The President's Lover is A Fighter

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She Got the Job?

Andrea heard a man who kept on calling her Kara. She started to get annoyed and decided to stop so she could tell the man he got the wrong person.

What she saw took her by surprise! She felt like time stopped all of a sudden and all her focus was towards him. ‘Oh, my... Adonis!’

This man, who looked a bit similar to her dad, somehow looks incredibly handsome and delicious for her today. He was wearing a white cotton shirt, making his lean muscles slightly obvious. His natural light brown hair complimented his cleaned-shaved, angular face. She began to wonder how she had not noticed much of his good looks three days ago.

‘Wait… Do I find him attractive?’ She asked herself. If so, then it was the first time in 3 years she was attracted to someone else.


She was looking at him with a puzzled face. “Kara?”

After a few seconds, she realized her mistake and acknowledged the man. “Right! It’s me, Kara!”

“Do you live here?” Andrea asked the overly handsome man.

“Yes! I do. At the top floor.”

Andrea frowned a little. The top floor was the presidential suite. She did want one for herself, but it was not available.

There was an awkward silence for a minute until Lu Fang probed further. “Did you get the job, by any chance?”

Andrea was again puzzled and realized she was a little talkative that day and confirmed. “Yes! Yes, I did. I am very excited to get started in 4 days.”

‘She got the job?’ Lu Fang was in total confusion at that point.

“I see...Do you... do you also live here?” Lu Fang asked.

Andrea was confused if she should be honest at that point. If they were going to be neighbors, he will end up knowing her real name as they would bump into each other either way.

In just a day of living in the apartment suite, she had observed that the staff at the Starlight was very courteous and would always greet with her name. She realized it was not going to work.

“Yes, I live here. In fact, I just moved in yesterday.”

“...and I’m sorry.” Andrea bit her lower lip and raised one brow while looking at him. “I lied. It’s Andrea… My real name is Andrea Li.”

‘Andrea Li… It was Andrea Li!’ Lu Fang thought for a moment, recalling the name that Wu Meiwan hired. He smiled and rejoiced in secret. He could not believe his luck! ‘Yes! It was her after all!’ For the first time, he had something to thank Wu Meiwan for.

Lu Fang studied her expression and saw a remorseful look. He especially liked the way she was biting her lip. It made her look extremely sexy.

“So it’s Andrea Li. Not Kara? Nor Klara?”

“Klara?” Andrea frowned and gave a confused expression, but answered, “I apologize again for lying. It’s Andrea Li. I wasn’t really sure if you were a nice person, so I lied.”

“Got it. Andrea Li it is… and you got the bodyguard position at Lu-Wei Enterprises, right?” Lu Fang wanted to make sure.

“Yes, I did. Why? This is the second time you asked. Are you the head of security at Lu-Wei?”

Lu Fang was stunned at the question and chuckled. “Well….” He was thinking about what to say and continued, “I am definitely not the head of security, but I work for Lu-Wei. I am glad that you got the job. We will see each other more often than you know it!”

Of course, Andrea was only kidding. She had already met the lead of security, Gao Rou.

He stretched out his hand to her and said,” You can call me Fang.”

After the quick introduction, both Lu Fang and Andrea Li resumed their work out session. Once in a while, they would glance at each other and give a smile or just merely check on the other party’s sexy body.

Lu Fang kept thinking about what he was feeling at the moment. He was obviously attracted to her, but at the same time was worried about what his family would say about dating his own bodyguard.

‘Wait a minute. She is a bodyguard. How in the world could she afford to rent a flat in this building?’ He thought to himself and decided he would do a little more research on her. He tried to focus on his work-out but all he could think about was calculating Andrea’s monthly salary and possible expenses. Her entire month’s salary could barely cover the rent.

He then thought about the possibility of Andrea deciding to leave because of the living expenses and a thrilling idea came across his youthful mind, ‘I could ask the personal bodyguard to live in my suite!’

Lu Fang quickly sent Go Bolin a text. “Find everything that you can about Andrea Li, my new bodyguard.”

When Go Bolin received the text, it puzzled him. He still had not found Klara Jones and here comes another one, Andrea Li.

“Master, about Klara Jones, I have learned that a company in the US had offered her a job and to leave China tomorrow. I am still looking for her current whereabouts.” Bolin texted back.

“I don’t care about Klara whatever! Find everything you can about Andrea Li and make sure to send me the information to my email by noon.”

“…”, Go Bolin.

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