The President's Lover is A Fighter

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I'm Going To Crush Your Balls

The first thing Andrea saw was the bleeding woman as she entered the room.

The woman immediately grabbed on to Andrea hoping to make her a hostage but to her surprise, Andrea welcomed the grip with her right hand and pulled her closer. She then used her left hand to give a powerful punch on the face, and the strange woman abruptly fell on the floor.

Realizing that the angelic-looking lady was there to stop her, she took a piece of the glass and stood up attempting to strike back by wounding her opponent. She continued to advance with a combination of side and roundhouse kicks.

‘Man! she is a kicker!’ Andrea complained.

As Andrea ducked to dodge the last kick, she stepped forward with her right feet using it to swivel her body and give assassin a spinning hook kick.. then another... and another... and another! She made sure not to give the woman a chance to react until her body fell down unconscious.

“Lu Fang!” Gao Rou called.

“I’m here.” Lu Fang’s voice was starting to get weak.

“Brother, stay put for a while. We will secure the building first before heading out to the hospital.”

Seeing the condition of the room inside, Gao Rou immediately called the security room and ordered a lockdown. Surely, this woman would have accomplices in the building, but before he could go back to check on Lu Fang, two men came rushing through the office door and attacked Gao Rou.

Gao Rou was now engaged in a fight against two masked men while Go Bolin and Andrea were helping Lu Fang up.

Lu Fang smiled at the sight of Andrea. He was gasping for air and slowly taking off his blazer. “I feel so hot.”

Andrea understood his condition and asked Go Bolin to grab a pitcher of cold water.

“Let him drink some water.” She asked Go Bolin for help.

“We need to take him to the hospital after this.”

Hearing the commotion outside, Andrea left the man in Go Bolin’s care and headed towards where the action was.

Gao Rou was occupied with the two intruders. He blocked most of the attacks but could not find much opening.

Andrea came in and caught one of the man’s arms and quickly climbed up to his torso with both her legs around his neck pulling him down and breaking his hand in the process.

“Ahh! Ahh...You bitch!” The man groaned in pain.

Gao Rou was in shock. Did he just witness an action scene from a movie? As much as he wanted to ask, he did not have time to question Andrea. He went back to take care of the other assassin.

With one opponent down, Gao Rou was finally able to immobilize the other with sturdy punches.

Andrea remembered Gao Rou to have won several featherweight matches but gave up on his dream to be part of Lu Fang’s security. He and Lu Fang were childhood friends and his family took care of Gao Rou since his mother died. In short, he owed the Lu family to the point of giving up his career.

When the intruders were all unconscious, the trio immediately brought Lu Fang to the parking area.

Lu Fang was clinging on to Andrea while entering the car. They were headed to the hospital where a private suite has already been prepared for them.

Gao Rou could not believe his eyes. He knew Lu Fang had good self-control. Surely, the drug he took would have very minimal effect on him but this was not what he was seeing at the moment.

The action started in the elevator when Lu Fang started hugging Andrea very tight and would often breathe down her neck giving shivers down her spine. He even attempted to kiss her on the lips but got several pinches from her while telling him to behave.

The two men in front of them could only turn a blind eye to what was happening behind them. They did not know how to react to seeing their boss in action, flirting for the very first time.

Andrea was embarrassed for the most part but she was also starting to get annoyed. However, could she really blame the man? She understood that Lu Fang could not control himself, so she tried to keep her cool.

“Babe, I missed you so much. Why did you leave me hanging this morning?”

Go Bolin, “???”

Gao Rou, “!!!”

Lu Fang’s words could only give the wrong impression to the men in front making Andrea’s blood boil.

“Why does your neck smell like a man’s perfume?”

“What do you mean I smell like a man’s perfume?”

Andrea lifted her shoulders closer to her nose and realized what it was. “I wore your shirt this morning, don’t you remember? This is your perfume!”

Gao Rou’s eyes grew wide!

Go Bolin, choked at Andrea’s words.

The two men were already thinking that Andrea and Lu Fang have an intimate relationship.

‘Arrggg!!!!’ Andrea thought as she saw the faces of both men in front of the mirror. She had a good idea of what they were thinking.

“Babe, please behave. We are not in your penthouse.” Andrea then went to whisper to his ears, “When you get out of the hospital, I am going to crush your balls until they shrink into raisin size. You better stop what you are doing right now!”

“Babe, I can’t control myself. I’m sorry. I’m trying my best.”

Lu Fang had stopped breathing down on her neck but continued to hug her tightly until they arrived at the hospital. The truth was, he felt a little horny but he could still manage to control himself if he wanted to. Only that he figured he might as well take the opportunity and get touchy with Andrea. He was hoping this would give Andrea butterflies in her stomach and recognize any feelings towards him.

Unknown to Lu Fang, Andrea was, in fact, feeling a little uncomfortable with his touches. It wasn’t the disgusting type of feeling. She might have actually liked his touches.

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