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I Like You Just The Way You Are

Andrea was starting to feel hungry. She has been up since 4 AM and she only had water before heading out. She decided to do some cool-down exercises so she could get herself a heavy breakfast.

Seeing that Andrea was about to finish, Lu Fang hurried to her side and asked, “Do you want to go swimming?”

Andrea smiled at him and said, “I’d like that but I am pretty hungry already so maybe next time.”

“Okay, so let’s have breakfast and take a break… then go swimming!”

“I appreciate the offer Mr….What is your last name again?”

“Just call me Fang for now.”

Andrea looked at his light brown eyes with curiosity yet it was not enough to keep probing. She didn’t care.

“I don’t want to disturb your day, really. Besides, I have lots of things I needed to buy so I can get settled.”

“Then, can I help you?” Lu Fang could not let it go. It was the first time he was being rejected by a woman and for some reason, he felt excited.

“Don’t you have work?” Andrea tried to find an excuse for him.

“It’s a Saturday…. Besides, I am pretty bored. I’d like to help out a neighbor.” Lu Fang lied. He had work piled up for him in the office in preparation for his take over on the company. For some reason, he was willing to put everything aside and spend time with Andrea.

“I…” Andrea was about to come up with another excuse while walking away, but she was interrupted.

“If not breakfast, then lunch or dinner or next breakfast?” Lu Fang came closer to Andrea looking directly into her eyes with a smile and making sure she could not go anywhere without saying yes.

Seeing how this man was not about to give up, Andrea thought about it and agreed.

“Okay. Breakfast is fine.”

“Great! My apartment! I’ll cook!” Lu Fang instantly put an arm around Andrea’s shoulder paving the way outside the gym. He was planning to impress her with his cooking skills.

‘Just hope it works!’ He thought.

“What? But I’m really hungry! I have been up since 4 AM. I can’t wait for you to cook.” Andrea pleaded. She was indeed famished.

As Lu Fang still had his arm around Andrea’s shoulder, he pulled her closer and looked her in the eye. This made Andrea put a hand to his chest, feeling the muscles against her palm.

“Don’t worry, my dear. I’ve already prepared the ingredients. I just needed fifteen minutes to cook them for us.”

True enough, he had already instructed his housekeeper to prepare ingredients thirty minutes ago. He had already been pondering about having breakfast with her.

Andrea was in awe by the man’s words and realized that she was covered in sweat.

“Wait… I need to get a shower and change.”

Lu Fang pulled her even closer that their faces were only inches apart. He looked at her sweaty body and although her hair was a little messy, her beautiful face still stood out.

“My dear, I like you just the way you are.”

“Hmmph…What?” Andrea raised her brow while trying to hold down a giggle.

“I mean, you don’t need to change. You are already hungry after all. I’ll get you a towel from my apartment and… Don’t worry, we won’t be alone. My housekeeper should already be there.” Lu Fang finally came back to his senses.

‘What the F! I like you just the way you are? When did I learn to be cheesy?’ Lu Fang continued to walk with her as he reprimands himself.

Andrea was dragged towards the elevator tucked closely in the man’s arms. For odd reasons, she did not reject his touch. It felt rather exhilarating for her. It has been over 3 years that she had entertained a man’s advances. Was she ready to get over him?

When they reached the top floor, Lu Fang was now certain that this lady wasn’t getting away. He loosened his embrace and instead gently held her hand while pulling her towards the apartment.

Andrea looked down at her hand and looked back up at Lu Fang. She liked how his hands felt against hers.

She was now focusing on his face and could not help but admire his extremely toned and strong jawline. ‘Darn… He is so hot! This is so not like me at all.’

“Here we go.” Lu Fang opened the door to the apartment and escorted Andrea to the living area. He then helped her put down the gym bag and signaled her to take a seat.

“I’ll go get our breakfast ready. You can watch TV, read a magazine, whatever you like while waiting for me to finish.”

Andrea was amazed at the apartment. It could very well be half of the entire building floor. The living room had a perfect view of the city and the furnishing was very chic.

“Hello, miss.”

Andrea turned to look at a lady in her late 40s. ‘This must be the housekeeper’.

“I have prepared your bath and your change of clothes. You can come this way, please.”


“I’m sorry. There must be some mistake. I won’t be taking a bath…”

“What?...” The housekeeper gave the saddest expression she could make.

“Oh, my…. I spent a lot of time preparing for your bath, young miss. I really put my effort into it.” The lady said as she approached Andrea. She then took Andrea’s hand and looked her in the eye with a smile.

“My child, you are very beautiful indeed.”

The lady’s gentleness made Andrea’s heart warm and could not help but smile and open up to her.

“Let’s go, young miss. You will love what I have prepared.”

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