The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6- Today's The Day

Today was the day. Today was the day where Dmitri would be announced the new Alpha of the Lunar Moon Pack. Dmitri would officially be my Alpha. And perhaps he'd also announce his Luna. Although only the Moon Goddess must know who his new Luna would be.

I groaned, turning over in my blissful bed. Who needs Dmitri when you have sleep?

Not me, I thought, sighing as I turned to face my room door. It's like I could already predict someone was to walk in and ruin my lovely time.

Surprise surprise, the door opened and tumbling in came an annoyed Mia.

"What!? You're still in bed Ari!!" Squealed Mia.

"That's what he said", finishing off my sentence with a wink, I was met with cushion thrown at my face- through means of Mia.

"Technically he said; 'you're still here?' but let's not go there". Lena voiced my exact thoughts and I was surprised at how good she was at reading my mind.

"Your mind block is not on, dummy."
Ah. And there we have it. Lena the Einstein, only hairier, sassier and dumber, in her natural form spoke.

"Ari! This isn't a time to joke around! Can you at least try to be serious, just for today?" chastised an angry Mia.


I threw my right arm over my chest and pattern the area where the heart is.
"Ah! You hath wound me, dear Mia!"

Mia threw a cushion right at me, clearly not playing along or catching on to my obviously playful tone.

"Jeez relax, Mia! What's crawled up your âsshole and died?" I screeched, tossing the pillow away from me.

"Ari don't even try testing my patience today because you are running it thinner than James Charles' non existent arse!" Oop. So she's angry angry.

"Technically he does have an arse it's just-" my defence of James Charles' back side was stopped with just a single yet such a ferocious glare from Mia.

She walked through my room, casually flung open my wardrobe and began chucking all my boots out.

"You know, just make yourself at home I guess. Yep keep throwing those Doc Martens out. Not like I paid for them and they'll probably be damaged by the inhumane speed you're throwing them at." I shrugged my shoulders as I hit back at Mia with the most sarcasm filled mini speech.

"Shut up Ari! Goddess how can you not have a pair of silver heels! Grrr!"
Mia scolded me as if I had just committed the biggest crime on the planet. Dramatic much?

"What type of She wolf does not have at least nude heels?? Moon goddess give me strength, what monster have you created in the form of Ariana Descartes!? GRRR!"
On went Mia, on her rampage of carelessly chucking even more of my stuff. Amazing.

"Yikes Mia, calm down, it's not a big deal we can just-"

"Not a big deal?! Ariana Leah Roza Descartes, you do have a clue as to what is happening today or do I need smack the sense that you clearly lack back into you?!"
If Mia was angry before, she's definitely fuming now.

Mia pinched the bent bridge of her nose as if I was a difficult toddler she was dealing with.

"Ari. It is nearly two pm. You do not have silver heels. Not even nude heels! So pick your plump âss up, brush your teeth, and get dressed. We're going shopping."
Mia's strict tone left no room for an argument and I seriously did not want to piss her off any further than she already was.

"Miaaaa! Can we go now? You've literally made me buy twelve pairs that I won't even use!"

"Hush, child, and let the queen do her thing." I rolled my eyes as I watched Mia have her b!ngo! moment when she found a heel much taller than my current will to live.

"Uh, nope. No thanks."

"Come on, Ari, it's just heels!"

"Those? Oh no those are no heels those are a leathered death machine. I am not wearing those. Are you trying to make Dmitri jealous or break my feet?"

Mia slammed the heels down in despair, ready to give me a piece of her mind.

"I don't get it with you Ari!"
She threw her hands up to emphasise her non existent point.

"You're always wearing those boots with heels higher than my grades!"
Mia has always been a straight A student, for the reference.

"See that's the thing, with boots I don't care if my heel is taller than the Burj Khalifa because my feet are comfortable. Wearing boots with a high heel doesn't make me feel as if my leg will break off."
Mia gave me a what the fock look before her already huge eyes widened in disbelief.

"Oh. My. Moon. Goddess. IT'S SIX O CLOCK!"
Mia wasted no time in grabbing my arms, the rest of the bags on the floor and sprinting out of the shop.

People glared at us in disbelief, disgust and even pity- they probably thought Mia was a bit wonky in the head. I honestly don't blame them, imagine you saw someone running around a shopping centre like a headless chicken, dragging behind a defenceless person such as me, how could you not feel anything but pity for them?

The entire drive home, Mia drove like her life depended on it. No, scratch that, Mia drove as if her mate and her unborn child's life depended on it. Wow, talk about an intense atmosphere.

Before I knew it, we were back home and Mia was shoving me out of the car, grabbing the many bags and not locking the car.

"Mia! Your car, you didn't even bother to-"

"THE CAR DOES NOT MATTER! WHAT MATTERS IS YOU GETTING THAT PERKY ÂSS OF YOURS INSIDE THE HOUSE BEFORE I THWACK IT!" Mia screeched and in that moment I feared mostly for my ear drums and my hearing.

I took one look at Mia's angered face and raced up the steps, almost tripping over with the speed.

She hauled me up to my room, chucked an emerald green silk dress into my arms and shoved me into the bathroom, closing it.

"You have fifteen seconds to change. GO!"

Brilliant. Prisoner in my own house type of vibe, right?

Not wanting to find out what would happen if I disobeyed Mia and her command, I practically was born out of my clothes and stumbled into the dress Mia had made me.

I looked in the mirror and I was shocked, to say the least, when my eyes fell upon my reflection.

The dress embraced my very slight hourglass figure and highlighted my chest and especially my back. There was a knee high slit and the slit was defined by a line of pearls on both sides. The dress was beautiful and I was tearing up at the thought of Mia and her effort.

The door swung open by an angered Mia and she was just about opening her mouth to speak when I ran up to her and pulled her into an enthusiastic embrace.

Her hardened eyes softened and reflected the same happiness I had in my eyes.

"Mia thank you so much! This dress is beautiful! You spent so much time and effort on me and I've been challenging you every step of the way, I just want to say thank you for all that you do and for putting up with me."

Mia pulled me into yet another hug and silenced me.

"Don't mind me, you just know I had to make something that would make that âsshole regret what he did to you. Frankly speaking Ari, he will not be able to keep his paws off you. But I won't let him get near you because he's very clearly hurt you and I won't let you just run back into his arms like that. You're going to show him what he's missing. Got it, Chica?"

A sob or somewhat happiness left my mouth at Mia and her mini speech, this was so nice and cute of her and although Dmitri won't exactly be coming near me anyways, it still felt great knowing you had a best friend who would always back you up no matter what.

"Now don't get all teary with me, you know I hate crying."

I chuckled at Mia's statement, not that our little sentimental best friend moment lasted long anyways seeing as Mia dragged me over to my dresser and began chucking the contents out like a crazed woman on crack trying to find more crack.

"Now where's that foundation gone... tsk! Don't tell me I left it at home!" Mia threw her now empty leather make up bag at the wall and I feared for her current mental capacity.

"Umm Mia it's fine, just do makeup without foundation, foundation makes me feel all itchy and weird anyways."
Mia's grin put the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland to shame, she cackled and got to work, quick yet delicate.

Remembering the last encounter I had with foundation I grimaced. The last time I wore foundation was actually an expired one that Stella had swapped with Mia's new foundation and it had caused my entire face and neck to go completely red. A tomato is what I looked like for a good week before my grandma who lives in Oreville sent over some herbs that relaxed and cooled down the swelling. Point is, after having that experience with foundation- never mind it being expired or not, I just don't have the energy to wear any, I guess.

The fact that I'm an actual imp when it comes to applying make up doesn't help, either. Applying powder and blush is fine by me. Heck let me push my abilities a bit more when I tell you I can apply lip liner too- which is at times wonky but we don't talk about that, the only problem is eye makeup. Girls my age, heck even boys my age can be so artistic with make up and just know everything whereas I, Ariana am a complete clown. I can not apply eye liner, eye shadow and in general, eye makeup to save my life.

Due to being lost in thoughts of my own, I hadn't even noticed all the many times Mia was nagging at me to sit still or turn and whatnot, and now she was poking me which caused me to open my eyes and..oh my sweet moon goddess.

"MIA I LOOK SO SEXY!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" I practically cried whilst squishing Mia into a big bear hug.

"Hey hey! Keep the hugs to a minimum girl and ughhh don't do that!! Are you trying to get your makeup on me? Stop with all the thank you hugs because we still need to get you in your heels."

A pair of silver heels were shoved at my feet and away into the bathroom sauntered Mia, I began sliding my tiny feet into them. Yes, I'm a size four and werewolves with size four feet are considered microscopic. Yayyy. How fun, right?

Mia walked out of the bathroom looking nothing short of a model, she could put Kendall Jenner to shame and that's saying something.

"Oooh girl get ittt! If your mate is there he's going to have a hard time controlling a certain dong hehe."

Mia blushed at my statement;
"Really? You think it looks nice on me? And shut up Ari what are the chances of my mate being there?" Mia scoffed and of course I had to reply with a snarky statement.

"You never know, Mia. He might be there at the entrance, entirely charmed by how stunning you look." Sincerity leaked from my words, Mia had always doubted finding her mate, mainly because of the double standards within the werewolf community.

If a shewolf was independent and strong it really pissed off the males. Over time we have evolved our ways to fit in with the ever changing modern world but the primal instincts to protect and care for your mates has not left the males. They still think it's the start of the universe, where only Lycanthropes - wolves we've all descended from, existed and all the she-wolves heavily relied on their mates to do everything for them.

"Aww you're so sweet, Ari, but it's four minutes till eight o clock AND WE ARE STILL NOT AT THE EVENT!"

Mia hustled over to me and started, for the millionth time today, dragging me out of the house. She pushed a metallic bronze clutch into my hands, that did not in any way possible fit or match with my emerald green dress that had white pearls and silver heels.

With the brute force that Mia had practically packed me into her car with, I wondered if she was ever a bodyguard at Vinny's which was a club somewhere down the road near the town hall.
I referenced Vinny's because they have always had big, strong, marvellously muscled werewolves.

This one time, Knox and his friends came home with busted lips, black eyes, and handprints on their cheeks which left behind a stinging red colour.
At first we were all so shocked and worried and my mom was ready to call up Vinny's and personally duel anyone who had hurt her beloved son.
Turns out there had been a duty change so one of the guards had told mom exactly what had happened; Knox and his friends were trying to get in and drink with a fake license.
My mom congratulated the guards on their 'great job' and long story short, Marc and Carl are now on our Christmas card list. Crazy right? Just like my family.

"WE MADE IT!!" Screeched Mia and I had to politely remind her that she was sitting right next to me, not in the North Pole so there was no need for her to pop the cherries of my ear drums.

Inside the pack house, which was duly decorated to make it even more lavish than it already was, there were banners hanging, pictures of infant, toddler and teen Dmitri hanging around the walls with the occasional
"Aww" and "Ooo" being voiced by the pack moms.

This looked more like it was Dmitri's quinceñeara rather than the celebration of him becoming Alpha.

"Gosh Mia look at that table, doesn't that girl look like St-"
I turned to my left where just a couple of minutes ago Mia was standing but was no longer there. A group of girls laughed and pointed at me, probably thinking I was mentally a bit challenged.

My neck craned to try and see where she had gone off to but I didn't spot anything until I saw her blonde curls being caressed by one of Dmitri's warriors..?
Oh. My. Moon. Goddess. Has Mia just found her mate?? A surge of happiness welled within me for my best friend finding her mate. But soon enough a pang resonated against my heart. The thought of me never having a lovey dovey relation with my mate made me want to double up and cry. Of course Lena was no help at all.

"Aww do you think Dmitri is like that too? His wolf is.." Lena sighed dreamily and I yet again, had the wonderful opportunity to shut her up by reminding her of what our mate truly thought of us.

"Listen, Lena. It's getting quite exhausting having to explain this to you repeatedly. It's tough for the both of us, but I thought we had registered our rejection a long while ago. So how are you still so deluded?"

"Whatever, Ariana. At least my mate likes me. Humans always mess things up." She growled and blocked our mind link. Good. I was not about to spoil my already sour mood by conversing with someone of such a low IQ like Lena.

"Attention, Wolves and She-wolves, the ceremony is about to start soon! Is everybody excited to see their newwwww Alphaaaa!"
I recognised the scrawny voice of Shaun, one of Dmitri's stooges, I have no clue what he does but Dmitri treats everyone like they are mere gum at the bottom of his expensive Italian leather shoes.
Why was he speaking like he was a DJ? This is not even that big of a celebration, literally all that will happen is Dmitri will become the official Alpha. Not a big deal.

They could be feeding starving rogue children, but they won't because they're not only inhumane but they also blamed the children of rogues for the crimes of their parents.
In the past Mia and I have tried to get our pack to 'sponsor' the rogues. We found it so heartless that all rogues were grouped up for the crimes of a minority. Although me and Mia had tried so much, the idea was dismissed and we were told if we tried helping them 'behind the packs backs' then we'd be considered traitors and have to join them as rogues, probably.

"And announce his Luna" voiced a now angry Lena in my mind. Wow. Did I hear that right? Was that jealousy? Is Lena finally understanding the fact that we have been rejected? Never thought I'd see the day where Lena would finally take in what had happened, but here we are.

I felt Dmitri before I saw him. Dmitri's musky smell of his cologne mixed with the smell of an earthy, post rain forest, invaded my senses and controlled my thoughts.

He strolled across the stage effortlessly and I was left in awe of him and his swift and quick

The current Alpha and Luna strolled up their stage, standing near Dmitri, all wide smiles and pearly whites.

The ceremony was halfway and had no signs of finishing soon when I felt the sudden urge to vomit. Perhaps it was the half smug and half regretful eyes of Dmitri when he looked my direction or maybe it was my restlessness if someone other than me being announced as his Luna.

"Look who's forgetting we've been rejected now, huh? Oh crap now is not the time, sorry Ari. Hayden tells me there's a bathroom to your right but you need to take the stairs, use the back exit- that way no one will see you leave. They'll think you went for some food. Hehe I'm hungry now."
Lena's voice held a similar it to dads old 'TomTom' that gave clear instructions but we'd always end up getting lost anyways.
Have I ever mentioned that Lena has this tendency to just switch sides completely? She could be arguing and the counter her own argument. She could be against me one second and side with me the next. Anyhow, that mini rant she had must have been enough for you guys to be able to pinpoint her microscopic attention span.

At least Hayden wasn't a total b. He helped me in finding a bathroom where I could empty my guts out. If only I had known who was following me. But when there's bile rising up your throat at a rapid pace, you aren't as concerned about someone who could potentially be following you.

I groaned as I finished up, flushing the toilet and luckily there was mouthwash, so I rinsed out my mouth with that and was thankful for its strong peppermint taste. It was quite too strong for my liking but then again when you've just puked your guts out would you rather smell like yesterday's dinner with the essence of trash or like peppermint?

Yeah. Peppermint for the win bîtches.

Opening the bathroom door, I looked around at the room I was in, there was a beautiful balcony at the end which gave a view of the lavishly large fields surrounding the pack house. A feeling of deja vu swarmed through me but I could not exactly pinpoint why I felt so. The room itself was quite dull but still pretty. Prettily - dull? The room had undertones of grey; light grey and dark grey and-

"SKSKSK ARI! Fifty shades of grey much?"
Why on earth did I know Lena would say that, forget her saying that, I can literally envision her with that smug grin whilst she says so. Ugh. Weirdo.

Mentally I was prepared to give Lena creds because that was a good one, I'll give her that but a certain familiar voice stopped me from doing so.

"What are you doing in my room?"

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