The President's Lover is A Fighter

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I Need To Talk To My Boyfriend

As she stepped out of the penthouse building, she realized how inconvenient it was for her not to have a car or a motorcycle. She had decided on not getting one since the office was merely a 20-minute walk.

‘Wrong again Andy!’

She started dashing through the sidewalk, trying to clear the way and ran like her life depended on it!

“Excuse me! I have an emergency, please clear the way!”

As she sped up to the direction of Lu-Wei Enterprises, she recalled the plan on her mind. A female assassin will attempt to seduce Lu Fang and give him drugs through an injection resulting in an overdose.

Ten minutes passed, and she arrived at her destination. She was gasping for air and her face was covered in sweat. Now, she needed a plan on how to get inside. She didn’t have her ID yet nor could she reveal herself to be the newly hired bodyguard. She was not in her disguise and only Lu Fang could identify her.

She quickly wiped her face with a handkerchief, brushed her hair with her fingers, loosened up two buttons on her blouse then studied her reflection through the glass window. When she was satisfied, she proceeded directly to the reception area.

“Hi, I need to talk to my boyfriend. He made me breakfast, and I wanted more those chicken pesto fillets. Could you tell him, his girlfriend is here for him?”

Andrea spoke in her usual Brit accent, hoping the unnecessary comment would make her more believable. There was no hint of a lie in her expression and her beautiful and elegant face suggested that she was not a simpleton.

The two receptionists looked at each other in confusion but one was able to speak up. “Ma’am, there must be some mistake. It’s a Saturday. Other than the security, utility… and us, no one is working on a weekend.”

“I’m sure he is in the office. In fact, he might have arrived just a few minutes before I got here. He is Lu Fang.”

Receptionist, “…”

‘Boss has a girlfriend?’

“Please call him dear...” Andrea sighed and was silently talking to herself. ‘I should have agreed to let him take me shopping, today.’

“Please dear, he would really be upset if he knew I was kept waiting.” Andrea pleaded with a smile.

Both receptionists looked at each other, hesitant to make the call.

“My dear, you just put me through Go Bolin and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Hearing Go Bolin’s name, the receptionist thought that the lady may really be acquainted with Lu Fang or at least with the boss’ assistant.

One of the receptionist started to ring Go Bolin in his desk. “Mr. Go, the boss’ girlfriend is here to see him – ”

Andrea immediately snatched the handset from the receptionist, cutting off their conversation.

“Hi, my name is Kara. Do you mind letting Lu Fang know that I am waiting for him downstairs. Aunt Rosa said he left for the office. We just had breakfast at his suite in Starlight and I could not get a hold of him. I might have left my phone on his Poliform’s black and gray living room or in that exquisite marble dining table of his. I couldn’t really tell. The view from the living room balcony just took my memories away!”

According to the information, she read earlier, his assistant, Go Bolin prepared everything for Lu Fang including purchases of his belongings and has been working for the man for over 3 years now. Surely, he would recognize the description she had given of his apartment.

Go Bolin was momentarily shocked. ‘I have a lady boss? Wasn’t it just the other day when he was ordered to look-up Kara or Klara Jones?’

He hurriedly went to Lu Fang’s office to let him know.

The man’s lips slightly parted hearing Go Bolin. He was still hesitating and his brows began to wrinkle in confusion. Then his assistant went on explaining that the lady knew Aunt Rosa and details about his penthouse suite.

“She said you had breakfast together?”

Lu Fang felt his heart pumping faster than usual. He suddenly sat back and looked out the glass window. After about five seconds, he quickly accessed the cameras to the lobby and sure enough, it was Andrea at the reception area.

‘That was quick. She already knows who I am.’ He thought.


Lu Fang used his hand to cover his smile and quickly turned to Go Bolin. “Let my girlfriend come up using the private elevator.”

Go Bolin, ‘Girlfriend???!!!!’

Lu Fang felt a little nervous and saw the need to freshen up. Inside his office was a private room with all the necessities of a small condo unit.

He went to get a bottle of water from the fridge and drank halfway through.

Lu Fang sighed at the thought of seeing Andrea again and his smiles were uncontrollable. He then went to the bathroom and washed his face. He fixed his blazer and sprayed on his favorite perfume. He then checked every angle of his handsome face and confirmed that he looked rather dashing.

Lu Fang was already 30 years old and yet he looked younger than his age as he saw to it to take care of himself well.

While he was getting busy making sure he was as handsome as ever, someone was apparently waiting for him outside the bathroom door.

It did not take long for the man to feel uncomfortably warm and when he smelled scents of incense coming from outside; he thought something was not right.

In the lobby, Go Bolin came out of the private elevator and saw a slim figure waiting for him.

Andrea instantly gave a smile and rushed him back inside the elevator. “Where is he?”

“He is at his office.”

Go Bolin almost stumbled down from Andrea’s push but thankfully she was quick to hold him and put him back to balance.

“I’m sorry! Haha! I am a little excited!” Andrea lied. It was more like she was overly worried!

Go Bolin studied the lady beside him and noticed how angelic her face looked like. The glow on her face was evident. Her slender and pointed nose paired with her very light brown eyes gave away her Caucasian descent.

“I’m sorry Mr. Go. I did not mean to be rude. I’m Kara.” Andrea stretched out her hand to the Go Bolin as she noticed his staring eyes.

Go Bolin shook her hand and said, “Pleasure to finally meet you, Kara.”

Andrea looked at him, surprised with what he said but did not think much of it.

“Is he alone in the office?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, it is a weekend. Well, our head of security is with him …Or at least outside his office.”

Andrea felt relieved. At least someone else was around Lu Fang.

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