The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Totally Captivated

When she got back to the hospital, Lu Fang was still asleep. She handed to Go Bolin the food prepared by Aunt Rosa so he and the security team can have a decent dinner.

While the trio ate their meal at the dining area, Andrea got busy on her laptop checking any updates on what had happened earlier. Surely, since the plan had failed, there would be another one. She quickly reported to higher-ups the situation and continued to monitor any particular activity that could relate to Lu Fang or his family.

Meanwhile, traces of an elite assassin group, The Shadows, has been detected in the country. All government vigilantes and secret agents have been informed to keep an eye of any activity that the said group may bring about. Although the existence of this group has been known to many leaders worldwide, finding sufficient evidence to bring them down was very difficult to accomplish. Protecting their targets was the only thing each country could do best.

Andrea frowned at the thought but refused to consider the possibility.

‘Hope this is not headed my way.’

She quickly checked the security in the hospital and gave herself access to all the cameras. ‘Everything looks good so far.’

Go Bolin did not want to leave his boss especially when there is an unknown female around him. Even if his master acknowledged her as “the girlfriend” and had helped save his master’s life but he knew nothing about this her. He needed to evaluate her purpose and her true identity. Just as he finished eating, he went back to the couch near the hospital bed to begin his interrogation.

“Kara, is it? Is that your real name?”

Andrea coughed at the question and asked Go Bolin for a cup of water pretending to get choked.

While Go Bolin went to get some water, Andrea quickly made up a profile for Kara Wen Go in her system. She had done this too many times that she already had folders in her laptop ready to upload fake photos of her. The system could easily make a social media account and create a personal profile website in minutes.

Their organization already had a list of private schools and large corporations that they can insert any of their team’s personal profile making it part of their portfolio.

As Go Bolin passed on a glass of water, Andrea said, “Sorry about that. Yes, my name is Kara Wen Go.”

Andrea kept thinking. ‘Damm! The Apartment is under Andrea Li!!!! This is all thanks to that stupid bodyguard qualification complicating everything!’

“I just moved here with my friend at the Starlight Penthouse, her name is Andrea Li. I believe she was hired as Lu Fang’s new bodyguard.”

Go Bolin nodded several times pursing his lips and connected the dots. ‘This pretty much explains it!’

Andrea was not yet finished making up her profile and so she tried to stall Go Bolin with questions about his work and life in general. She also explained how Lu Fang misunderstood her the first time they met at a lunch buffet and confused her with her friend’s application as a bodyguard. She tried to justify her fighting skills by telling him and she and Andrea went to the same martial arts school and had been friends since.

Go Bolin started to believe Andrea’s words and as she finished her side of the story, he quickly did a search on the internet and found an Instagram account of Kare Wen Go. He would look into it further but he was at least relieved that she had a social media account.

“Hmmm... ” Lu Fang woke up with mild pain in his stomach. He was terribly hungry. “What did I miss?”

“Oh babe, you are awake!” Andrea exclaimed and went closer to hug him. She then quickly whispered to his ears, “follow my lead.”

The man was still a bit drowsy but Andrea’s scent awoken his senses! Realizing who it was, he immediately hugged her back as tight as he could that Andrea fell on top of him in the hospital bed. Feeling her breast pressed against his chest, he held her even closer enjoying every moment of it.

“Hmm… Babe, I’m so glad that you are here with me.” Lu Fang continued to hold her in the same position making sure she could not escape and whispered back to Andrea, “Anything to make our relationship work.”

Andrea felt goosebumps all over her body. The closeness of this man’s face gave her a rather odd sensation.

She pushed harder back at Lu Fang and glared at him. She managed to get off the bed, shifted her mood and turned towards Go Bolin.

“Babe, I was just explaining to Mr. Go how you had misunderstood me when we meet during the lunch buffet…” She went on repeating what had happened once again while smiling and nodding to both Lu Fang and Go Bolin.

“Yes, that is how it went!” Lu Fang agreed.

“… and you became a couple, when?” Go Bolin asked.

“Last night!”

“This morning!”

Lu Fang and Andrea said at the same time and looked at each other.

“Well, early this morning, we talked about it, but we made love last night. So officially, it was this morning.”

Andrea’s mouth hung wide open and looked at Lu Fang in disbelief. ‘Made love?’

“I fell in love with her instantly and decided she was the one for me. I was just so happy that she felt the same. Right babe?”

Andrea was furious at that point but could only play along as she was the one who started it. She pretended to be shy about it and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Yes, that’s right.”

“I love you, babe.” Lu Fang said as he pouted his lips asking for a kiss.

Andrea turned red out of anger but could easily be misread as a blush. ‘Oh, you are dead!’

Poor Go Bolin felt he was out of place. He had never seen his boss express such cheesy words and holding on to a woman this close like he was afraid of letting go! Women were always running after him but he never paid attention, yet, he was totally captivated by her.

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