The Alpha’s Mistake

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Chapter 8

Walking back to the table I was sat at prior to the entire fiasco taking place, I was thrown overboard by frantic questions from a smirking yet suspicious Mia.

"Where were you?"

"Has Dmitri seen you?"

"Was he jealous?"

"Do you want me to get a pack warrior hunk to kiss you? That would SO make him jealous!"

"Hey you look ill, are you ill?"

"You sure you don't wanna take that pregnancy test I was talking about?"

Now through all of the other questions, I just sat there. Wondering what exactly I had done in my life for me to be led here, at this table, surrounded by endless questions by a somewhat insane she wolf who goes by the name of Mia.

Although I ignored the other questions, I had to stop Mia at the last one. First of all- for all I knew it was entirely false. Secondly, not everyone in this room probably knows that she's messing around with me. Which means they'll all assume I'm pregnant.

"Mia", I poked her to grab her attention and stop her awful shrieking. This time I was successful.


"Do me a favour by SHUTTING THE FÛCK UP." After my mini shriek, I smiled sweetly at her confused and shocked expression.

"Did you just...did you just swear at me? AHAHA IVE TAUGHT YOU WELL MY CHILD", screamed Mia as she pulled me into a headlock.

"Will you two damn she wolves shut up!? Me and Furiel here are trying to listen!"
Screeched an old lady sitting on the table situated right next to us.
We were being loud but damn, Sharon there is no need to screech like that, you are not a bat.
Also what the heck is the name 'Furiel'? Who in their right minds looks at their child and thinks;
"Ah yes. Furiel is a great name."

Mia breathed in a huge puff of air and I knew she was about to snap at the bitter old ladies who had nothing better to do then simp for the young âsshole of an alpha.
Even though I really did not want to stop Mia from her rant that would undoubtedly start soon, I unfortunately had to otherwise even more attention would make its way to us two. Which is something I did NOT want. Mia had already gotten everyone to turn at least three times in the span of around thirty seconds. That was not a fun experience.

"Terribly sorry on her behalf, ladies. She's just had a bit too much to drink-"
I had began but was stopped by Mia whisper shouting; "What?! I swear I haven't even touched the bar yet!"

Pinching her harshly to shut her up, I turned around to the ladies and gave them a forced smile.
"Please, enjoy the event."

They rewarded me with the sourest grimace in history before babbling with each other about how today's youth was so disrespectful and how this was unacceptable in their times. Yikes.

By no means did I want to have to apologise to the sour patch grandmas in front of me (see what I did there) but I had to in order to not draw attention to me and Mia, I really had hoped that the ceremony would pass by quickly, with me and Mia being practically invisible- especially me.

"Tap tap. Wolves and she wolves. May I have your attention please."
The shaky and nervous voice of a young pack warrior came through the speaker system.

No one seemed to pay any attention to his words that seemed whisper like even with the worlds best speaker system enhancing them, and the werewolf hearing of those around him.
Poor guy.

From where I sat, he looked like Julian, an awkward teenager but nonetheless a kind and sweet teen, a bit younger than me and Mia but slightly older than my little brother.
Julian opened his mouth once more to speak- perhaps a bit louder this time but before he could, the large and expensive microphone was snatched from his shaky fingers and into the hands of Gavin- the pack prick. Literally.
The guy was so self absorbed and the
cringey-ness of that fact it self genuinely hurt.

"I'll take it from here, Juliet."
Julians face was engulfed up in a bright red blush, he looked angered at the fact that Gavin still deliberately mispronounced his name- even whilst knowing it was Julian and not Juliet.

"Aww poor guy, I feel so bad for him." I whispered to Mia who responded with a pout.

"FÛCK YOU GARY!" Mia shouted, throwing up both middle fingers and mispronouncing- no changing Gavins name on purpose.

"Mia! Stop! We'll get kicked out!"
I tried to keep a straight face on but the scowl on Gary's well- Gavins face made me burst out laughing. Me and Mia cannot take things seriously to save our lives.

For some reason as much as I wanted to avoid this entire event and just go home, a part of me wanted to stay. As dumb as that sounds.

Sure enough, just as I had predicted, a few bulky guards came over and began escorting a shrieking Mia outside.

"Hey! What! Let go of me you stupid werecûnts!" Mia shrieked but quite obviously, the guards payed no attention and surprisingly instead of kicking her out, she was taken to the very far end of the hall.

My jaw dropped at first in surprise and then closed in realisation- when a pack gets a new Alpha every pack member must see it happening.

Even the rogues and wolves in the pack dungeons are shown the event on a plasma screen TV since the event is recorded and kept in the packs head offices.

Great. Now that Mia's been kicked to the back, I've got to get through this myself. I still had a smirk on my face at the remembrance of Mia's antics but that was quickly wiped off and exchanged with a grimace at the reprimanding scowls of Furiel and her mate. Ugh. Some were-grannies were completely out of it.

Focusing my eyes back onto the stage, my eyebrows crossed in confusion- there was no one there? Apart from Gavin and Julian, the stage was now empty.
Usually, after Gavin had announced the commencement of the ceremony, first the Deltas and Gammas would walk in, followed by the betas (my parents) and finally the existing Alpha family and then the new Alpha. They could choose whether or not to bring up their families with them but I had chosen not to- clearly.

Just a second ago there was an immaculate and over the top setting of the entire place- complete with overpriced flowers cascading down the walls and large benches made out of marble. Yikes. My pack really did have an issue with using money efficiently, don't get me wrong- there's nothing wrong in having lavish celebrations but why spend all that time and money in getting those decorations but up by specialists when they contain the ability to disappear before the event even starts?

Everyone was murmuring something along the lines of:

"Will the ceremony start already?"

"Where did the decorations go?"

"Where has everyone disappeared off to?"

Hearing hushed murmurings coming from the place closest to the stage, I pondered over whether or not I should get up and walk over to the crowd that was already there.
But before I could, the security lights within the pack hall began flashing amber.

An amber alert usually means that there's rogues in the area but they are being dealt with. With our packs history of having the best pack warriors, an amber alert isn't usually a cause for worry, but the worrying part was how quick the lights began flashing red and the words; "Rogue attack" began sounding through the hall, causing a string of shrieks and screams to ripple throughout the worried and scared atmosphere of the pack hall.

Scared out of my wits end, I realise I need to find Mia so that the both of us could aid the others in getting to the bunkers but where had she gone?!

The back previously had pack warriors and little children being too noisy and of course- Mia but now there was nothing and no one there. The entire hall looked barren and lifeless apart from the crowd near the stage.

One of the Deltas- Delta Jim stood up and questioned the whereabouts of Dmitri.

"The ceremony must go through, the Alpha needs to aid us in fighting off the rogues!"

His battle cry managed to somehow make everyone shriek the same cry, eventually ending up with all of them screaming;
"Where is our Alpha?!"
"Start the ceremony!"

A loud banging sounded, and the shards of broken glass rained down on everyone.
Dmitri had swung in from the rooftop window, and somehow still swiftly landed with not even a single cut.

"There will be no ceremony."

No shît, Sherlock.

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