The President's Lover is A Fighter

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He Is Cheating On Me!

Gao Rou was standing outside Lu Fang’s office when Go Bolin and Andrea arrived.

“Hi!” Andrea greeted him and immediately gestured to open the office door but was stopped for a body inspection. She frowned but let him be. Otherwise, it would cause another delay for her to enter the room.

“Gao Rou, right? Lu Fang told me about you and I just told him earlier that I had one extra copy of the limited edition THE ENDS OF THE WORLD!”

“Really?” Gao Rou’s eyes lit up in excitement all of a sudden. He had been trying to get a hold of this game for a few months now. However, realizing his demeanor became friendly, he brought back his cold expression.

“Hmm.” He cleared his throat and continued, “I would really be delighted to get that extra copy, but I do need to check you.”

Although Gao Rou did check on Andrea, he did not really do it thoroughly. Andrea successfully made the man think the conversation with Lu Fang about the game really did happen.

Gao Rou was a little irritated over the fact that Lu Fang found a girlfriend and had not known about it. They were brothers and grew up together. If Lu Fang truly was in love with this woman, he would have known about it. However, hearing the wonderful news of his favorite game did make him a little excited.

The last time they spoke about a girl was the day Lu Fang met a certain Kara and said she was very beautiful. Could this be the Kara he was referring to? ‘I thought he meant the bodyguard?’

‘I will give her a twenty percent chance.’ Gao Rou decided on Andrea’s current acceptance score.

As soon as he opened the door, Andrea rushed in but found no Lu Fang.

“Where is he?” Andrea began to worry as she starts eying every corner of the office.

“He must be in his private room. Waiting for you? Perhaps,” Gao Rou suggested.

The worry in Andrea’s face increased when she learned this.

‘There was a private room!’

Gao Rou went straight to the hidden door and found it locked from inside. He tried to press on the doorbell but there was no answer.

Panic was going through Andrea’s mind. “Is there another way in?”

She can tell the door could not be easily broken. The fact that Gao Rou did not bother to knock or call out at the door only meant that the room was soundproof and the linings could be made of metal frames.

“He will probably open the door in a few minutes.”

Andrea felt extremely nervous. Her gut is telling her something is not right. She brushed her hair with her fingers and knew… she knew it had already started.

“Oh my....” Andrea started with a dramatic cry as she placed a hand on her chest.

“Oh my god! He is cheating on me! There is another woman in there! I need to know if there is another way in. Tell me!”

Andrea could only blurt out a lie. She needed to get inside the room as soon as possible.

Gao Rou, “…”

Go Bolin, “…”

Inside the private room, Lu Fang was struggling to keep himself in the right state of mind. He had been throwing anything he could to the woman in front of him wearing nothing but her underwear.

The female assassin was rather surprised to see Lu Fang still being able to fight back. She underestimated this man’s self-control and worst; he knew how to fight!

Her sources suggested that Lu Fang was a mere businessman who works out in the gym to keep a healthy body. Nowhere did it say on there that he had martial arts training!

Earlier when she tried to get close and hug him from behind, Lu Fang immediately grabbed her wrist and sent her flying across the small living area. Her head went smashing against the glass table wounding her face. After realizing the plan would not work, she immediately went straight to fight mode and got ready with the drug injection.

She was supposed to videotape Lu Fang having sex with her and taking drugs before giving him an overdose. Ruining his reputation was a necessity to rule out homicide during the investigation.

Lu Fang heard the doorbell ring, and he rushed to the bedside but the woman seemed to know what he was thinking.

‘She knew the blueprints to his private room. How else could she had gotten inside?’

He was starting to feel weaker every minute, and the woman was doing a good job guarding the emergency hatch where the door can be opened immediately without scanning his eyes. He needed to distract her.

He quickly ran to the kitchen and found himself a small but sharp knife and threw it at her instantly hitting her right shoulder.

“Ahhh! I will kill you!” The woman screamed in anger.

Lu Fang found the circuit breaker and turned off the lights, giving no room for the woman to see. He then threw several glass pieces in the direction of the door hoping the woman would run towards it.

The sound of the wine glasses smashing against the floor alerted the woman, and she immediately ran towards the door hoping to stop Lu Fang from scanning his eyes, but as she started to guard the eye scanner, the door swung open.

It was too late for her to realize that she fell for a simple trick.

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