The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Feel Like His Lover

Andrea was brought to a bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi tub! The bath was indeed ready for her. It had a scent of vanilla to it, but she could tell it was oatmeal and milk combination. She could not help but smile at the man’s effort. He just met her again this morning, and he is already preparing her breakfast and such a pampering bath. She figured she might as well enjoy it.

After the bath, Andrea felt her skin seemed much softer and smelled absolutely inviting with a perfect vanilla scent. She took the clothes Aunt Rosa, the housekeeper, had given her and instantly blushed when she realized it was a man’s T-shirt!

‘Of course! He would not have any female clothes!’

It was a good thing she had a spare tight shorts in her gym bag. Then at least, she would have something to wear on her lower body. She looked herself up in the mirror and felt her cheeks burning. The T-shirt felt so soft and smelled of a man’s perfume. Somehow, she felt like his lover.

She instantly gave herself a mild slap on the face. ‘Andy! What are you doing?’

If her sister knew about this, she’d be ecstatic! She could not keep count the number of times she had been set up with a blind date, to some extent, surprise dates! They were all handsome and with extraordinary family background, yet for some reason, she could not make herself interested in them.

Now, all of a sudden she was led to a man’s apartment, taking a bath, wearing no underwear with just the man’s t-shirt and a skimpy tight shorts.

While Andrea was having mix emotions in the bathroom, Lu Fang was busy preparing for their meal.

“Master, the young lady should be finished with her bath soon. As you instructed, I made sure to she would not deny the offer.” Rosa gave him a wink as a sign of her approval.

“Thank you, Rosa. I owe you one.”

Rose smiled at the young man busy with platting the dishes and said, “Master, you have chosen well. She seems like a nice girl.”

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Lu Fang felt proud of the gem he had found.

“Like a breath of fresh air.”

Andrea was still in a daze in the huge bathroom when she heard a man’s voice, “Andrea?”

She felt very nervous. Her hands were cold, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She went to the door to open it slowly.

What appeared in front of Lu Fang made his jaw drop big time. A freshly bathed slender figure wearing his T-shirt with her hair tied in a bun. The T-shirt seemed to look like a dress with one side of it almost hanging down from her shoulders and making it look like she was not wearing any shorts down there.

Lu Fang leaned against the door frame with one hand and the other on his waist. He looked at her from head to toe and gave an approving smile. It was a perfect sight for him that his manhood gave away all signs of interest.

Andrea was also taken aback, staring at the desirable man before her. He was still in his gym clothes MINUS THE SHIRT wearing an apron! He was lean with just the right amount of upper body muscles.

‘The sweat even made it worse!’

She immediately called herself back to earth and tried to snap out of it. As she realized that the man was staring at her intensely, she could not help but want to tease. She came closer to Lu Fang and asked, “Like what you see?”

“No doubt about it.”

Andrea, “!!!”

The man had no apprehensions whatsoever. He definitely knew what he wants and aims to get it.

“The first one to look away loses.” Lu Fang challenges her.

The two were staring at each other for almost a minute now and the room temperature was building up.

Aunt Rosa could not stand it anymore and could not be prepared for what was about to happen. Assuming something would happen. Thus, she gained the courage to speak up.

“Ahh, Master, young miss. The table is ready.”

A man’s brows instantly knitted and looked towards Aunt Rosa.

Feeling a little guilty, Aunt Rosa turned and said, “Well… I will be in the laundry area if you need me.”

Andrea quickly looked away and walk past Lu Fang exclaiming, “I am so hungry! Let’s eat.”

Andrea was thrilled with the sight of the sufficient amount of protein before her. She needed to strengthen up, and this was just what she needed for breakfast.

The scent of different herbs and spices made the chicken dish incredibly mouthwatering. On top of it was melting butter adding to the meat’s enticing scent.

Both had a peaceful breakfast. Andrea was happily eating her pesto chicken while Lu Fang stares at her. Realizing that person in front of her was not touching his plate, she protested. “You should eat. I don’t enjoy getting all the attention.”

Lu Fang smiled and started to dig in. Most women would get shy by his gaze, but not Andrea.

‘Well, she is also very attractive. She must be used to it.’ He thought to himself.

“Besides, your chicken deserves some appreciation from the cook.”

“haha! I make them all the time. In fact, I do most of the cooking.”

Andrea nodded with approval on the fact that the man could cook and smiled at him with admiration. She then recalled how she would always cook for Gabriel. Never had he done something like this for her.

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