The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5: Jojo Siwa's Closet

I was met by the snotty gaze of Stella. Now what in the duckety duck was she doing here?

What was she really here for? Moon Goddess forbid the idea of someone telling her of my rejection. I didn't need it to be rubbed in my face by two persons- Dmitri was already a painstakingly hot reminder.

"Ari! Come here sweetie!" My mom beckoned me and I wasn't sure how to feel at this exact moment.

Surely mother knew that I don't get along with Stella? But to be fair she probably thought I'd get along with Stella since she's Mia's sister and Mia is my only friend.

"Ari! Are you coming or not!?" I heard my now angry mother bellow from the living room, the sound making me whoosh over to where she was.

"You need a dress for tomorrow and I'm not going to hear otherwise from you honey, and Mia here has kindly offered to make you one so don't give her a hard time." Mom stated in a rush and was on her way out of the room when I stopped her.

"Mom? Where are you going? And where's dad and Knox?" I questioned, slightly confused about the whereabouts of Dad and Knox.

"Knox is sleeping over at the pack house tonight with his friends and Dad and I have some pack business to attend to. Don't stay up too late waiting for us, okay?" Mom spoke and left but not before kissing me on my forehead.

I took a big gulp and walked inside. Not sure what I was expecting to see but it sure as hell wasn't the sight of Mia cramped between so many pouffy and sparkly dresses.

"Now Ari, I know this is tough for you and believe me-"

My confused gaze was enough to cut off Mia's ramblings. How did she know what was going on? Sure I had yet to fill her in about everything that had happened but this entire thing was mine to tell Mia. For the Moon Goddess' sake, I'm the one who got rejected darn it!

I don't mind my mother telling Mia. Nope I really don't. But it's the fact that Stella's at my house right now, probably listening in on our convos in the hallway. Not like she needed to eavesdrop anyways. She'd probably already been told that I'd been rejected and Stella being Stella she would probably be rejoicing right now. To her my pain and sadness was joy.

"What? Oh, your mother explained everything to me so don't worry Ari. It'll be alright I promise you." Mia gave me an apologetic look and then pulled me into one of her bone crushing hugs.
For someone who was an inch shorter than me- even though I'm not exactly tall or average height either, she definitely had a lot of strength in her, which was displayed whenever she gave one of her infamous hugs.

"So what's with all the sparkly shît? I swear my eyes are burning with the amount of glitter in this room.", I pretended to rub my eyes as if there was glitter in them. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses, and even more I love wearing dresses. But this? These hideous pieces on the floor made me want to puke.
It was as if I'm in Jojo Siwa's closet or underground lair. I shuddered at the thought of how glittery and colourful the mental image I had created was.

"Hey Ari! That's no way to talk about the materials that are going to make you look like an actual bad bîtch!" Mia scolded me, and I had to take a look around the room to make sure my mom had left and hopefully didn't hear Mia swear.

Mom wasn't in the room thankfully, which brought my attention back to Mia and what she had just said.

"Mia. I love you Mia. You know that, don't you? But I am not going to model a glittery rainbow dress for you. No way, you know I hate wearing dresses with so much glitter on, don't you?" I responded to Mia.
Since she still hadn't given me an actual reason as to why she was sitting in my living room which was currently transformed with enough glitter to look as if it was Jojo Siwa's bedroom, I assumed that Mia was making another dress for her 'collection'. Mia was very skilled in making and designing dresses and although I didn't feel comfortable modelling them to others, I always tried some on just for Mia and even gave her feedback on them.

"Listen up, Ari. You are and always will be a pretty bad wolf. Okay? And I'm making you a sexy dress so that your âsshole of a mate regrets his little reject." Mia declared, a heavy tone of determination coating her entire mini speech and I was scared. Don't get me wrong, Mia would never even step on an ant- not even accidentally, but it was times like this that she seemed so scary.

I know you're probably wondering, how on earth could someone as 'sweet' as Mia be scary? Well, let me give you an example.
There's that time she tried setting the local supermarket on fire because the cashier had recognised her fake ID when she tried to ease him into letting her buy a bottle of Bicardi. Or that time she ripped up everyone's finals because everybody kept complaining about how they'll probably fail so she went and got rid of those worries for us. Trust me- the examples continue but I'll leave it there for just now.

"Now don't just stand there and look at me like a brainless chimp. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm sexy and all but neither of us swing that way- we both like poles." I grimaced at Mia and her dirty words. Where was the holy water when you needed it the most?

"Here. Go change into this. Pronto!" Mia threw a dress at me and clapped her hands as if I was some circus monkey that would dance to her beat.

Knowing I had no choice in this matter, I grabbed the dress and walked into the hallway bathroom to quickly change.

It was a wine red velvet dress, with spaghetti straps and a low neckline and I couldn't help but feel so exposed and naked. Sure it was a pretty dress, but there was no way that I was going to wear this. What if I was getting up and people could see my panties as well?

Besides, it would gather me unwanted attention from any unnamed wolves that would be there, rather than Dmitri's attention. A sharp pang made itself known within the four chambers of my heart at the thought of Dmitri not paying any attention to me.

I wiped away the tears that threatened to slide down my cheeks and washed my face. I needed to stay strong. I can't keep on being weak like this.

Suddenly the remembrance of the fact that tomorrow the Luna would be announced made me nauseous and without warning I began spilling the contents of my half eaten dinner into the toilet. Fun times.

I flushed the toilet and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash. I didn't get any vomit on the dress but I did manage to make it smell like the absolute definition of foul and disgusting. Which was of course, a huge plus on my side, seeing as I would no longer have to wear that dress. Thank the moon goddess.

A harsh knock on the bathroom door brought me back to reality.

"Ariana! Hurry up woman! I asked you to change into the dress not bloody make a dress! And what's that horrid smell? Gosh someone open a window!" Mia squealed and I grimaced at the realisation that us wolves had super enhanced and heightened senses so she could smell the vomit almost as if it was right in her nostrils, despite the fact that she had come from all the way from the living room.

Opening the door, I stepped out of the bathroom with a grim look on my face, and my teeth gritted in await of Mia's reaction to me changing back into my previous clothes which consisted of a baggy tee shirt and sweatpants.

Mia came sauntering over and surprisingly enough she wasn't mad at me for changing. In fact she slapped her backhand against my forehead and transformed her mouth into an 'o' shape of confusion.

"You did vomit, didn't you?" Mia asked worriedly.

"Relax Mia it was probably something bad I ate for dinner." I lied, hoping that Mia wouldn't catch on to my lies.

"I know for a fact that that isn't true Ariana! Your mom told me herself that you ran away from dinner!" Mia scowled, she was obviously angry at me for lying but I knew she was worried about my health is all.

"Listen, Ari. I know it's been tough on you having such a bâstard of a mate- Dmitri. But life does not end when a shitty person rejects you, okay? You need to stop moping around about that bîtch and focus on yourself and your happiness. I know you act as if you don't care or as if the thought of Dmitri doesn't bother you but I know it does. You're still that optimistic little Ari who had the most positive outlook on life no matter what the universe threw at her. Now stop staring at me and come and eat."
Mia declared, leaving not even an inch of space for any refusals on my behalf.

Knowing I had no choice in this matter, I sauntered over to the kitchen, closely following behind Mia as if she was mama duck and I was a lost little chick.

"I can't believe this. She doesn't eat. Tsk. Stupid h0€ how is she going to get her nutrients? Dumb child for real-" Mia stopped her ramblings under her breath and turned abruptly so she was now facing me.

"What? Don't look at me like that." I nervously said, a bit scared of the clogs turning in Mia's suspecting mind.

"You vomited because you said you ate something bad for dinner, right?" Mia queried, her eyes holding a knowing gaze.

Nodding my head yes I continued to stare at her in confusion- where was she going with this?

"But you barely ate dinner. And even if dinner made you sick- why didn't anyone else get sick? Knox ate the rest of your food when you left. And so did Mr and Ms Descartes- they ate the food and nothing happened to them. So dinner made you sick? Unlesss it's not dinner. Unless you're pregnant. You're vomiting because this is morning sickness and you're pregnant." Mia finished, her confident voice making me shake in disbelief.

There's no way I was pregnant. I haven't even- wait I did it with Dmitri. But there's no way someone could have symptoms within one week or more, right?

"This is nonsense, Mia. Stop chatting bull shît. There's no way symptoms would show so early. It's literally been a week or so. And why am I having 'morning sickness' in the evening? Huh? Explain that then you little gynaecologist." I huffed in denial, somewhat angry that Mia was suspecting this.

"Wow. Okay calm down Ari, I didn't think of that. But it still is a possibility and you can't deny that." Mia mumbled still giving me her 'I knew it' look.

"What?! No, Mia. I'm not preggo okay? So just drop this idiotic idea right into the bin and let's not speak of this again." I stated, leaving no room for an argument and walked into the kitchen.

"Okay I'm sorry Ariana. I won't talk about it if it bothers you, okay?" Mia spoke softly, giving me a warm hug and handing me the plate of food she had been piling up for me in between her debate about me being pregnant.

"Thanks Mia. Aren't you eating?" I questioned, feeling a bit greedy for shoving food into my mouth like an untamed animal whilst she just stood there and watched.

"Nope. I still have to get cracking on that dress of yours." Mia winked before continuing,
"And you best finish everything on that plate, if you want to see the light of dawn ever again." Mia threatened, her voice going deeper with every word of threat.

"Y-yes Ma'am" I fake stuttered and gave her a false salute of approval.

"Good. And you said you didn't like the red dress- do you want me to make a longer emerald coloured one? The colour emerald looks great on you!"
And without waiting for my response Mia sauntered out of the room and back to the living room to make only the goddess knows what a colourful catastrophe she'll be making.

I scraped the contents of my plate clean and washed it, dried it, and left the kitchen but still sat at the table for a while, wondering what would happen tomorrow.

Would I be able to face Dmitri?
Hold up a second- where did everyone go?
And why was Stella here?

Just as I was about to call out for Mia, the sounds of a high heel stomping the ground and the sickly sweet smell of a Victoria's Secret perfume clouded my nose and- you guessed it- made me feel nauseous.

"I heard your mate rejected you- how sad." Smirked Stella, her words stabbing me deeply at the mention of my rejection.

So someone did tell her.

"Although, I can't say I'm surprised. Look at you." Stella droned, all her atrocious attempts to make me angry worked.

I can't erase this fact from Stella's memory but I can sure as hell hope that she doesn't know who exactly rejected me, right?

"Stella! Stella?" Shrieked Mia, hobbling over from the living room, absolutely covered in ribbons and lace.

"There you are! Now come with me and help me put together Ari's dress." Mia walker over to Stella and began dragging her alongside herself.

Stella walked on but not before mumbling a harsh; "What does she even need a dress for?" which was followed by a loud 'thump' noise- my guess is that Mia probably smacked her. Good.

Not wanting to stick around and hear more nonsense and sarcastic remarks from my dearest Stella, I stomped up the stairs to my room and opened the balcony door, staring out into the open sky.

Tonight was a full moon, an enchanting, scintillating moon that threw its moonlight around the bushy forest as if a dusky shade of glitter was scattered on top.

I sighed before uttering a silent word of prayer to the moon goddess.

"Please don't fail me oh Moon Goddess. Please don't give Dmitri the chance to hurt me tomorrow. Please?" I begged, probably looking like a psycho to any normal human passing by. Then again no sane human would be walking by a forest at like midnight?

I was just about to sleep when I heard sounds of numerous thumps from the forest. Not being bothered enough to check, I lay back in bed- today had been way too eventful as it was already and I was so not ready to face another possible disaster.

It was finally time for a much needed rest-before tomorrow, where I was sure calamity would brew.
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