The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Andrea's Apprentice

Finally, being admitted to the hospital, Lu Fang was on IV drip and needed to stay until the drugs were out of his system. His doctor gave him some sedatives to help him get some rest and not have to deal with the side effects of the drug he ingested.

Outside his private suite, there were 2 armed bodyguards to watch over his room while Gao Rou went to the underground base to take care of the three intruders this morning.

After making sure that Lu Fang was safe, Andrea went to get her laptop and changed her clothes. She figured, Lu Fang will also need some clothes so she had asked Go Bolin to call Aunt Rosa to prepare a few and she would just swing by to get it.

“Oh, young miss! How is Mr. Lu? I hope he is just fine.”

Aunt Rosa’s eyes were red and one could see her sincere concern over Lu Fang.

“He is fine, Aunt Rosa. Not to worry. He is resting now in the hospital and should be fine by tomorrow.”

“Good...good to know. I was really worried about him. Please, come in my dear. I have already prepared what Mr. Go asked.”

Aunt Rosa opened the door and gestured for Andrea to take a seat while she went to the room where her master’s clothes were packed.

“Here, young miss. I also prepared his favorite dumplings and dinner in case he can already take in some food… and I also a few pieces for you at the table. Please have some before you go.”

She grabbed Andrea’s hand showing concern. “You probably did not have lunch.”

Andrea looked at the bag of packed meals and thought, it was more than enough to feed 5 people. She smiled but deep down she was worried about carrying too many by herself. She realized, she needed a car. She then sent a text message to make this happen.

“I need a BMW sports car, please. I prefer metallic blue color.”

“Sedan type…3-series if possible.”

While waiting for her ride to be prepared, she decided to indulge in some dumplings. After about 15 minutes, she received a text saying that the car will be arriving in 2 hours. It was more than enough time for her to check Lu Fang’s security cameras in the apartment and the entire building itself. So she took out her laptop and got settled in the dining table.

Hacking was never Andrea’s specialty but it runs in the family and it goes well with her line of work, so she had to learn it. In 1 hour, she was able to get access to the security cameras and to the digital blueprint of the Starlight. She then meticulously studied every strength and weak access point of the building where one could possibly gain entry without suspicion.

To her surprise, every glass window of Lu Fang’s apartment was installed with a laser scanner that would set off an alarm for any possible breakage.

‘Good thing!’ She murmured to herself.

As she dug deeper, she also learned that the two-tower penthouse building was owned by none other than the man himself.


The moment Bruno Mars was singing his song, Andrea got ready to leave. She quickly bid goodbye to Aunt Rosa and headed down from the 25th floor.

Outside the penthouse building, a shiny BMW metallic blue 3 series tinted in dark black was waiting for her and leaning on the passenger side of the car was a handsome young man who could very well be the next hottest superstar in the country, yet, he chose a life more meaningful than just displaying his beautiful face on TV. Xio Hanxi was Andrea’s first trainee in the two years that she had joined the new organization.

Andrea recalls this boy being in despair after the death of his parents. He swore he would give them justice and decided to leave the entertainment industry to learn from her and find those responsible for hurting his family.

“Sis, you look rather stressed!!!”

She smiled at the young man and gave him a big hug. “I miss you, bro. Now, be a good boy and help your sister with these and I’ll drop you off wherever is convenient for you.”

As she got settled in the driver’s seat, she was pleased with the smell of a brand new car.

“There wasn’t enough time to make the car bullet proof.” Xio Hanxi said as he took the passenger side of the car.

“That’s fine. Just tell them to prepare the same exact car that is bullet proof in two days while I wait.”

Xio Hanxi, “!!!”

Andrea looked at his silly expression with a grin on her face and said, “Where is my gun?”

“Everything you need is in the suitcase at the back including your favorite kind of chopsticks. Now, please take me to the airport. I’ve asked brother Yeong to take me under his wing for a while.”

As Andrea drove off to the airport, she noticed Xio Hanxi become very serious.

Realizing Andrea’s occasional stares, he knew he had to tell her. “Brother Yeong confirms that one of them is in Korea… I can’t wait any longer sis.”

Andrea understood what he meant. Yeong had finally started to track down the killers of Hanxi’s parents. She was silent for a moment but knew this was bound to happen.

“Listen to me, that family is dangerous. The moment you sense you are in a disadvantage, let Yeong, take care of it.”

Hearing no response from him, she held his hand and asked, “Please, don’t let me lose another part of my family. Can you really bear to leave me?”

Hanxi gave her a weird look. “I won’t leave you, Andy. Don’t worry. I will know my limits.”

Andrea left the airport with a heavy chest. Having a vengeful heart can sometimes blind you of the truth and of your limitations. She knew this too well and needed to make sure nothing happens to Xio Hanxi.

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