The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Sugar Daddy

From the main road, they drove to a very narrow one where there was no more pavement. Andrea could not tell where they were. She never thought such an isolated place existed in Beijing, but she has heard of the Gabriel’s Den many times before, even when she worked for her brother. She wondered how the facility would look and if it was any better than that of her brother’s.

Just up ahead a black sedan was parked in the middle of the road and Gao Rou was standing on one side. He had been waiting for them with an intention to stop Lu Fang from bringing “Kara” to Gabriel’s Den.

“She is not welcome here!”

Andrea stepped out of the car but did not show any unpleasant reaction. She went back to open her trunk and signaled Gao Rou to take the doctor. Thankfully, he was still unconscious as they had injected him with sedatives on the way.

She glanced at Lu Fang, who was still in a bad mood.

“Mr. Lu, I will go back to my apartment, but can I have a minute?”

Lu Fang obliged and walked to the other side of the road to talk to Andrea while Gao Rou singlehandedly carried the unknown doctor to the other car.

“Have a look at my portfolio. My work background, especially in the last two years are all there…. Including my other sources of income.”

“I intend to – ”

“And I expect no less from you.”

There were a few seconds of silence before she spoke again. “I worked for the Royal Dragon Corporation for almost a year. I was their head of security.”

Lu Fang was startled with her revelation. ‘She had worked for the biggest company in China?’

“I worked directly under the chairman and it is no secret that their company faces many adversaries especially since they had heavily invested in firearms… and other deadly weapons.” She stressed towards the end of her statement.

“Are you serious?” Lu Fang said as he stroked his hair with one hand.

“Yes, I am serious. Just look at my portfolio and you will see. You can even call the chairman himself and ask. I’m sure he will not forget me.”

“The number of deadly encounters their security team faces is very overwhelming that the skill-set requirement is really high just to be accepted.”

Lu Fang thought about what she said and knew she was right. The Royal Dragon had supported Gabriel’s Den financially in exchange for offsite retrieval missions. He was aware of how dangerous some of the missions assigned to this corporation and with each successful return; the fatality was always high.

“I hope you realize by now that being Royal Dragon’s head of security means… I am over-qualified to be your bodyguard. Apart from my combat skills, I am also good with computers and can infiltrate into security systems.”

She tried to study his reaction but could tell he was still processing everything. “Other than that, there is nothing more to me than what you see.”

She sighed at looked of his puzzled face and assured him. “Just know that I am very serious about my job and I applied for this work on my own accord… From this point on, being the person who I am supposed to protect, everything that I do, I will do it for you.”

She stretched out to hold his hand and looked him in the eye. “Don’t doubt me or question me. Trust me. Trust me, will you?”

Although it was true that Andrea did work for the said company, there were many things in between about her life that were sealed off especially her affiliations with her adoptive family and even her blood-related family.

Nevertheless, she came highly recommended by one of the top security agencies in China and this same agency manages all security matters of the Royal Dragon. This can only prove her skills were exceptional.

Lu Fang felt a needle was pulled out of his chest. He could tell Andrea was being very sincere and he was happy with her explanation.

“Alright. Thank you for letting me know.”

“Here.” She handed out her phone to him.

“Save your number and give your phone a ring.”

“Hmmm...” Lu Fang grinned, took her phone and did as he instructed. Finally, he had her number.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take you.”

“I know. It’s fine I still have to check on who hired your visitors the other day.”

“I will ask Rosa to bring you some food.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, by the way, I did a check on Go Bolin and Gao Rou… They are pretty much clear. You can tell Gao Rou that I am Andrea but I’d rather that you do not let your assistant know… At least not yet... I’m not sure if he can hold his tongue and you have Wu Meiwan in the picture.”

Lu Fang understood. When she starts to work in the office with her real face, a conflict would arise between her and Wu Meiwan. So he nodded in agreement.

Andrea was about to go back to the car when she was pulled back to Lu Fang’s embrace. It was so tight that she was pressed down against his muscled chest. After a while, the man held her face with both hands and placed his forehead against hers.

“Don’t ever joke about having a Sugar Daddy…If you want, I can be your Sugar Daddy.”

Andrea’s eyes were now the biggest that she could ever remember. All the while, he was bothered about the Sugar Daddy.

Lu Fang gave a quick peck on her forehead before leaving her behind.

When she went back to the car, it did not take long before she received a text from him.

The contact was saved as “My Babe” and if that was not enough, when she opened the text she was left laughing hysterically alone in the car. She received a profile picture of Lu Fang that was captioned with “Your Sugar Daddy is very handsome. Please make me your one and only.”

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