kill me since I didn't bother leaving her a text yesterday. I was busy getting railed. Priorities.

"Ariana! Don't make this about Knox. You know it's not like that. Now tell me, where were you?"
If there was any playfulness or sarcasm in my mums voice before, it had all disappeared now. She was serious. She meant business.

"I met my mate. And he re-"

I didn't get to finish my sentence because my mum shrieked with glee, whilst pulling me into a tight hug.

I smiled awkwardly and patted her back. How do I tell her I've been rejected?

"Gary! OUR BABYS FOUND HER MATE!" My mum screamed up the stars, causing me and Knox to cover our ears whilst we looked at each other and cringed.

My dad came storming down the stairs.

"WHATS WRONG? IS EVERYONE OKAY?" He screamed back.

Me and Knox simultaneously snickered.

My mum playfully slapped dads chest.
"Nothings wrong, Gary! Our baby found her mate!" My mum grinned up at dad.

The happiness of knowing her daughter had a mate was sparkling in my mothers eyes, and I couldn't help but feel even worse for whenever I'd have to explain what happen.

"That's great news." My dad mumbled. But I could see the hurt in his eyes. When a she wolf finds her mate, she has to go and live with him. Because usually all the male wolves are of higher importance in a pack.
Which I hated by the way. Why couldn't the men leave? Eh, who cares, not like I was leaving my parents anytime soon. I'd probably die alone with around 40 cats that would attend my funeral, instead of dying like a normal werewolf who'd led a successful life alongside their mate and had a few kids along the way.

I decided to tell them I had been rejected. Their happiness was beginning to annoy me.
"There's no point in getting excited, mum." I whispered.

My mums eyebrow arched in curiosity, and my dads eyes stared at my in disbelief. Knox was sat down at the dining table, busily munching on MY REESES. Which he had probably stolen from MY CHOCOLATE STASH. Thieving little Ho€.

"My mate rejected me. He doesn't want me mum. No one does. Why did the moon goddess have to do this to me?" I practically wailed. As soon as I said the first sentence, my mum pulled me in a comforting hug. Slowly but surely feeling the weight of being rejected, I began bawling in her arms like a little infant.

"Shh...shh it's alright baby, he's not worth your tears hayatim"
(hayatim= my life), my mother whispered soothing words into my ears as she patted my back in an eager attempt to calm down her only daughter, with whom fate had played such a cruel game.

A lot was going on around me. Even though I lay in my mothers enveloping embrace, with tear streaked cheeks and messy, unbrushed hair, I couldn't have missed my fathers growls as he headed out of the door and slammed it shut.

"We'll get through this principessa, don't cry", came more words, with the purpose of calming me, from my mother.

I allowed myself to be lulled into a sleep, with thoughts of Dmitri clouding my mind.

Being rejected can't be that hard, can it?
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