The President's Lover is A Fighter

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I Like You And I Want To Date You!

Lu Fang tried to pull Andrea back to his embrace, showing affection as a normal couple would.

“Fang, babe. Please be a little discrete. Your assistant is still here.” Andrea tried to reason with the man. She took the pack of dumplings and immediately stuffed an entire piece into his mouth.

“Babe, you are probably hungry. Poor you, let me get another piece.”

Lu Fang chewed with all his might and swallowed as fast as he could. He was well entertained and enjoying the reaction coming from the angelic beauty next to him. Andrea may be quick to escape, but Lu Fang had his ways and was suddenly able to pull her close, encircled both arms around her and gave her a peck on her cheek.

Andrea’s eyes became murderous but tried to hide this reaction away from Go Bolin.

Go Bolin did not want to see any more of these scenes and asked if he could leave now.

“Yes, you may go. We also need some privacy.” Lu Fang said, smiling mischievously.

Seeing that it was only the two of them left, Andrea immediately grabbed Lu Fang’s left arm and using her thumb pressed forcefully a few inches from his elbow.

“Ahhh!” Lu Fang screamed at the top of his lungs! He was shocked. It was just a mere finger press but it hurt like hell. ‘How strong can she be?’

“Hey!!! You were the one who introduced yourself as my girlfriend and had asked me to play along!”

“You did not have to take it that far!” Andrea said and let go of his elbow.

“Well, why did you look for me in the first place?”

She sat down on one side of the bed and faced Lu Fang while thinking of a way to explain her actions.

She never had to fake her real purpose of protecting a subject in the past. However, she needed to be extra careful. She had not yet even infiltrated the Lu-Wei’s security system. She did not know who to trust and had not yet scanned Lu Fang’s belongings for any spy devices.

She closed her eyes and breathed in and out. She looked at Lu Fang’s teasing eyes and the words started to come out of her mouth. “Listen and listen carefully… after some thinking earlier. I realized…. I realized I kind of like you and I want to date you!”

She stood up and turned around to face the door. Andrea could not believe what she was saying, but she did not have any other choice. Things already happened the way they are, and she had to go along with it.

“Look, I don’t want you to think that I am cheap because I have such high standards for myself and I have not been with a man for three years... I just thought you were interesting.”

Andrea did not wait, nor wanted a reply. She went back to the sofa and resumed her work.

Lu Fang has had several confessions in the past, but not like this one. Most girls would shy away blushing or, on a few occasions, seduce him by trying to get a kiss. He never once responded to any of the girls who had expressed their like or love towards him. The only girl he had ever respected and had a proper relationship was Shen Mian. Unfortunately, that did not last long despite them being childhood friends.

“I’m not sure how to respond to that -”

“You don’t need to.” Andrea interrupted him and continued with her work.

“Are you staying with me tonight?”

“I’m worried about your safety... So yes, I am.”

Andrea was still busy on her laptop while Lu Fang tried to figure out her intentions.

“Me staying here is overtime, Mr. Lu. I hope you realize that… My contract does not even start in 4 days.”

“I’ll give you a bonus.”

“You should.”

“A date with me on 4 occasions would be sufficient.”

Andrea stopped at what she was doing and looked at Lu Fang while raising her brows.

“You said you wanted to date me? So that is my pay for your overtime.” Lu Fang tried to reason with her.

“It’s rather easy for you to giveaway yourself. Don’t you think?”

“I like you and you like me! Why should we think this over? We might as well make it happen! Let’s start with dating!”

“Mr. Lu, I have mouths to feed. Unless you date my entire family each time, then it will do.”

“When can I meet them?”

Andrea, “…”

“We have more important matters to attend to, Mr. Lu. Like your safety and security?”

Lu Fang stood up and brought with him his IV stand to sit down beside Andrea. His face was now more serious than ever. “I just want to get to know you, Andrea. Please, will you go out with me?”

Realizing that this man was sincere, she began to worry. This was not part of the plan! Or was it? A sudden flash of her sister’s set-up skills.

‘She could not possibly have foreseen this! Or did she?’

“What’s wrong with starting dating again? You are not getting any younger and you deserve to be happy” Andrea recalls her sister’s words and could not help but consider the possibility… The possibility of moving on.

Andrea was now staring at the man’s handsome face and realized there was absolutely nothing… nothing wrong with him. ‘Well... maybe overconfidence?’

Her sister would probably jump for joy if she dates him.

She turned to Lu Fang with her mouth wide open and nothing... nothing came out of her mouth. It took several seconds before she got back to her senses.

“Your safety first. That will be our priority.”

“If you’ll date me, you’ll always be with me and you can protect me.”

The grinning man had a point!

She could not help but pursed her lips at his shameless response. If this goes on, she will not get anything done. His persistence seemed endless.

“Fine! date.” She finally gave in.

Lu Fang: “Four.”

Andrea: “I said one!”

Lu Fang: “Okay, four!”

Andrea: “One!”

Lu Fang: “What do you mean four? You mean one, right?”

Andrea: “No! Four!”

Lu Fang: “If you insist! Four dates it is!”

Andrea: “????”

Lu Fang triumphantly smiled and went back to finishing his meal.

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