The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Kara... Is that you?

Andrea was told that she would start work before the new CEO’s inauguration. That was five days away. She has been staying in a hotel for the past two days and used the time to check on her personal investments making phone calls here and there.

Realizing she could not stay there forever, she decided to look for a penthouse conveniently located near Lu-Wei Enterprises. Apart from the location, she had to choose base on all the facilities she needed to keep her privacy and her outrageously sexy figure.

“An apartment building with a gym and a pool will do nicely!” She exclaimed.

She then worked her fingers to do the search on her laptop. After an hour of looking, she settled for the Starlight Penthouse which was very promising when it comes to security plus the lavish design and luxurious furnishing got her attention. It was a little too much than what she needed, but at least she did not need to get a car and she loved the gym. She immediately gave Starlight a call to check for an available apartment.

Andrea arrived at the Starlight Twin Towers Penthouse building by taxi with her luggage ready to get the deal done and move in as soon as possible. She immediately asked to speak with an account executive or a manager who can assist her.

The front office manager happens to take over the desk temporarily. Seeing Andrea’s casual clothes, arriving in a taxi and carrying her luggage made this front office manager question Andrea’s capacity to pay the rent.

“Miss, I’m sorry but maybe you have us confused with a hotel. You obviously require short-term stay accommodation.” The lady said while pointing out to her luggage.

Andrea placed her belongings gently on the floor and leaned towards the manager with one hand holding up her chin. She looked at the nameplate intensely and said, “The Starlight Twin Towers Penthouse Suites with 50 units of Luxury Suites renting 20,000 USD a month and 4 Presidential Suites renting at 30,000 USD a month with an option to customize increasing the rent to 35,000 USD per month.”

Andrea allowed the lady to take in her words before she continued, “Facilities include a Michelin Star restaurant and 2 other cafes, 2 outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool and a 14,000 square meter fully equipped gym known to be the largest in China. Tell me... MISS LEE, is this not the place?”

Andrea made sure not to stutter enunciating each word in a perfect British accent.

The manager was dumbfounded and took a few seconds to respond., “Yes... you... you are in the right place.”

Andrea gave her a sweet smile as tossed her hair to one side. “Good! I want a customized Presidential Suite, please.”

Miss Lee, “!!!”

Unfortunately, there was no presidential suite available, but Andrea already knew this. She just wanted to piss off Miss Lee.

In the afternoon she managed to sign the lease contract for a luxury suite and made a deposit for 6 months. The account manager was about to formalize her documents when Andrea saw the piercing eyes of Miss Lee. So she called back the account manager.

“You know what, I changed my mind... Let me pay up one year’s worth of rent instead!”

Account Manager, “...”

Miss Lee, “!!!!”

That night, Andrea felt tired and saw the need to sleep early. She looked up the desk beside her bed where the file about the new CEO of Lu-Wei enterprises was just a click away from her laptop.

‘I needed to study my new subject.’ She reminded herself.

The moment she placed her laptop on her lap, her eyes started to shut. Thus, the laptop made it’s way back to the bedside table, and it did not take long before she slumbered on to her king-size bed.

Andrea woke up at around 4 AM and decided to take an early run. She then headed off to the gym after going around the block five times. An hour had passed and Andrea was heavily engrossed at the pull-up bar. She did not notice a tall figure coming from behind.

Lu Fang came to the gym at 6 AM sharp as usual. This has been part of his daily routine. While he had his own equipment at his suite, he liked the facility the penthouse building had to offer. Well… he should. He was the one who set it up! It was just the way he liked it.

The Starlight property was one of his favorite projects last year. It was located at the center of the city in between corporate offices and other huge establishments. It not only offered convenience to most executives but also gave the comfort of a 5-star hotel-like service.

He was about to get started with his cardio when he noticed a slender figure working on the pull-up bar. For some reason, he could not resist checking out the incredibly toned and firm behind of the woman.

The girl was wearing a light blue tank top that still showed the inner sports bra, but what struck him the most was her well-shaped tight ass. For the first time in his life, he felt like a pervert. He had never, in the past, had the urge of wanting to grab something so much with his hands.

He was now just three meters away from the girl as he continued to check her out.

Her hair was pulled up in a slightly messy bun with few strands having fallen off. The sweat that had dripped from her neck down to the lower back had started to make the tank top hug her body. She was sweating all over and yet he found it very sexy.

The more he looked at her, the more he felt she was so familiar.

When he realized who the girl was, his heart suddenly fluttered… It was the worst kind of slow-motion he ever experienced. He was now adoringly staring at the girl with his thin lips smiling endlessly.

Lu Fang could still not believe his eyes. Yesterday, he had asked Go Bolin to look for her file but to no avail. He ended up helping him go through each applicant file and look at the photo IDs, but none of them was a match. Never in his entire life had he become obsessed with finding someone!

He finally sighed and was relieved that he had found her. He excitedly called out to her, ready to reconnect.

“Kara? Kara… Is that you?”

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