The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7- Aftermath

"What are you doing in my room?"

Well. What was I doing? Aside from the fact that I was blatantly looking at pictures here and there- this explains the familiarity of that boy standing in the middle with one dimple, and admiring the view from the balcony, I was actually here to use the toilet.

Now how does one get so off task that they finish using the bathroom but instead stick around and perv? On peoples' things?

Not that I've done anything wrong, right? I mean curiosity did kill the cat, but I'm a wolf. Can't something as simple as curiosity kill me.

"I-uhm. I..." my voice trailed off, I had no clue as to what I was supposed to say to try and justify my obvious stalker mode. I could be honest and tell him I was using the toilet. But that would not really explain why I was marvelling at every aspect of his room.

Now that I think of it, the pang of deja vu striking me earlier all made sense. This was Dmitri's room. That there was the bed we on which we uhm. You get the gist, right? And that door frame- of the bathroom is where he stood after he took a shower and well...rejected me. And that's the door he slammed in my face once he had left me with the heavy burden of rejection.

"I just needed to use the toilet. I'm sorry, I should have asked first."

My response was timid and tired, I was itching to give him a sassy response but I couldn't find the energy within myself to do so. The nicer I sounded, the higher the chance I had to leave his room without feeling even more unwanted.

"You don't need to ask."

Did I hear that right? Did Dmitri Kingston- Alpha Dmitri Kingston, the same werewolf who rejected me, tell me I didn't need to ask him before coming into his room and use his toilet and then consequently observe every feature of his room?

I'm definitely high. High on what substance exactly, I have no clue. Maybe it was the cheese quiche? Or the cranberry and lychee punch I had? In all matters of honesty, I had been itching to have a slim glass of bubbly champagne and believe me when I tell you that I was so close in attaining that glass when Mia's sassy arse came stumbling over- slightly tipsy herself- and straight KO'd that poor glass right out of my awaiting hand and onto the ground. The audacity ugh.

"Right..." I trailed off not really knowing what to say to that.

"Anyways, I should probably go.."

"You can stay. If you'd like of course." Dmitri rushed to add that last part in as if he was scared of rejection.

"You don't have to."


He cleared his throat and then continued replying, again shocking me with the words that left his mouth.

"You can stay here. You don't have to leave."

By now I was beyond what you would refer to as frustrated. Why was he so on and off with me? One second he didn't want the slightest thing to do with me and the next he was practically pleading me to stay in his room. Bipolar much? Dmitri seriously needs to get himself checked out by a professional because this is not normal.

"But then again our relationship with him is not a normal one...", came the soft voice of Lena in my mind.

"Before you scold me, yes I know we have no relationship with him. It just felt right to say that with all that he's said."

Wow Lena was onto me seeing as before I could reprimand her she quickly ended the conversation and agreed that there was no relationship between us and Dmitri- at least not anymore.

"Dmitri, no!" I threw my arms up in despair and ran my fingers through my neat hairstyle, effectively messing it up.

He stared at me in shock as if we were the happiest of were-couples and I was the one acting up.

"I can't keep doing this. I don't have the energy for this anymore! One minute you hate and humiliate me and the next you plead and play around with me and my feelings!"

Dmitri still observed me as if I was speaking Martian and was a two foot tall alien creature.

"Look, I understand that you are angry-"

"Angry?! Bîtch I am FUMING and you of all people shouldn't be coming at me with all that 'I get you're angry bull shit'! Stop pretending like you care!"

He looked hurt. Good. A few 'mean' words on my behalf isn't up to the standards of what he did to me. What he did to me was and still is and always will be unforgivable.

Using his silence as a sign to continue, I decided to confront him on what I had seen just before he walked in.

"And looking at that little pink thong in the corner of the room I don't think you missed me much either."

Yeah turns out there was this pink thong in the corner, in fact it could easily be missed by the human eye but I, for one, am a werewolf. A werewolf who, very obviously, has heightened senses. My eyes never miss. The eyes never miss, Chico.

You won't believe this next part. Maybe for you guys, this dîckhead, also known as Dmitri, is unpredictable. But for me he is highly predictable. It's not a hard job considering all he's been so far is a huge bîtch.

Once someone grossly betrays the ample amounts of trust you've placed within them, it is more than impossible to trust them again. The damage is irreplaceable.

Even when you'll heal from your broken form, you'll always have a few fragments missing.

"You're worries about the thong? Huh." Chuckled Dmitri, as if what I had just spewed from within the encases of my mouth was the worlds funniest joke.

"Clearly, you are still the immature, inexperienced and immature imbecile from a while ago. Asking me to stay doesn't make you any bit desirable to me." Angrily, I gritted.

Dmitri stood there in shock, mouth hanging open and shoulders slumped. Was this dude possessed?

Out of nowhere, Dmitri began sniffing the air around me, in a worried and frantic manner.

"Now move your demented âss out of my way so that I can leave. I have no business here talking to you and vice versa."

Briskly, I pushed past Dmitri and practically ran the remaining distance out of his room.

After slamming his door shut I breathed a huge and deep sigh of relief. Perhaps if my ears had caught on to the subtle yet stark sound of high heels trotting from arguably near me to a place much further, perhaps I'd have known what would be thrown at me in the unforeseeable and unprecedented future of mine.

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