The President's Lover is A Fighter

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You Were Appetizing

Andrea was finishing up the last piece of her chicken when she heard her phone rang. All her urgent calls were set-up with Bruno Mar’s Billionaire as a ringtone so she could not just ignore it.

She quickly ran to the living room, picked up her phone and went to the balcony so to get more privacy as she took the call.

After confirming the identity of the caller and vice versa, she heard the other line say, “Your subject has an assassination attempt on queue. We have sent all the information that will be helpful for you to intercept.”

After the call ended, she then realized that she has not yet even reviewed the profile of her subject. She frowned at the thought and quickly went back to get her belongings.

“Thank you for breakfast… You were appetizing …” Andrea instantly covered her mouth as her eyes went round! So she tried to defend herself, “I mean, breakfast was appetizing! Not you!”

Andrea was looking straight at Lu Fang in horror while he chuckled at her words.

“Anyhow, something urgent came up and I need to go!”

She did not wait for a response and hurriedly went to the door. She felt really silly thinking about the man’s physique at a time like this. Seriously, her subject is about to get killed and it would all be her fault for wasting time having breakfast with a stranger.

After Andrea left, the man’s devilish aura became apparent that Aunt Rosa herself felt chills all over.

He had lost his appetite and quickly sent a text to Go Bolin. “Make sure that the information I asked is there when I arrive. I will be in the office in 1 hour!”

‘I thought I still had until noon!!!!!!’ Go Bolin complained silently, but that was all he could do.

Andrea rushed back to her apartment and quickly opened her laptop. She then started with the audio files that were sent to her intensely listening. They were recorded calls made to the Ace of Spades, a local group of assassins In China who have existed for about 5 years.

As she listened to a few more, she also began hacking through the group’s system checking for emails or any form of communication sent out hoping to identify who would be the hired assassin and when they were set out to execute the plan. It did not take long for her to find out about the scheme.

She quickly got herself ready while downloading the information about her subject.

“Download Successful.” She heard her laptop give notice and went straight to reading the data before her. The data file started with the CEO’s trusted associates and Family background, then followed by the company portfolio. She decided to check her subject’s information first and scrolled down to the very end.

30 years old, single, sports enthusiast….


What startled her were the last pages. It contained photos of Lu Fang.

“S**t! I am screwed! I am soo screwed…”

Andrea did not know what to feel at this point. She was shocked and disappointed with herself at the same time. Then the frustration turned into anger. She was absolutely furious at this man!

‘He did not tell me! I was totally oblivious!’

She immediately ran out of her apartment and went back to Lu Fang’s presidential suite. She rang the doorbell as many times as she could.

As soon as the door opened, she asked Aunt Rosa. “Where is he?”

“He just left and said he needed to go to the office.”

Andrea was still heavily panting and was even more distressed hearing that he already left. It was just about an hour that she left. How could he be so quick!

Looking at the elevators, they were all in the Ground Floor, 2nd Floor, 7th Floor, and 10th Floor respectively! Lu Fang’s flat was on the 25th floor for God’s sake!

‘I am really screwed!’ She thought about it while running down the staircase.

“I should have stayed and enjoyed breakfast with him! I wouldn’t be running like hell chasing after him now!”

Meanwhile, in a private office, a man was waiting for confirmation on the plans they had laid out.

“Sir, it has already been arranged. We had made sure they gain access to the building without being detected. They should be ready to take down Lu Fang today.”

With a faltering voice, the man looked up to his assistant and said, “Make sure it does not trace back to us or we will lose every opportunity to take over the organization.”

“Yes, sir. We’ve made sure of that.”

“And if they don’t get the job done, hire another one! I don’t care how much it costs.”

“Understood, sir. We already have a back-up plan.”

The man took out a piece of an LH tobacco cigar from a wooden box, lit it and began to play some of his favorite songs. While the smoke was filling the air, Frank Sinatra began to sing.

“I’ve got you under my skin

I have got you, deep in the heart of me

So deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me

I’ve got you under my skin …”

The man began to sing along as he sways his cigar in the air. He then got up from his leather seat and turned to look at the portrait behind him.

“My dear wife. How could you leave me? Did you hate me that much? Well, since you have already left this world. It is time for me to take back what is originally mine.”

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