The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Gabriel's Den

“Send me what you have done to those three. I better be satisfied.”

“Hmmm...” Gao Rou reacted when he received Lu Fang’s text message while he walked to the dark corridors of their secret base.

The Lu family had an underground organization which was well supported and financed by the government. Whenever the law could not give a solution to the problem, the government would take it in their own hands to deal with criminals similar to vigilantes. They had called it “Gabriel’s Den”. The family had managed Gabriel’s Den for years and had started with Lu Fang’s grandfather, Lu Jie. To date, it was now Lu Fang’s father taking the lead, Lu Wei.

Punishment in Gabriel’s Den did not come easy. Some say they would rather plead guilty to their crimes than fall in the hands of Lu Wei or any member of the group for that matter. Because of this, the Lu family made many enemies which is why they had heavily invested in security and the government provided more than enough to ensure that the Lus were safe and well protected from any harm.

The monetary support that the family receives from the government and business owners was overwhelming, and for this reason, some rivals also became envy. Although it was an organization that created risks for Lu Jie and his family, it also paved the way to many opportunities for them. The connections they had made in the government ran deep and it has proven helpful in expanding their business empire, the Lu-Wei Enterprises.

‘Today’s attack was a close one. No one had ever breached the office the same way.’ Gao Rou thought to himself as he sat on a chair inside a huge cell where the three hired perpetrators were tied up.

Intensely gazing at the three, his hands folded in his chest and cleared his throat to speak, “You have the nerve to go against the Lu family! Some confidence you have!”

“Sir, we have been trying to get the information, but they refused to talk,” one of the armed men said to him.

Gao Rou let out a heavy sigh as he shook his head before saying, “We will see about that.”

These men ruined a good weekend of gaming for him, they were not getting away with a simple punishment. He outlined the perfect retribution for the three, the kind his men were already experts in carrying out.

They brought several knives and different types of medical equipment inside the prison cell, all carefully guarded as Gabriel Den’s men prepare for a long evening.

With the sight of all the tools meant for torture, the assassins trembled in fear. They could only wish to end their own lives swiftly, but unfortunately for them, Gao Rou was determined to make them live and suffer.

The sound of a screaming woman and groaning men were well heard overnight inside the control room of Gabriel’s Den where Gao Rou was taking his rest observing the activity inside the cell.

Before he could get a complete sleep for the night, he heard his phone ring. It was Lu Wei, Lu Fang’s father.

“Yes, Sir.”

“How is my son? Why is he not answering his phone?”

“He was given sedatives by the doctor, Sir. He may be asleep.”

“Are you not with him?”

“Negative, sir. I am dealing with the hired assassins. Go Bolin should be there and...”

He was not sure if he should mention about Kara but decided not to. These things, Lu Fang should tell his father himself.

“Go Bolin is with him.” Gao Rou corrected himself.

“My wife kept bothering me about Lu Fang and wanted to make sure he was alright.”

“Rest assured he is fine, please enjoy your vacation and we will see you in three days.”

The call ended with specific instructions from Lu Wei on how to deal with the new prisoners. Lu Wei never showed mercy to those who do harm to others, especially the innocent... How much more to those who try to hurt his family. Gao Rou could feel that his weekend ordeal will extend until Monday or Tuesday.

Morning came and Gao Rou was about to interrogate the prisoners when he received a call from Lu Fang.

“Gao Rou, I am headed your way. I was attacked again in the hospital.”

“Oh… and I am bringing Kara… I’ll see you in an hour.”

“Brother, this is not the place for her. Let me pick you up-”

“We are already on our way. Besides, the two of your best men are down. They were drugged last night.”

Andrea and Lu Fang left the hospital not heeding the advice of his doctor. They left the two members of his security in the hospital as they needed treatment. They were found unconscious in the next private suite and traces of needles were found on their necks.

They both rode in Andrea’s new car with the unknown doctor in the trunk still unconscious from Lu Fang’s powerful blow.

Since the man took the wheel, Andrea got busy on her laptop again. Earlier, she had noticed the unknown doctor have a familiar tattoo on his ankles. She swore to have seen it before.

Lu Fang was surprised to see Andrea’s brand new sports car. He could not help but wonder how she could afford it. This never left his mind even after driving for more than 30 minutes now. He even thought about her apartment rent and could not help but question her. He had so many questions about her left unanswered.

“Obviously, there is more to you than meets the eye.”

Andrea looked at him and asked, “What do you mean?”

“How can you afford to rent a luxurious suite and drive a sports car like this?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Lu Fang rushed to put a stop to the car towards the side of the road. Andrea had almost dropped her Laptop with the sudden turn and glared at the man on the driver’s seat.

“What is your problem?”

“If you are just a regular bodyguard, you would not be able to afford these things – ”

“Maybe I have a Sugar Daddy, so what?!!! Like I said it is none of your business!”

The two remained furious with each other, taking the remaining ride to the Gabriel’s Den in deep silence.

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