The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Babe, We Make A Good Team

Andrea ended up committing to “FOUR” dates in total. She was really upset with how she was tricked but at the same time, found it rather amusing. She folded her arms together and closed her eyes as she breathed in deeply.

“Fine! Whatever...” She finally said.

“So, what are you doing? The man you’d like to date is here? You’d rather look at your laptop?”

He was not just satisfied with getting four dates with her, he wanted every attention that Andrea could give.

“Lu Fang, I really need to get this done. Why don’t you be a good boy and take a rest.”

Seeing the question mark on his face, Andrea pleaded, “Babe, please...”

“I really like it when you call me babe.” He said while standing and leaning against the bedside frame.

Andrea looked up, placed the laptop on the cushion and sighed. “Babe... Babe...Babe? Will you please let me finish with what I am doing and I promise to give you my full attention tomorrow... Babe.”

It wasn’t like he lacked the will, but he could tell Andrea was very serious at what she was working on so he reluctantly agreed. He decided to get busy himself and had a look at his emails. Thankfully, Go Bolin made sure to have brought his laptop.

Before going to bed, he sent text messages to Go Bolin and Gao Rou.

Text to Go Bolin: “Where is the file on Andrea Li?”

Text to Gao Rou: “Send me what you have done to those three. I better be satisfied.”

Lu Fang gave one last look at the lady on the sofa, but there was not a change in her expression. So he fell asleep disappointed with the lack of attention. He will give her today but definitely not tomorrow.

For Andrea, it was a good thing that Lu Fang was with her. She did not have to worry about him. She still needed to do a background check on the people close to him and hack through several systems just so she can monitor Lu Fang’s activity and any possible intrusions.

Overnight, she was able to gather enough information to suggest that his assist, Go Bolin and his best friend and head of security, Gao Rou were trustworthy. However, to be on the safe side, she would continue to monitor the activities of the two. So far, since the incident in the office, there were no indications that either had anything to do with it nor are they planning for another one.

It was almost dawn that she started to feel tired but before going to slumber herself, Andrea checked the security outside the suite and they were wide awake. She reminded them to be on their toes and not let anyone come in unless it was a nurse or a doctor.

The two men were surprised with how commanding their lady boss was. It was only a day that they had met her yet she fits in perfectly.

Andrea was woken up by the sound of the door opening. She noticed a figure walking slowly as if afraid to wake up the people in the room. She forced herself to get up and saw a doctor was holding an injection on the other side of Lu Fang’s bed.

“What is that?” Andrea asked while rubbing one of her eyes.

The doctor was surprised! He was sure to be very cautious while entering the private suite. According to his Intel, this was Lu Fang’s girlfriend.

‘She seemed sweet and harmless. Nothing should go wrong.’

“This is for his medication. These are diuretics. It will help him urinate the drugs much faster.” The doctor said while initiating the insertion of the needle to Lu Fang’s IV fluids.

“Wait,” Andrea said but the doctor did not stop what he was doing.

Andrea immediately held Lu Fang’s beside frames, pulled her body to the other side and held the doctor’s right hand. “I said wait!”

This instantly woke up Lu Fang.

The doctor tried to twist his wrist in the hopes that Andrea would let go but she held on to his hands even tighter.

“Miss, I have to administer the medicine to the patient, otherwise, the drugs will stay on his system.”

“Show me the order.”


“Show me the order from Lu Fang’s primary physician requesting for diuretics!”

Lu Fang finally understanding the situation stood up and tried to reach out for the intercom but the doctor was quick to push Andrea with one hand almost making her fall off the hospital bed. Good thing Lu Fang was already standing behind and caught her.

Andrea immediately pulled herself back up using both arms and directed her slender legs towards the doctor giving him a powerful kick. As he fell down on the floor, Andrea quickly pulled the man’s right hand and pinned it down with her feet letting go of the injection in the process.

She then tossed the injection to Lu Fang’s direction and went back to deal with the unknown doctor. As she was advancing towards the opponent, she made sure to protect her face alternately raising both hands. She was quick to duck with every kick coming her way and block any hand attacks.

‘This man is definitely NOT a doctor!’

Lu Fang did not waste any time and immediately rang the intercom to alert the nurse station. He took out the needle on his hand and pulled out the IV stand. He signaled Andrea and she understood well what he was planning on.

The unknown doctor was busy blocking Andrea’s attacks when all of a sudden she ducked. Lu Fang swung the IV stand as hard as he could hitting the man’s head. He fell down and was now seemingly lifeless with his forehead bleeding.

Gasping for air, Andrea gave Lu Fang a thumbs up then she heard him say, “Babe, we make a good team. Don’t we?”


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